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  1. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    I've never watched The Sopranos, but Boardwalk Empire is just fantastic - what a shocking final episode!! Can't wait for the next Season later this year, meanwhile I'm watching Breaking Bad.
  2. Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Just got in to this recently. Currently on Season 2, Episode 4 and it's just getting better!
  3. Thanks Ian - I've dropped an e-mail to the guy you mentioned, hopefully he'll be able to help solve they mystery. Audra
  4. I think I posted this query about 3 or 4 years ago, but thought I'd try again. I'm originally from Aberdeen, Scotland and in the late 70's early 80's went to a roller skating disco (on a Sunday afternoon at The Palace on Bridge Street). There's one song...
  5. Read some earlier post which mentioned that this night was scheduled for Friday 12th November, however a friend mentioned that it is actually on tonight. I have tried to contact the venue, but have got no response - does anyone out there know if it is on -...
  6. It's taken me a week to post something up here, I thought that someone else may have posted something and I was waiting to respond, but haven't seen anything as yet. I was visiting my parents in my hometown of Aberdeen last week, and reading the local ne...
  7. Well, I'm coming out tomorrow night - first time in a very long time - we've got a babysitter overnight - yahoo! Martin and Maria are on the wine already - I'm keeping my eye on them!! Looking forward to it. x
  8. South Essex Soul Club, Capone's, Benfleet

    Hi John E-Mailed you earlier. Yes, we'll be down and we'll be staying over, assuming still OK with babysitter you've organised for us? Looking forward to it.
  9. I really want to go to this tomorrow night. Unfortunately, no babysitter! Any reliable offers? Met my husband (Martin Thomson) in TOS days! Hence, reason for wishing to go tomorrow. No-one to babysit though!! Boo Hoo!! x
  10. Soul In The City

    Sorry to hear that Soul in the City is ending. I loved going to the Old Blue Last back in 2003! Some pics to jog your memory. P.S. Our house is free on Wednesday's! Audra x
  11. San Fransisco Tkos - Make Up Your Mind

    Yes, but couldn't it be a bloke singing about his girlfriend who prefers woman? Sorry, I'm trying to prove Martin (husband) wrong, who is always right - it just sounds like a man singing to me. x
  12. Its been a discussion in our household today - is this sung by a man or woman. Help! x
  13. Mr and Mrs Thomson may be there - depends on babysitters however. But, it's looking about 85% definite at the moment, so hopefully be there. Audra x
  14. Hrrmpphhh, I had to stay in tonight just in case I enjoyed myself too much and couldn't get ready for Curtis's 3rd party on Saturday. Hope it was a great one! Audra x

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