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  1. AudraT

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    I've never watched The Sopranos, but Boardwalk Empire is just fantastic - what a shocking final episode!! Can't wait for the next Season later this year, meanwhile I'm watching Breaking Bad.
  2. AudraT

    Your Current Must Watch Tv ?

    Just got in to this recently. Currently on Season 2, Episode 4 and it's just getting better!
  3. Thanks Ian - I've dropped an e-mail to the guy you mentioned, hopefully he'll be able to help solve they mystery. Audra
  4. I think I posted this query about 3 or 4 years ago, but thought I'd try again. I'm originally from Aberdeen, Scotland and in the late 70's early 80's went to a roller skating disco (on a Sunday afternoon at The Palace on Bridge Street). There's one song that I distinctly remember from this time, have tried to find it on many occasions over the years, but don't know who it's by or what it's called, I only remember a few of the lyrics. It was sung by a woman, had a New York disco sound (as far as I remember). The lyrics went something along the lines of: 'When I'm rolling, all around the floor, when I'm ro-oh-oh-oh-ling....... 'Who could ask for more'. Unfortunately, that's all I remember. I've tried listening to all the roller disco CD's, but have had no joy. I posted something up recently on an American Forum, and someone suggested it could be the following: Anita Jo Bracie - Rollin' at the Roller Disco (1979), however can't find any clips of this anywhere - don't suppose anyone recognises this? it would be fantastic if someone could recognise this song as it's been driving me mad forever now, probably the only song that still remains a mystery to me and I need to find out what it is as it's driving me mad!! Thanks you all in advance.
  5. Read some earlier post which mentioned that this night was scheduled for Friday 12th November, however a friend mentioned that it is actually on tonight. I have tried to contact the venue, but have got no response - does anyone out there know if it is on - if so could they please let me know. We have babysitter organised, but don't want to turn up there if it is not on. Thanks Audra
  6. It's taken me a week to post something up here, I thought that someone else may have posted something and I was waiting to respond, but haven't seen anything as yet. I was visiting my parents in my hometown of Aberdeen last week, and reading the local newspaper I saw this night advertised. After a very large meal, I managed to persuade my friends to come along with me (it didn't take much persuading). The last time I went to this night was in 2003, so I was delighted to be able to get back there after such a long time. It can sometimes be a little awkward going along to a night where you don't really know anyone, and my friends are not Northern Soul fans (although we did all go to St. Kay's when we were 13), however we need not have worried. After about 20 minutes we got chatting to some of the regulars there - a really friendly bunch. The music was great, I can't remember what was played, although I do remember hearing Betty Lloyd 'I'm Catching On', which I love. We only planned on staying an hour (we got there about 11pm), however we were disappointed when the lights came on at 1am. What else can I say - you can't beat a Northern Soul night in Scotland. Maybe the next time I won't leave it to chance, I'll book a visit to my parents to co-incide with this night. Thanks to the many people we chatted to on the night, and hope to see a lot more people there the next time I'm 'back home'. Audra
  7. Well, I'm coming out tomorrow night - first time in a very long time - we've got a babysitter overnight - yahoo! Martin and Maria are on the wine already - I'm keeping my eye on them!! Looking forward to it. x
  8. AudraT

    South Essex Soul Club, Capone's, Benfleet

    Hi John E-Mailed you earlier. Yes, we'll be down and we'll be staying over, assuming still OK with babysitter you've organised for us? Looking forward to it.
  9. I really want to go to this tomorrow night. Unfortunately, no babysitter! Any reliable offers? Met my husband (Martin Thomson) in TOS days! Hence, reason for wishing to go tomorrow. No-one to babysit though!! Boo Hoo!! x
  10. AudraT

    Soul In The City

    Sorry to hear that Soul in the City is ending. I loved going to the Old Blue Last back in 2003! Some pics to jog your memory. P.S. Our house is free on Wednesday's! Audra x
  11. AudraT

    San Fransisco Tkos - Make Up Your Mind

    Yes, but couldn't it be a bloke singing about his girlfriend who prefers woman? Sorry, I'm trying to prove Martin (husband) wrong, who is always right - it just sounds like a man singing to me. x
  12. Its been a discussion in our household today - is this sung by a man or woman. Help! x
  13. Mr and Mrs Thomson may be there - depends on babysitters however. But, it's looking about 85% definite at the moment, so hopefully be there. Audra x
  14. Hrrmpphhh, I had to stay in tonight just in case I enjoyed myself too much and couldn't get ready for Curtis's 3rd party on Saturday. Hope it was a great one! Audra x


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