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    If I'd have known I was going to last this long I'd have taken much better care of myself!
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    Duke Browner Cryin' Over You. Invitations, Watch Out Little Girl

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  1. Could do with an outdoor Northern dayer in a big park in the better weather. Bring your own Lino!
  2. Hi all. Might be down that neck of the woods around then. How big is the dance floor?
  3. LifesTooShort

    Prior's Well Soul Sunday

    How big’s the dance floor lads?
  4. Thanks for a good night everyone. Some great tunes in there and lovely crowd of people. Nice to catch up with Steve and Colleen again after so long. Wish I’d have been up to Steve’s stompers at the end but I think I might have man flu coming on.
    Brilliant night, great music, people, great floor (sorry didn’t know it was No Talc). Would love to come again soon. all the best.
  5. Not too calm I hope Bryn!
  6. Sorry but has it been cancelled definitely as I’ve been told the trouble has been sorted out?
  7. until

    Any chance at all of Sunday Session only. We’ve been a few times and seen that some people go home Sunday morning
  8. Crackin night all. Cheers.
  9. NO TALC??????!!!!! Ooooooh dear.
  10. LifesTooShort

    Soul Al Borgo 2018


    Buffet Dinner followed by Ginger Taylor not compatible . Is it possible to book the accommodation and the Soul Night without the dinner?
  11. until

    Hiya lads (and lasses). Is there a dance floor?
  12. LifesTooShort

    Macmillan Night

    Went, along with about a dozen other people! It's a crying shame that these girls and the DJs who give up their time are so poorly supported. Everyone loves McMillan nurses and no one supports them at these dos. I've been to about six now including a brilliant (under-attended) Weekender in Edinburgh and they are, more or less, ignored. Dont lose heart girls; you're doing a brilliant job!
    Crackin venue, brilliant music, top notch DJs, great atmosphere. Defo come again. Nice to meet up with Chesterfield crew and hello to Mick & Fiona from Kettering; always nice to make new friends at these dos. Big thanks to all concerned.
  13. Do you have timings for DJs please

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