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  1. Great bit of history about one song thanks - I'm not too keen on the Dick Dale version but all the others are OK.
  2. Thanks for this - it has to be the album version (but with the audience noise added)
  3. Thanks guys - I suspected that it wasn't a live version as it was too much like the vinyl.
  4. Yes my issue copy has the Egyptian sounds too. I think the one on YT sounds as if it was done live (the applause at start + end) but if it is actually a live version it is a very good one.
  5. Can anyone tell me if this (extended) version of I've Got Love For My Baby came out on vinyl?
  6. Where do you start with this thread - it could go on for ages!
  7. Highly recommended from me is "What More Can A Woman Do" which has loads of very listenable mid tempo stuff. https://www.discogs.com/Various-What-More-Can-A-Woman-Do-Brunswick-And-Chi-Sound-Sisters-Of-Soul/release/6061438
  8. I have these 2 tracks by Jackson Five on my current favourites playlist. I still prefer the Delfonics' version of La La Means I Love You but this version is an outstanding cover. And their version of Darling Dear is imo better than Smokey & Miracles version and has to be the best 45 that you can still get for a couple of quid.
  9. Nice one by the Auditions - Returning Home From Vietnam
  10. What an outstanding two sider this is. I tend not to buy vinyl nowadays but will make an exception for this - but I can't connect to either of the links - I get message saying "Safari can't establish a secure connection to server" Is there anything I should be doing to connect to site?
  11. Not quite my favourite but certainly in my top Motown 100 and one of the Four Tops' finest recordings - also a superb "b' side
  12. It's funny how some tunes just get to you - I've had this one by Eddie & Ernie on constant for the last couple of weeks.
  13. There was a similar thread a few years ago and although my 100+ joint runners up have changed constantly my all time fave is still the same as it was then. Smokey's Ooh Baby Baby, IMHO the best song ever written.
  14. Really Really Love You is a truly outstanding Sweet Soul track - and just noticed on YT that Ronnie posted that it was the only one of his releases that made the National charts.
  15. I can't do a proper pic of the one by Primitive as I sold my copy a couple of years ago.

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