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  1. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Edie Walker - Good Guys - now this is a guilty pleasure from way back!

    I haven't bought a Northern record for ages but I'd love the Arin Demain 45- but even the customs charges would be a few hundred quid? You can't really ask him to put a $10 value on something like this can you?
  3. Blue-eyed Soul?

    The Singing Swinging Counts - Along The Way
  4. The last record you would sell

    I did indeed Andy and what a great article it was (and your CD sleeve notes) And yes she was stunning and a voice like the proverbial songbird! I love the fact that she has the phrase "Believe Me" (which isn't that very common in songs) in "She Went...
  5. The last record you would sell

    I'm selling all my records over the next 6 months apart from one box that holds about 60. Most of the ones I'm keeping are so cheap they are not really worth selling but out of the other ones the very last one to go would be Linda & The Pretenders "Believ...
  6. Outstanding Wants

    Are you selling it? (PM sent yesterday)
  7. the greatest NORTHERN soul artist of all time

    As mentioned it is so difficult to come up with a greatest NS artist and there are some pretty strong candidates suggested already. Given that I can only have the one "greatest" I would go for Smokey/Miracles. Not immediately identifiable as a NS artist as in...
  8. Your Best Never Double A Side

    I like it - one of the top Northern tracks c/w a perfect deep sound.
  9. An absolutely brilliant track - I do prefer the Cooperettes version though. When I first heard it I got one of those wow feelings that used to be so common in back in the day but have been so occasional over the past couple of years. Can't wait till it d...
  10. Your Best Never Double A Side

    I'm sure we have had threads before about favourite double A sides and there are tons of great examples - there must be 100's on the Motown labels alone! A couple of favourites of mine and imho are in the "every home should have one" category are the Mas...
  11. It's Thee...

    Think I must fall into that category -or I've got dyslexia! I've liked their version of Never Be Over For Me since I first heard it about 20 years ago and since then I've always thought of them as THREE Midniters.
  12. those "sad" records you play late at night

    I must have 100's of favourites lol but one I keep going back to is Linda Jones Your Precious Love - so soulful
  13. As usual another set of impressive playlists guys - what I love about the H&G....... There is always something different played - you hardly ever have DJ's playing the same tracks they played at previous event The mix between common/cheap and t...
  14. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Yes to playlists from me too. Not that I get out much nowadays but when I visit family back in England I do like to get a nite (or an afternoon in) and knowing what type of music to expect is my main consideration. I do think that stating demo/issue/french et...

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