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    Martyn S Bucalossi
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    Obviosly Northern Soul and Motown,Rugby and family.
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    East Goscote
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    It really hurts me girl /carstairs

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  1. Love Beats by the Supremes does it for me,70's Motown at it's best. Buke.
  2. Great line up Mick, in for some fine Soul music by the look of it. And by the way loved your spot at Leicester last week, never an empty dance floor there mate. See you all Saturday.
  3. Those were the days mate, us northern Soulers taking the floor and drinking a few pints of DD in between crap like Abba and the Dollies. Great fun.
  4. That dont count Andy R&B is 50's aint it?
  5. Anything soulfull goes down well at the old melting pot called Grantham, 60's,70's,80's, if it makes you wanna dance that's good enough for me. Talking about 60's there's two pieces of fantastic soul music I've never danced to ever and need to before I'm 90, the first one being, If I had just one gold piece by the Prophets, and All of my life by the Four Temples. Would'nt care what format they would be played on either.
  6. Looking forward to another quality soul night in Grantham. Gonna try to dance Andy off the floor this week.Lol Any chance of a couple of 70's Mick. If possible, Philly Devotions-Hurt so bad, Detroit spinners-I've gotta make it on my own, Old people-Archie Bell.
  7. Was there ever a bad song sung by the Four Tops? I can remember listening to a late night pirate radio station in the mid 60's, and hearing Baby I need your loving for the first time,loved them then and still do now. Heres some of my favourites. Baby I need your loving - Just ask the lonely - I'm in a different world - what is a man - shake me wake me -Mcarthurs Park - Are you man enough - Keeper of the Castle, and the list goes on. Levi was the best.

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