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  1. Ovations "they Say" On Goldwax

    Thanks so far - I doubt it's an original, no idea about boot/ legal reissue I think I'll contact the seller DB
  2. Ovations "they Say" On Goldwax

    Is this a boot or not http://www.ebay.com/itm/200998281629?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649 Kind Regards DB
  3. Sammy King

    Is it just my ears or does Sammy King - Your Old Standby sound a bit like Willie Tee. What's the current rate for this beauty?
  4. Dowloads Pitched Up On Youtube Etc

    Does Mike Hanks - The Hawk would fit into that category?
  5. Collecting Records

    But you've never seen The Silvertones - Cool Down on UK TI - any idea if it exists?
  6. Collecting Records

    I do the same with Doctor Bird - even worse because quite a few (even the good stuff) records have an awful sound quality. But the label is a beauty.
  7. Name Your Top Ten Ska And Reggae

    I know, I just wish they would have left out the strings
  8. Name Your Top Ten Ska And Reggae

    some Rock Steady faves Derrick Harriott - The Loser Wailers - Hurtin' Inside Paragons - I Want To Go Back Carlton & His Shoes - This Feeling Slim Smith - Rougher Yet Minstrels - So Weary Every Alton Ellis tune recorded 66,67,68ish (maybe ...
  9. Martha & The Vandellas - Lone, Lonely Town

    Thanks mates - time for a vinyl release
  10. Help needed. Was this beauty (and best version of the song) ever (re-)issued on vinyl or is it just available on one of the Cellarful of Motown CDs? Thanks in advance DB
  11. Jimmy Hughes On Fame F-1002

    Which brings us back to the question, who's got one for sale, on demo or issue.
  12. Jimmy Hughes On Fame F-1002

    how much did you pay for it, you can PM me if you want
  13. Jimmy Hughes On Fame F-1002

    Derrick Harriott's version is fantastic. Anybody knows if Tommy Roe, who wrote the song, recorded it himself.
  14. Jimmy Hughes On Fame F-1002

    Looking for a nice demo copy of Fame F-1002 Jimmy Hughes - You Might As Well Forget Him Anyone who can help me Thanks DB
  15. Dean Courtney - Rca Demo Now Sold

    RCA demo Dean Courtney - I'll Always Need You condition: vg++ 90 GBP SOLD paypal as gift or bank transfer, shipping from Austria 2.80 GBP non registered, 5.20 GBP for registered shipping Thanks for looking Stefan