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    nothing but blue skies by jackie wilson

    I don't get on here that often these days, but after last night i felt i had to make a coment. Top class venue, realy nice people & good music, you can't ask much more from a night can you. Having relocated to Durban a while ago & the 'scene' being quite different down there last night reminds you of what you're missing. Ok Nige is my oldest & best friend but he played a blinder last night, thats not taking anything away from any of the othe dj's. First hour was full of different things you don't here & a good reason to get to venues early, 2nd hour was quite classic & had the memories coming back, Eddie Hubbard played some exquisite bits just a shame the dance floor was a bit quiet.The jet lag was kicking in into the last hour but what i did experience was going to be as good as the rest. It is quite right to say that you don't need talc on that dance floor, Wearing leather soles & not being ready for my pipe & slippers my right calf is sore but small pice to pay for a Quality, Quality night. Hope you enjoy your full 7mins Carms.! Again thanks to Banbury for a top night & Nige got back to Leeds, Hunstanton or wherever Lol The Git

    Top class tunes & well worth the price of the flight back to the uk from Durban. Such a shame that not more went but as Carms says possibly made the music even better. Do hope people don't give up on this night as it's top class The Git P.S. Still able to suprise you Browny.!!!
  3. Features: Why 60S Newies?

    I fully understand where you guys are coming from & i'm one of the older into it for 40 odd years brigade. Always Always Always wanting to hear something new. Thats how it was when i started out & i haven't changed my ethos one iota. Don't care w...
  4. Right Track, Peterborough

    Never having ventured over to the "far east" much since the days of " The Mallet" the trip from the West Mids on the way to London was well worth it..! crackin' room, made for a soul night it is, & a nice place to attend my last soul do in this country fo...
  5. Bury Masonic

    Absolute TOP night (for me at any rate) Another trip up the M6 again, but with a bit of the 62, 60 & 66 thrown in for good measure this time, to be rewarded with some of the best music i've heard in a long time. 80% of what was played i'd never...
  6. 2010-05-14: Torquay Soul Weekender

    Had a great weekend Top class venue & great people. Like Nige has said i was a bit disapointed the upstairs "modern & connoisseurs" room wasn't as busy as i'd hoped For me it's about the "next" new tune, the ones you don't hear week in week out. ...
  7. 2010-05-14: Torquay Soul Weekender

    SSSSSOOOOOO looking forward to this....!!!!! MISSED LAST YEAR WITH WORK BAH HUMBUG See ya Thusday Nige (hope the lurggies better) Don't go near the M&S & stay away from them RED LIGHTS lol The Git
  8. Burscough British Leigon 24/4/10

    Well when he does it will include " nothing but blue skies" Best record ever made IMVVVVHO The Git
  9. Burscough British Leigon 24/4/10

    It just goes to show that you dont have to play "big hitters" As with all the playlists so far TOTAL QUALITY.......! I rest my case. The Git
  10. Burscough British Leigon 24/4/10

    Another trip up the M6 from Wolves (not quite as bad this time) & another great night...! Decent, friendly, knowlegable crowd, (it was the kind of night some may have stayed at home & lit the Barby) Great music, Across the board, some modern some...
  11. Coppertops Soulnites - The 5Th Aniversary

    Sorry it's taken a while to post peeps but just had to say "top, top night" Thats what you call across the board....! Honour to be your driver for the evening Mr Brown even though you did try to get me to go through a RED LIGHT.....! Great peo...
  12. Orrell Soul Club Sat 13Th

    Made the trip up the M6 (god what a bore with all the road works) BUT it was well worth it...! Great room Great people And then there was Browny....! Top night (for me anyway) Excelent music & people should really check it out. ...
  13. Cds

    Carl Never met you mate but as but congrats on a great job with the Detroit stuff. I bought it on 1st day it was all avaliable on Amazon & trust me i'll be pestering people to play them, 'specially the Spyder Turner The people with their head...
  14. Cds

    As a great man once said " I Have A dream!" That one day the MUSIC will matter more than the format.....!!!!!! The Git
  15. Detroit Session Releases 1St July 2009

    Heard The Spyder Turner On Craig Charles on Saturday LOVED IT!! Will be buying thats for sure Hope you get a deal for vynyl Good on ya! The Git

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