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  1. Well I was until you got upset and deleted me off facebook. Just because I wanted to know your "thinking" ( nobody else's ) for making your event OVO. Seems that even asking the question is too upsetting for some people to hear...or too hard to answer
  2. Looking forward to checking this out :-)
  3. Looking forward to this, although we will be along a little later as going early doors to support a new night in Burton
  4. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone at this event. Our first time here and the music was outstanding and the faces were friendly. See you again soon
  5. How do we buy advance tickets for this event?
  6. Had a cracking night folks, thank you very much, lots of dancing and lots of laughs. Sorry to the girls on the door for breaking the little container with the talc like stuff ;-/ Let me know if its expensive and i will compensate.
  7. Shame about Keith, hope he's better soon. Looking forward to attending this event for the first time on Friday, we are even staying at the hotel though not as excited about that after reading some of the reviews of the place lol. See you on the dancefloor
  8. peskytesky

    The Soul Kitchen

    the next night is on the 19th oct :-)
  9. peskytesky

    The Soul Kitchen

    THE SOUL KITCHEN a Melting Pot of uptempo and underplayed 60's Soul, Funk, R&B and Northern with a few classics thrown in for good measure. at THE BLACKSMITHS ARMS main street branston burton on trent After the fun and frolics of our first night on the 17th Sept we have been given a monthly spot to build on our initial success. This is our chance to have a FREE regular soul event in the area so get yourself down and show your support. So for the foreseeable future The Soul Kitchen will now be on the third Sat of every month. Its still free and its
  10. peskytesky

    The Soul Kitchen

    The Soul Kitchen. Serving up a melting pot of Uptempo & Rare 60's Soul, Funk, R&B and Northern. This is a free event and will be on at the Blacksmiths Arms the third Saturday of every month starting on the 17th August 2013 8ish till late. Its gonna be Hot Hot Hot

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