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  1. It's Dave Crawford - The Law and the Lady - ABC 1973 There's a couple on discogs for around £6
  2. Catriona Jakeman took some pics yesterday. It's nearly gone... And me (circled) at the Ric Tic Review.
  3. If you are just trying to fill a function room in one of your hotels for your managing director, why worry about playing OVO, or having named DJs, etc... Surely if it's just about making money for the hotel you could put on a Motown handbaggers night and play CDs? You'll make money and it won't bother the local scene.
  4. It's Candace Love - Uh! uh! Boy That's a No No - Aquarius
  5. I think he means one of these. It's a boot isn't it?
  6. Bloody hell, now you've grabbed my attention even more.
  7. Surely not Joey Irving - There's a man?
  8. Angela Davis - My Love Is So Strong? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f4_baMS-pfc
  9. Plenty of shit big money records out there worse than Barnaby Bye that everyone pretends to like because there are only a few copies. Can't Live This Way is a time and a place record for most people, and nothing wrong with that. For me, around 1978 local youth club, before I really new much better, so lots of good memories.
  10. As for Johnnie Mae Matthews, it is a great record. Sold one last year for £200, which is probably what someone will end up paying for Don Gardner... Spot on. He bid £150 then retracted. Very wise. He'll probably pick the other up for twenty quid now.
  11. What a load of crap. If I press up one copy of something, does that make it rarer than Frank Wilson or the Mello Souls, and suddenly it's worth £10k? This is what the listing says: "Not Sure About Anything About This Record Other Than It Plays Perfectly & Is In Very Good Condition.Came In A House Clearance Of Records Of Which Most Were Northern Soul & Motown.Have Been Approached To Sell This Privately But Have No Idea OfValue..So Please No Offers." Then after being told it's a repro, he put: "Had a lot of messages about this record & been advised by certain people that by there opinion this record is a Bootleg Or Re-Issue.As i dont know the history of this record i am not claiming it to be anything other than what i have listed it as.It plays perfectly & is in very good condition that is all." He's knows it not an original issue, so he should state it's a repro from a recently released LP but he doesn't. He's happy to try and mislead buyers, and keep his options open, and I'm more than happy to warn people not to waste their money on this.
  12. Wasn't this going for around £600 when it was uncovered a few years ago? It's had it's day, so I'm surprised it's going for much more than that.

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