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  1. martyn

    Jades -Nitelife

    IIRC There were some Yellow counterfeits/bootlegs done as issues knocking about in the very early 80s - Can anyone else confirm ?
  2. martyn

    Bedford Soul Town

    Oi !....Don't forget us young whippersnapers who were hanging from you lots shirt tails ! lol........You fella's certainly provided us with an education (of sorts). I was one of the mid 70s Bedford disciples along with Gareth & Glyn, Mick Lewin, Kev York, Martin Cook, Jacko, Jimmy Hunter, Alison, Stella, Kev Bateman, Gary Muir, Rob & Sue , etc etc....Along with others who I perhaps shouldn't mention (you will remember why !!!).......Happy Days Tez
  3. martyn

    Mr M's Wigan

    Remember standing next to the phone booth with Tony Worat one night. Some random girl came up & said to me "can you give me 2p to phone a friend". Before I could answer Tony said "Here, take 4p & phone them all"......
  4. Pete, the Donald Austin - Crazy Legs LP is in that pile of LPs I left with you ! ....You want it you got it is on there
  5. martyn

    Kings Hall Vid?

    I'd stopped wearing bags by mid 79 as had most. The people who I have personally encountered at soul nights wearing them seem to have a distorted view of the mid to late 70s scene full stop, which goes far beyond clothes...Which has made me wonder if they are trying to recreate an idealised version of the scene that never actually existed except in Russ Winstanley's book....I really don't understand whether they are deluded or weren't actually there at the time , or whether I was so blocked at the time its me that's got it all arse about face ! .
  6. martyn

    Mr M's Wigan

    We were saying the same thing mate LOL.....Its my age you know !
  7. martyn

    Mr M's Wigan

    I would have sworn that the foyer was right at the end of the balcony on the left when you walk from the stairs.....Or are we saying the same thing ?
  8. martyn

    Come On All You Collectors

    Hi Tone, John Vincent was quite candid in a PM about what used to occur in Kettering. No wonder you spent so long up there !!!
  9. martyn


    I remember it going off with some football mob, (Bristol Rovers ?)....Or am I thinking of the same incident. Loads of smarties scattered on the floor.I got handed a handful of Filon, so it wasn't all bad
  10. martyn

    The Truth About Cover Ups

    Steve, wasn't Willie Hutch's 'The Duck' covered up ?
  11. martyn

    Lynn Varnado

    Disagree, I remember it packing the floor with dancers. I love it - always have.
  12. martyn


    Just to concur with what others have said, Yate was totally different to other nighters, I can't think of any other venue I could compare it to if I were being asked by someone who never went what it was like.... I went to most if not all of them from mid 78 until the big bust in early 80....Great times. It was well supported by Beds & Herts contingent event though the drive home across country was a bit of a nightmare in those days......The reality of the late 70s scene was far removed from the one often portrayed these days. Great as Wigan was, it was only one venue amongst many that were just as good but in different respects (IMO)
  13. martyn

    Lynn Varnado

    Wash your mouth out with soap Mr Smith ! Its a classic
  14. martyn


    Ahh, that's why I couldn't see it, I could see the Tesco...
  15. martyn


    Bored at work, so I decided to do a google walk around a few nighter venues I used to frequent.......Is Yate (the venue not the town !) still there ? I don't recognise the car park/shopping centre on google , has it been extended/re-developed ? .......Mind you, haven't been there since 1980 so it could be my memory playing tricks


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