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  1. Fake stamps

    "Inpaid" PPI - should that not read "Unpaid" surely - a spelling mistake like that on an 'official document' looks really suspicious.
  2. Decent copy of this wanted if anyone got one? Regards, Jim
  3. After a decent copy of this if anyone has one available. Cheers, Jim
  4. Never Knowingly Undersouled

    So, less than a week until West London slip slides into the soul sounds of Never Knowingly Under Souled! Co hosting with NKUS regular DJ Gary will be Jim Edwards (Don't Drop Out/Color One Tear Black/Soul Giant) and Glen Goodwin (Hole In The Wall/Stax of Soul) Great bar, lovely staff, top music, wooden dance floor.
  5. Customs charges!!

    The handling fees is a parasitic operation it really is - it's basically a legal form of extortion and I fail to see how it can cost £8 to not deliver the package, and to bung it on a shelf in a warehouse... in any case, Royal Mail are providing a service to ...
  6. Does this look kosher LOL

    Well that is just outright deception, fraud, whatever term fits. Vinyl records are the only example I can think of where people are so casual about deception/ sale of counterfeit goods... thinking back the days of the blokes selling perfume/ aftershave on O...
  7. Does this look kosher LOL

    It's probably the worst effort I have seen yet of this "photocopy label" nonsense - I cannot believe ANYBODY would be fooled by this... and if they are then I'm sorry but they deserve it... You would know that is a wrongun from a hundred paces!
  8. Never Knowingly Undersouled

    Splendid SOUL selections from the 1960s and 70s played to a friendly and appreciative crowd, dancing on a good old wooden dance floor. Residents: Tom Heduan/ Ged Kelly + Guests
  9. Georgettes - Would You rather (YODI)

    Sorted now, many thanks!
  10. Anyone have a copy of this they would sell please? Cheers, Jim
  11. Cherished record casualties

    After a few too many beers and suffering from severe butter fingers I dropped my previously NM Stratoliners on Federal and cracked it... then whilst giving Geno Washington "I'll Be Around" on ATAC a bit of a clean the day it arrived, I was perhaps being a bit...
  12. Back cueing & damaging records

    Hello sir, I have never had any damage from cueing records, as I do it very carefully. Wind it forward VERY slowly with the headphone volume turned up loud, and at the fist slight sign of the music starting, rewind it VERY slowly back a rotation or so... I...
  13. Back cueing & damaging records

    I'm really scratching my head about why any confusion remains about how cue burn happens - over time using a heavily weighted (I have seen people blue tac coins to headshells), heavily worn (never been replaced) styli, and dragging the record back and forth a...
  14. Back cueing & damaging records

    Yes totally agree it's the dreaded combination of poor quality equipment, set up badly, and used incorrectly... If the tone arm is set to the correct weight, and use spherical stylus (like the Ortofon Concord ones marked with "s" rather than "e" which are t...
  15. Never Knowingly Undersouled

    Never Knowingly Undersouled returns to The Union Tavern in Westbourne Park, West London on Saturday 21st of January. We kick off 7.30 and play until 12. Our special Guest is Jim Watson (Soul On The Square). It’s a great pub with a wooden dance floor and some smashing beers (and less than 10 mins on the tube to Great Portland Street if you’re 100 Club bound).

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