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    37 Years On

    Got a phone call the other day from a mate who emigrated to the states in the early 80's . He's over in Blackpool to clear out and sell his mother's home , so we arranged to meet up last night for a couple of beers in Poulton . As I walked into the pub I spotted him sat down with a small box of 45s ,which he handed me and said 'These any good to you'. I proceeded to wade through David Bowie , Roxy Music and various New wave items ,until I reached a small section of soul . I couldn't believe my eyes when My old copy of Gorgeous George - Strange Book was sat there in mint condition in a white sleeve with my writing on the cover .I must have lent it to him in the late 70s and never got it back . The only other items of interest were 70's mecca stuff ,Norma Jenkins ,Trick Shot ,Beverly Wheeler ,Hokis Pokis , and half a dozen northern reissues . Happy Days Steve Mc

    Fred Hughes - I Keep Tryin' - Exodus

    pm sent

    Mecca Playlist Anyone?

    Now then, where are my tapers, mohair jumper & plastic sandals ? Cheers Andy Dunno , but if you find them you'll probably find your whistle . Just realised I missed out one of my all time faves Sidney Thomas - Look, Let's make a love - Parallel Steve Mc

    Mecca Playlist Anyone?

    A few more from me Liberty - Girl ,You better wake up Grace Jones - Sorry Deodata -Peter Gunn Bobby Womack - Home is where the heart is Southside Movement - Do it to me Heartstoppers - Brainwashed by love Side Effect - Always there Debra Anderson - Funny how we've changed places Ursula Dudziac - Papaya Betty Baker - Marching out of your life Lee Ritenour - A little bit of this and a little bit of that Originals - Down to love town Carl Graves - Heart be still Vernon Burch - Frame of mind Pop a Groove - Dance your ass off Rimshots - Do what you feel Roberta Kelly - Troublemaker Catch - Mr nice guy DC Larue - Cathedrals Van McCoy - Jet setting Clarence Carter - If it don't fit don't force it Pat Lundy - Party music Starbright - The language of love Third Point - Spirit Miami - Kill that roach Lamont Dozier - Going back to my roots Steve Mc

    Four Underplayed Corkers

    Soundclip sounds like my Sandbag copy to me Don't recall hearing a slower version Steve Mc

    Anyone Familiar With These Records?

    I quite like it , got it on a ANS xmas club cd compiled by Gazza from Oldham 3 years ago Steve mc

    Bogis Chymes - I Think You'll Find

    Me too , picked up a copy off Ged Parker last year . Probably white but great northern Steve Mc

    Big At The Casino Before Charting

    Hi Simon Just dug out the odyssey greatest hit LP from 1987 , It contained a free remix album including 2 new mixes of Native New Yorker , one called " Bronx Street Mix " and the other " Queens Power Mix " Steve Mc

    Value Please

    I sold a white demo on this site last Nov , Vg+ with slight label wear £35 It had been in my sales box around the North West priced at £40 for a few months Steve Mc

    Cleveland Eaton

    Quasar One - Cleveland Eaton - unissued Levine play 76/77 Not heard this for years , forgotten what it sounds like , What's the story , did IL get it off a studio tape or are there original acetates knocking about ? Wouldn't mind hearing it again if anyone has a clip . Steve Mc

    Tony Hestor - Down In The Dumps

    Sidney Thomas - Look , Lets make Love - Parallel In my top 10 70's tracks , Play it at Lytham regularly Anyone heard it at a venue lately ? Steve Mc

    Candi Staton - Young Hearts Run Free

    Paul's story reminds me of when I was working on a charity shop renovation around 1976 . Radio 1 DJ plays this track , raves about it , then plays it again .I've never heard of that happening before or since . Steve Mc
  13. Seem to recall that Neil Rushton related a story where the original master was lost ,so a new version was recorded for the pink copies . Anyone confirm ? Steve Mc

    Big At The Casino Before Charting

    Don,t know if anyone else noticed but it wasn' t the charted version of Native New Yorker which was played . It was either the Queens or Bronx mix off the 12 inch B side Steve Mc
  15. I was chatting to Brian Wakelin recently about what would be played at his mecca reunion night .I brought up the subject of this record and suggested that the re-recorded version could be considered an original in a roundabout sort of way . Brian played it last saturday resulting in many people enjoying a brilliant and rarely played out record Steve Mc


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