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  1. Vastly underrated tune Sir.
  2. Soulfool

    northern soul - the current state...?

    I recall saying that I don't know what I would do without the soul scene as I was on the move to venues every single week, often travelling south from Edinburgh on my own using public transport, I just loved it that much...it's now been about 6 years since I last attended a venue and I really don't miss it at all. especially not the travelling, I find that - as much as I love the music - the scene has gone flat, most of the venues I used to attend have become stale and some have even ceased. The cost of travel is another factor but even if I had the money now I would not travel 10 minutes from my house let alone 200 miles south, I love the music but I'm afraid - for me - the scene is finished, unless the Albrighton Crew get together again!!!
  3. Soulfool

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    That fucking dog singing "Flash", c'mon that has to be the worst!!!
  4. Soulfool

    Seen Any Good Films Recently

    "Unfriended" - Dark Web, in cinemas now, really good, really clever, recommended despite it's short running time of 91 minutes.
  5. Soulfool


    I have not been to an event for a good few years due to the facts that there are too many events and too little quality, like every person with a record collection thinks they are DJ's, they put on soul nights to allow themselves to play. I travelled south most weekends from Edinburgh, mostly by train and on my own, as that was becoming too expensive I wanted so much to go to events closer to home, that's when it all went downhill, now I have no desire to travel anywhere for an event and as much as I miss them I don't feel I am missing out...shame that.
  6. Soulfool

    Richetta Osborn, 'My Sweet Baby'

    Brilliant tune, took me ages to find a copy as it was covered up, then Guy Hennigan played it (uncovered) at the soul night I co-promoted in Wolverhampton, took me a while to get a copy after I found out its real identity, again, a brilliant tune - especially for the dancers. Bargain btw!
  7. Soulfool

    Best live performance

    I had the great opportunity to see Herb Johnson and the Impacts in their hometown of Philadelphia early 2K, he walked in off the street, very unassuming, walked onto the stage and began the set, what a voice, I will never forget that night and how privileged I felt to have witnessed this.
  8. Soulfool

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Just watched 'Seven Seconds' and loved it, recommended, also, started watching 'Damnation', 3 episodes in and looking good, both on Netflix.
  9. Soulfool

    Memorable DJ set

    Totally agree Sir, I typed out an allnighter review for my magazine in the late-90's, the Dude who wrote the review listed many of the top sounds of the day but what was interesting was that he highlighted the DJ's who broke the records in the first place...take a bow Wayne Hudson.
  10. Soulfool

    England world cup

    I wonder if the tough guys who shamed their country in Holland will go and act the same way in Russia? I think not, such a shame on the true England fans who follow them everywhere and will no doubt be targets in Russia, whilst the Tough Guys will be fighting and wrecking at home when they get knocked out!!
  11. Soulfool

    Is it, time to sell up.?

    I totally agree, I never give up on the idea of collecting again, just not today's prices, but tomorrow's?
  12. Soulfool

    Is it, time to sell up.?

    Every now and then this topic pops up and it brings this home to me, I wish I hadn't sold mine, simple as that, soon after I sold up the prices rocketed so some lucky Bugger (no name mentioned?) got an absolute bargain, my gripe is that if I was to try to collect them again it would cost me a fortune, as a result I dropped off the scene and I miss that too, my advice, don't sell, you will regret it, the whole vinyl thing is what this is all about. All the best.
  13. Soulfool

    LP Boxes

    Looking to purchase good quality, sturdy LP boxes, spacious enough for LP's in PVC sleeves, any tips, info greatly appreciated.
  14. Soulfool


    My favourite Allnighters, travelling down from Edinburgh, getting lost - Everytime - on the way, music was top class all night, great venue, really miss that.
  15. Soulfool




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