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  1. Blue-eyed Soul?

    How did I miss this one? 10/10 from me for this powerful ballad.
  2. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Quality Brit Northern from 1966. That's the last one from me tonight or I'll be in trouble.
  3. Blue-eyed Soul?

    In my humble opinion Brit Mod/Soul at it's best.
  4. Blue-eyed Soul?

    This is worth a bob or 2 but still a cracking tune.
  5. Blue-eyed Soul?

    I prefer this one from Gene.
  6. Blue-eyed Soul?

    The B side of "How Does It Feel" from 1970.
  7. Blue-eyed Soul?

    I cant believe that no one has posted this clip of one of the best Blue Eyed Northern sounds out there.
  8. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Not seen this posted so here it is.
  9. audio track list topics

    Yes. I can see that as a problem. It's a hard one to figure out Pete. Maybe just a link section then? I know it will take people off site so that could also be a problem. Like I said above, it's a hard one.
  10. audio track list topics

    Personally I do not see a problem with posting clips if the server can handle them. I guess its all about why you visit the forum or what you think the forum is here for to be honest with you. I think the record collecting part of this forum is the ...
  11. Best Intro. To Record

    When you heard this you just had to run to the dance floor.
  12. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Sorry mate I just got carried away as its the first time Ive had a couple of days spare to do what I wanted with and nothing better than to look through some records that I have or want. PS: Sorry about the swearing it wont happen again
  13. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Fucking Awesome Song <3<3<3 Not Northern but this is SOUL with a capitol S and my fave Temps song of all time. David Ruffin at his very best on lead. A fucking steal at £5
  14. best under priced record under 20 pound

    Yup but a very very different version.
  15. Best Intro. To Record

    Those strings get me every fucking time ...... Awesome KTF!