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    Making Crop circles, Soul and,,,mmm... all sorts really.. too much to add ;-)
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  1. Andy Dyson Emailaccount Hacked

    I didn't think he would need any money if he was in the Ukraine buying records so just deleted it
  2. I spent many hours on the drawing board doing the graphic design, Pete and I had loads of fun doing these mags. Stan from Preston had agreed to do the artwork but Pete couldn't wait for him - so I got the job. I got paid a Magnificents demo, a Bill Lucas and ...
  3. THE FELLOWS - LET'S MAKE IT LAST / SHE'S ALWAYS THERE - SOLID HIT 110 This 45 looks like it been thrown down the Davison Freeway but I have to say apart from a few tiny clicks on the intro on the 'make it last' side, the 45 plays great. The fidelity...
  4. Great night - was I there?
  5. News: Steve Mancha R.i.p.

    RIP Steve Mancha. Ady, Stuart RAith, Steve Mancha, Chris King and Gaz Kellett sometime in the eighties at Warrington Parr Hall.
  6. 050

    Fab picture.
  7. 047

    Think this needs to go in my lovely photo frame. Cheers Alison. Penny xxxx
  8. 035

    Louise with her tongue out again!!!!!
  9. East Bowling Unity Club Bradford

    What a great crowd, and a banging Yorkshire night... thanks for inviting me to DJ. Here's my playlist: EVERYBODY LOVES A GOOD TIME - MAJOR LANCE - OKEH TO LOVE - JENNIE RAE - MGM GOIN OUT THE WORLD BACKWARDS - TAURUS & L...
  10. wehatsheaf9

    Good lad!!
  11. old record room

    Beautiful - been there!
  12. rekkids

    Good lad! nowt like an obsession ;-))
  13. 088

    Quality image. You've gotta live it - to get it!
  14. img-3335

  15. 2010-06-18: Burnley All Niter

    Yet again. What a whopper... Once a stick of dynamite is lit it can never go out, and it'll always go off with a bang. Good to see all the regulars. You are all giants ;-))Some stuff I played early doors... GROOVY WORLD - UNIFICS- KAPP...

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