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  1. Leigh J

  2. Lifeline And Pow Wow Rare Soul & R&B All-Nighter

    Me neither
  3. How Do We Get Young Djs Spots St Events?

    At least 25 yrs left in Soul Sam
  4. Things In Records That Make You Shiver

    Tempests Someday , Jean Carter I wanna know , everything I love about this music
  5. Arthur Prysock I Was A Boy

    Thanks , do you still play it out ?
  6. Has D Thorley still got this ?
  7. Future Of Northern Soul

    It got included on a goldmine Torch cd for some reason , hence the confusion , i had mine off Pete who said Butch was spinning it , early 80's
  8. The Australian National Weekender - Perth 2013

    Ginger Taylor playlist , just incredible
  9. Ian Levine On Solar Radio

    Thank You
  10. Ian Levine On Solar Radio

    Enjoyed it , what was the blue eyed thing on Bell he played?
  11. Whats This?

  12. Whats This?

    Thanks for the replys , its not Ollie Jackson
  13. Whats This?

    This is on an old tape that I found , its a male vocal with a piano intro , the chorus goes 'Love so strong and its been so long , love I need you every day in every way , ive got to know your mine ive got to feel you in my mind I need love to feel complete...
  14. Whats This?

    First few lines 'About the time the sun goes down, is about the time a love is found, love so near a perfect sound' Thanks
  15. Keb Spin