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  1. those "sad" records you play late at night

    I must have 100's of favourites lol but one I keep going back to is Linda Jones Your Precious Love - so soulful
  2. As usual another set of impressive playlists guys - what I love about the H&G....... There is always something different played - you hardly ever have DJ's playing the same tracks they played at previous event The mix between common/cheap and t...
  3. Poll: DJ Playlist - Worthwhile?

    Yes to playlists from me too. Not that I get out much nowadays but when I visit family back in England I do like to get a nite (or an afternoon in) and knowing what type of music to expect is my main consideration. I do think that stating demo/issue/french et...
  4. I'd forgotten just how good that sax break is on this oldie by the Appreciations. Well overdue for reactivation I'd say.
  5. Low Rider Scene

    Just seen a Honey & The Bees 45 in sales section and was reminded just how good the B side is!
  6. Female "big Beat" Ballads - Your Faves?

    Glad this thread has been resurrected although I agree that some of the later ones are way too fast to be ballads. I've always loved Take Me For A Little While by Evie Sands - she doesn't half sing with soul for a white girl!
  7. Jim smirk

    What tragic news this is- what a nice guy Jim was. My sincere condolences to Liz and family.
  8. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Charlie Gracie - He'll Never Love You Like I Do is a blue eyed classic and imo it is, and always was a horrible sound. Utopias - Girls Are Against Me is another classic which I rate very highly and to many others is a horrible sound, but mentioned above is Ti...
  9. Is it time to sell up?

    Is it time to sell up? For me it most definitely is. Although I've been selling quite a few over the past two years I'm now aiming to get rid of almost all my 45's over the next year. I just happen to be at a stage in life where there are so many justificatio...
  10. Tokio Myers - Britains Got Talent

    A very impressive performance indeed and I expect that he will have a hugely successful career. One of the rare occasions where the show's title has been well named.
  11. National Fish and Chips day

    I'm just home for a quick lunch which just happens to be my fave fish finger sandwiches so just a couple of ideas but there must be shoals of them out there. stevie wonder - a plaice in the sun temps - salmon chanted evening
  12. A lovely bit of blue eyed soul from Jack Moves. This is a very pleasant 2010 cover of the Ledgends original 1970? version on Red Balloon which is impossible to find.
  13. Great track this. Did it actually come out on 45?
  14. These playlists are consistently high quality, very soulful and very imaginative. This latest selection is just wonderful to me with lots of my favourites, lots of things I'll never own cos of their rarity and plenty of new ones. I love the way that you alway...
  15. This nice bit of RnB from Dolores Johnson on the Carnival label is quite hard to find.