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  1. 23rd Cleethorpes Northern & Modern Soul weekender


    we're about to leave and stopping tonight for a fresh start tomorrow see you there. S. I still have a few tickets left for Blackburn's king Georges hall nighter on the 26th of September if anyone needs any they're £5.00 come and see me on the record stall over the weekend . thank You.
  2. wanted Tan Daily

    Tan Daily ...... Give in ( to my heart ) .....Permanent records. Cash , cheque or paypal ( can't do bank transfer though ) must be in good nick with a clean label , but won't pay extra for demo but must have the mountain label design , immediate payment best ...
  3. Totally agree with everything said Sir.
  4. Brinsley Schwarz

    I like Nick Lowe stuff and has forgotten about this one but would fit in well with an alternative night I run regards S.
  5. Brinsley Schwarz

    Hi there anyone have a copy of . Brinsley Schwarz ................. surrender to the rhythm . pm me with full price for immediate payment best regards Emily Bishop.
  6. Soulful Sunday with Simon and Tom Hunt

    Truck loaded with records and decks see you later. S.
  7. Soulful Sunday with Simon and Tom Hunt

    Blimey Tom looking like a good old Sunday jobby in the making. So what's the plan ? are we playing a mixed bag of oldies , current spins and from all era's ? I've done a mixed box of rare northern , classics and some modern and nu soul , looking forward to Sunday afternoon in Ashby , see you on Sunday son . Regards , Dad.

    Should be arriving around twoish can I have a sales table please , Thank you , Simon.

    Have to concur with Glyn on that should be a great day out. The three blasts from the past that I don't play much these days will be. Larry Wright ..........Sweet , sweet kisses. Judy Hughes...........fine , fine , fine. Virginia Blakly.........Let nobody love you. however having to follow Mick H , John Pool and Glyn these may have been played so an alternative three would be. Jimmy seals.............Yesterday of our love. Soul set.....................Will you ever learn The Topics ..............Hey girl.

    Well all ready for tonight , looking forward to a great night in Hinckley with the crew. If anyone needs tickets for Blackburn's all nighter on 26 of September I'll have some with me at £5.00 each which will save you a tenner on the night . See you all later , Sharmo.
  11. Clearout - Big List - Big Tunes

    Hi Da you ok mate , you buying the Rita then ?
  12. Ebay Or Website?

    I've just seen Tim's Rita on Ebay is over five grand and the bids on his list is two and a half bet he'll keep it on Ebay now. I'm seriously considering selling my demo now .
  13. Get Your Own Record Cutting Machine

    It seems a good thing to run along side my record business , I always fancied an acetate cutting machine and had a long chat with Chris king who has one but it's not just about having the equipment you need to have a natural feel for it apparently but I'm goi...
  14. Get Your Own Record Cutting Machine

    I think it's the way forward pete looks like a trip to Germany .
  15. Leicester Oddfellows All Nighter Reunion 2015

    Well , has it been a year since the last one , really looking forward to spinning a few on the night see you all there regards Sharmo.