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  1. gointoagogo

    Outstanding Wants

    Still have two outstanding wants if anyone can help pls? The Mansion - The Girl Next door - Gibbs Royal Chessmen - Begging You - Custom Fidelity
  2. gointoagogo

    Itunes question

    Thank you very much Steve - I hadn't updated my iTunes version. Why it would take 21 tracks and not the other 2 is a mystery but alls well now
  3. gointoagogo

    Itunes question

    There is loads of memory on phone - and I moved a few more albums from mac to phone after I tried the Sam Dees one - all of those fully transferred. Yes I tried to move them one track at a time but these two would just not shown my phone. I just tried again and interestingly when I dragged Tag Tag from the mac to the phone it did show on my phone and I could listen to it but I realised that I had dragged the track from the ..
  4. gointoagogo

    Itunes question

    On the Mac yes they do but on the iphone they don't.
  5. gointoagogo

    Itunes question

    Thanks for this Steve cos I might be able to find some other album tracks that I did buy from the store. For the Sam Dees problem though I ripped it from a CD?
  6. gointoagogo

    poltical posts in freebasing - views?

    Does the ban on Political posts include US politics? I spend hours a week reviewing what's going on over there and find the whole situation in the last 20 months has gone from amusing to nervous to dismayed to more and more increasingly alarmed.
  7. gointoagogo

    Itunes question

    I'm sure there is an obvious answer to this but I can't figure it out. I noticed a while ago on my iPhone that two tracks were missing (Tracks 2 & 3 "Tag Tag" & Boomerang) from the Sam Dees Second to None Album. I just dragged the album from my I tunes on iMac to my iPhone and for some reason it ignores these 2 tracks in the transfer even though I can play them on the mac. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. gointoagogo

    Desert Island Stevie Wonder Song

    What a great thread this is, I've just spent the last 2 hours playing all the selections. There are quite a few on here that I could easily put as my 1st selection on any other day but today it's "Love's In Need Of Love Today"
  9. gointoagogo

    The Fuzz - Calla C-183

    Yes I missed out also last night big time! - my snipe never even registered! Yes the demo has both sides but I would like the issue too but I'm not going to pay $1200 for the one on discogs.
  10. gointoagogo

    The Fuzz - Calla C-183

    I'm looking for a VG++ or M- issue copy of Do Just What You Can / Mr. Heartaches & Miss Tears. Will swap for a M- demo copy. Thanks Tony
  11. gointoagogo

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    Edie Walker - Good Guys - now this is a guilty pleasure from way back!
  12. gointoagogo


    I haven't bought a Northern record for ages but I'd love the Arin Demain 45- but even the customs charges would be a few hundred quid? You can't really ask him to put a $10 value on something like this can you?
  13. gointoagogo

    Blue-eyed Soul?

    The Singing Swinging Counts - Along The Way
  14. gointoagogo

    The last record you would sell

    I did indeed Andy and what a great article it was (and your CD sleeve notes) And yes she was stunning and a voice like the proverbial songbird! I love the fact that she has the phrase "Believe Me" (which isn't that very common in songs) in "She Went Away"
  15. gointoagogo

    The last record you would sell

    I'm selling all my records over the next 6 months apart from one box that holds about 60. Most of the ones I'm keeping are so cheap they are not really worth selling but out of the other ones the very last one to go would be Linda & The Pretenders "Believe Me"