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  1. Nate Calhoun - Funktown

    cheers, I may ask the same it's of no use to me haha
  2. Nate Calhoun - Funktown

    whats the going rate for this now?
  3. I hope he has found the happiness he was looking for .... RIP Stevie
  4. Whats The Difference Between A Good Dj And A Great Dj?

    sorry not me, i've retired and will never dj again
  5. Whats The Difference Between A Good Dj And A Great Dj?

    the difference is marketing .... the one who more people think is great
  6. Keb Darge

    apparently it was amisunderstanding, the contact was a day before the typhoon hit
  7. Keb Darge

    i'm currently tracking down Dave to confirm this
  8. Keb Darge

    Someone has said on Facebook That Dave Barry in Ireland has heard from him and they are ok
  9. I Think I'm Out Of Touch With Prices

    well i'm more than happy.... considering I was willing to let it go for £70
  10. I Think I'm Out Of Touch With Prices

    I'll find out as i'm going pete, if I find anything i'll let you know
  11. I Think I'm Out Of Touch With Prices

    it certainly is, i'm more than happy... i'm selling the lot, RNB, northern, crossover, acid jazz, soulful house the whole lot
  12. I had a list up and on that list was Ted Taylor - Somebody's Always Trying in VG+ . It was listed for £70, it went quick but the sale fell through. I then decided to sell it on eBay and with a couple of hours left it is currently sitting at £210 !! Is ...
  13. Sales List

    prices UPDATED
  14. Sales List

    Teddy Randazzo - US Mail - ABC EX 30 Ike and tina turner - a fool in love - sue EX 20 jimmy rick & the raves - daddy rolling stone - atco VG+ 40 margaret lewis - somethings wrong baby - RAM - VG++ 40 johnny sayles - i can’t get eno...

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