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  1. Northern Soul Genres

    Work your way through any Thorne playlist.
  2. Message To Anyone Who Downloads My Podcasts

    I too, really enjoy your efforts Pete and I will contribute shortly - honest! I find the quality and diversity to be outstanding and your time and dedication should be rewarded, if only to continue your output of the excellent podcasts.
  3. Christmas Northern Soul

    Snowy used to play this every Christmas wherever he Jocked. Always a floor packer.
  4. 1-20 Love Is My Destiny

    Came out on 120 Boulevard Records, yellow label. Will scan it up if anyone is interested. Dancing to (great) records like that did my knees in, but wouldn't change a thing:thumbsup: Used to hear it a lot at Hinkley or am I mistaken? Memory cells don't wor...
  5. Watson T. Browne And Skip Black

    As I have long suspected, the Pye release was indeed the second impress then. I have now secured a President demo, so thank you for that.
  6. I have a Pye demo of "What can I say" but I am 100% sure it also came out on another label as I traded it in 20 plus years ago but cannot remember that label (Direction?). Not having any knowledge beyond buying what I like and hunting down an original, I ha...
  7. Radio Sheffield, every Wednesday evening 7-9 are giving over the airwaves to our music. Inviting requests memories etc. I can't believe this is happening, shades of John Greens "Soul Shotgun" that used to be on in the seventies. 01142796699 to phone in.
  8. Have I Got Originals?

    As I said before I am a buyer not a seller - but thanks for the offer Godz. You would never believe the crap I have hung on to over the years, but that's record collecting. As a previous poster said, in his expert opinion I have a re-issue of R. Wood and I ...
  9. Have I Got Originals?

    Here's the copy I bought. There were only 2 records I were not sure of when I purchased his collection and according to your reply I have got a boot (J. Moore) and a worthless (than I paid) re-issue. It doesn't matter as I am a collector not a seller....
  10. Have I Got Originals?

    Thanks for the info Chalky. Mixture of pain and pleasure tho
  11. Have I Got Originals?

    I bought Walk Like a Man and Before 2001 believing them to be originals. The Johnny moore on Date is moulded vinyl and the Rufus Wood on Espanola is green and blue. I don't know for sure which (if either) are originals or not. A current price would be han...
  12. Samanthas Reunion

    It is on. Just found out from a reliable source. Pity that no one wants to aknowledge JVs existence on this site.
  13. Samanthas Reunion

    Was planning on making the trip to Sammys reunion tonight but cannot see any mention of it in the "Events" section. Is it still on? Anyone know why there is no mention of JVs promotion(s)?
  14. Most Valuable 45 Rpm Record

    Maybe the Mail was writing about UK released singles only, as I can not believe that they would not research the fact that there are several records released in other countries that are worth considerably more than the Sex Pistols track.
  15. Clifton Hall Day

    I remeber a DJ saying something like "this is a track for the dancers from Chester Le-Street" before playing Love Is My Destiny by 1-20. The dancers from Chester Le-Street always congregated at the front right and the epithet stuck. Fantastic venue and I ...