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  1. Rugby All-Niter 12Th September

    Seeing as we missed the last one hoping to make it this time (and him as well!)
  2. Rugby Soul Club All-niter

    Certainly will Theresa, look forward to meeting you too Yes he'll be there with his rubber legs!
  3. Rugby Soul Club All-niter

    You too Sian Do I get in for £1 too?!
  4. Rugby Soul Club All-niter

    Me and Panch (and I think Kev and Chantel) will be there Saturday
  5. Rare Soul @ Silk

    We'll be there for your birthday Nic
  6. Could've had a saxophone too if it wasn't such a drive from St Albans
  7. Any Musicians Out There

    I play the saxophone Shame I'm no where near Warrington though
  8. Brian Rae Where Is He ?

    You used to normally end up at Pete's! Hope you're well Katy, say hello to Brian for us. Emma & Panch x
  9. Brian Rae Where Is He ?

    Haven't seen Brian for ages! Hope he is well
  10. The Northern Soul Story Vol.3: Blackpool Mecca
  11. Highlights Of 2007

    Got to be my first time to King's Hall, Stoke - probably the best nighter I have been to. Such a great atmosphere!
  12. He doesn't look like that all the time, sometimes he's close to being normal! Bless him!
  13. Just called in to see the little fella on the way home from work to give him his bottle of plonk and his congratulations card and what did I get in return....... I GOT MY BOOK!!! Reg read the intro to me and its absolutely brilliant - spot on! Can...
  14. One Venue You Wished You

    Wish I had been about for Blackpool Mecca but was born in the wrong era!

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