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  1. Coxy


  2. Coxy

    Gary Welsh R.i.p

    Heard the very sad news at the weekend about Gary`s passing and still cant get my head round it. Hope your waxing lyrical with some of your heroes up there fella. R.I.P. Gary Trev & Denise ] Gary & Sam Dees at Soul Essence
  3. Coxy

    Cleethorpes Soul Sessions

    Had a great time matey, thanks for inviting me. Look forward to doing it again sometime. Trev
  4. Coxy

    Gary Muse (Grimsby) Rip

    Very sad news indeed. We had some great times travelling up and down the country. Our sympathies go to his family. RIP mate, Trev & Denise A little story that always makes me smile when I think about him. We were on our way to some nighter and stopped off at a pub in Derby for a pint. As Gary pulled into the car park we noticed a push bike laid in the middle ( Gary Did`nt). "Watch the bike Gaz" we all shouted then felt ..
  5. Coxy

    Jackie Wilson It Only Happens

    I have this on a Spanish lable too. Zafira I think. TC
  6. Coxy

    Fittest Female Singer

    Lauryn Hill of the Fugees
  7. Coxy

    Cleethorpes 2009

    Yes mate we are. Be nice to see you for a beer or 10 . Trev
  8. Coxy

    Cleethorpes 2009

    Yes it could mate ....Only 5 mins from home :-)))
  9. Coxy

    Cuppy Label

    Cheers guys
  10. Coxy

    Cuppy Label

    Hi all, Does anyone know which rock and roll star was associated with this label. Mate of mine needs to know to out do his father in law Cheers Trev
  11. Coxy

    Ronny Mcneir - 'you Are Everything'

    It`s on the self titled album "Ronnie McNeir" from 1975. Prodigal and UK Motown. And yes the rest of the is as good imho Trev
  12. Coxy

    Gil Scott Heron On Uk Phillips

    Hi Blake, Dont know if it`s of any help (doubt it really as I reckon you only want the 45) but Soul Brother have a copy of the album at the moment. Trev
  13. Coxy

    Gil Scott Heron On Uk Phillips

    I got a UK copy many moons ago for £3 off Mr Manship. Origanaly got in touch with him for the LP with it on and he told me he had a Flying Dutchman 45 which I said i would have but when it turned up it was the UK Phillips copy It`s not very often I get a result when record hunting but was very happy with this one. Trev
  14. Ile take this off your hands fella: Blaze - Found love ,The Remixes DOUBLE 12" WESTEND £10 Cheers, Trev
  15. Coxy

    Price Please

    Cheers John. Having a little clear out and my brother wants it. Trev