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  1. Marcia Hines Album

    Many thanks, I am already sorted. I was aware of the Discogs copies, but prefered a copy from the UK/Europe because of the shipping time ;-)
  2. Marcia Hines Album

    Hi folks, anyone out there who can sell me a copy of Marcia Hines album "Marcia shines" on Australian Wizard? I was kind enough to give my copy to a friend as a present and I just recognized I never replaced it :-) Cheers, Stefan
  3. stromberg

  4. Hi there, I have the following two for sale: Carolyn Crawford: If you move you lose PIR Ex+ 50 UKP Colette Kelly: City of fools Volt promo Ex+ 50 UKP postage is 3 or 5 UKP for registered post. Thanks for looking, Chee...
  5. The Remarkables-Is The Feeling Still There Audio Arts

    Hi, I would have a copy in great condition for sale if you're not sorted yet. Best wishes, Stefan
  6. The Attractions On June Bug

    Hi all, I have a copy of the Attractions "You don't know boy" on June Bug for sale. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V13CcyrRJ7s The condition is ex+, so no Problems here. I am asking for 200 UKP plus postage. Best wishes Stefan
  7. Mixed Stuff, Mainly Crossover

    some good stuff left, and of course I am open to offers on the remaining items. Best, Stefan
  8. Hi folks, I have for sale a copy of Bonnie Blanchard`s "You're the only one" on C.R.S. . I am asking for 250 UKP plus postage. The Vinyl has a few light scratches, but nothing to worry about, it plays great. Best wishes from Germany, ...
  9. Mixed Stuff, Mainly Crossover

    I've updated and reduced the list. Good stuff left...Come on, I need new Football shoes
  10. Mixed Stuff, Mainly Crossover

    Hi folks, some records for sale, mostly crossover. Hope there's something of interest for you. Postage from Germany is 3UKP. Prices are in UKP. Paypal is fine at no extra fee. the Attractions: You don't know boy June Bug 200 now 180 Ge...
  11. Few Crossover/7Ts Bits

    Hi folks, anyone interested in the follwing records: Cecil Lyde: I'll make it on my own Alwest Slight warp, not affecting play 100 R.D.M Band: How can I get in touch with you Virtue Promo 80 the Composers: Let's get to the poi...
  12. Walker Wilson On Emery

    yep, thanks ;-)
  13. Walker Wilson On Emery

    Hi folks, what's the going rate for a clean copy of Walker Wilson "Nothing but time" on Emery? Heard really different prices on this one, so what's your thoughts? Many thanks Stefan
  14. Some Stuff For Sale

  15. Some Stuff For Sale

    Hi, yes, it's still available, I've reserved it for you. Could you please pm me for the details? many thanks Stefan

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