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  1. Any idea.the runout for it, also difference between boot n original
  2. Gwen Owens I want a good thing .... Velgo orig Ex or better..
  3. Velours I'm gonna change/ Din't pity me, M- original £275.00 paypal f&f
  4. So how do we tell original from re issue
  5. until

    2 wristbands for sale, find own accommodation, £20 each.... 07888743437....
  6. Just back from Whitby weekender 2014, seems to me the djs spinning the same 50 records time and time again, the middle earth pub much superior music to the spa
  7. Don't know why you posted that message "not too many tickets left" venue was empty..stop trying to entice people to hurry up and buy
  8. Probably the worst £70 (x2) that i have ever spent, Fri nite only a few hundred in attendance,Sat daytime maybe 50 or so,Sat nite busy (ish) usual "joker" or 2 on the dancefloor in full " regalia" as for the DJs in this day in age when we can send men to the moon you would think that they could devise a system that would let them know what previous DJs had played, not in this case 3 djs in a row played 3 records from previous DJs set , didn't hang about for Sunday shift, enough is enough.....time to try elsewhere PS to Goldsoul drop your over inflated prices for this venue
  9. I was unfortunate enough to attend this hideous "niter " i went in late,after the film so as to get a second bite at the cherry when film is showing at cinemas. music policy very poor,russ winstanley usual pop/soul, without knocking his records there must surely be better records to play than the stuff he was playing,I then heard the same record repeated by the same dj within 30mins,ended up leaving at 2, highlight of the nite Gabriella Chillme singing live ,roll on the usual kings hall niter in October

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