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  1. mickmac

    Mark "mona" Mahony

    Always had great time for Mona, used to meet up with him on the train up to Samantha's. He always had a great welcome for everyone, and as mentioned by almost all, will be sorely missed. I had some good times with him over the years, and he was always a person I looked forward to seeing again. RIP Mona.
  2. mickmac

    Soulboy Film Bbc2 Tonight

    Now is it me or does the "bad guy" remind anyone else of Denny, who used to DJ at the Brit tears ago?
  3. mickmac

    Derby Assembly Rooms

    That must have been the easiest night for the Derby DS, their office window was exactly opposite the Assembly rooms first floor windows. They didn't even have to leave their office.
  4. mickmac

    Record Centre Chesterfield

    Hi Spike, Please tell Derrick Fantom that Mac from Derby sends his regards, last time I saw him was Samantha's I think? Cheers Mac
  5. mickmac

    Being Searched By The D S

    Hi Dave, I don't believe it was, as I thought no one got lifted that night. I'll have a word with Steve P, as I still keep in touch with him.
  6. mickmac

    Being Searched By The D S

    Chris got his own back 4-5 years later, the DS had pulled me at the Alfreton nighter, along with Stigga. As I was being lead out the front foyer, Chris see's me and leans over, saying, " you got owt Mac?", "what anything beside these handcuff"s?", at which point he noticed the guys either side of me. Whoops!!
  7. mickmac

    Being Searched By The D S

    I remember going to Coalville one night about that period, Chris King was running it I think. He asked me to judge the dancing comp. So there I am swaying on the stage, when my friend comes over to the stage, and he tells me Geoff Short and other sundry memebers of the Derby DS were in the toilet while he was having a piss. At which point I informed Chris King that he could judge his own dance comp. and I was off!!! I ended up in the..
  8. That Beating Rhythm was played on the last episode of some TV solicitors Drama, set in Leeds approx 10-12 years ago. The series was written by the same guy that wrote "Silks" seen on TV last year I think.
  9. mickmac

    Northern Standards-Old Records/new Sales

    Have PM'd you. Regards Mac
  10. mickmac

    Mary Chapman The Queen Of Northern Soul

    I remember chatting to her whilst queing on the stairs waiting to get into Samantha's one Friday night, she even bought a copy of Doris Troy, ANything he wants me to do.
  11. I think Bridget is now married and living in Turkey. The last time I saw her was at a Kings Hall nighter in Stoke several years back. Wasn't she from Matlock originally?
  12. mickmac

    Gene Woodbury

    Hi, I am looking for a decent copy of Gene Woodbury Ever again, Please pm me, letting me know what condition and cost. Thanking you in anticipation. Mac
  13. mickmac

    The Chicago Review/ Roadshow

    I remember talking to L.J. Johnson on the balcony, just outside the entrance to Mr. M's at Wigan one Saturday night.
  14. mickmac

    Swish's Soul Quiz

    Hi Gilly, I think Larry originally got banned from the Baseball ground, after following Ron Atkinson into the changing room to give him a piece of his mind. It was after DCFC had played Aston Villa, so it was a while ago. Looks like it was a life ban!!!! Regards Mac
  15. I remember ending up there one Bank holiday week-end with Arthur Dudley and a few others from Chesterfield, this after Samantha's on the Friday night. Went down to the all dayer at Matlock on the bank holiday Monday afterwards.