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  1. For sale. Sammy Ambrose. Welcome to dreamsville. Musicor. condition is a strong vg+ I’m looking for £300 all in,with free postage for a quick sale. scans or audio on request. get in touch if interested. Atb...Neil.
  2. Looking for a playable copy of,- Bob Collins And The Fabulous Five - Inventory On Heartaches...Main line. Get in touch if you have one for sale. Atb…...Neil.
  3. For sale. Jesse Fisher. Your not loving a beginner. Way out.(multi coloured). Ex condition. £130 inc postage worldwide. Get in touch if interested. Atb...Neil.
  4. For sale. The Hesitations. Soul superman LP. kapp. Ex condition. £130 inc delivery. pp or cash. Interested please get in touch . Atb...Neil.
  5. gomez

    Hesitations - Soul Superman (LP)

    PM me an offer mate,i`d let mine go for the right price. I`d put mine at vg+. Atb....Neil.
  6. ...SOLD... Steve Mancha. Friday night. Groovesville. Mint-(small x on label). Quick sale £250 + post,no offers. PayPal or cash. Get in touch if interested. Neil.
  7. gomez

    Jesse Fortune.

    Jesse Fortune Trip To The Moon / I Know The Feeling New Chicago Sound 6919. If you have one for sale or know where I can locate one,please get in touch. Atb..Neil.
  8. Looking for,- Art Grayson & the graysettes. Better hush. Congress. If you have one for sale,please get in touch. Atb...Neil.
  9. Looking for,- super eagles band..sock it to me or feeling you got. if you have one for sale get in touch. Atb...Neil.
  10. Looking for,- The Blue flames..No thanks..IR. if you have one for sale please get in touch. Atb Neil.
  11. Looking for,- Tony Owens..I’ll be there..Soulin. Getting in touch if you have one for sale. Neil.
  12. Looking for, king Curtis..Green onions..Atco. Atb...Neil.
  13. gomez

    Soul Stirrers & Jesse Fisher!

    Do you get sorted on the Jesse Fisher.


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