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  1. 100 Club Anniversary Singles - Value?

    Cheers Paul Hope you well Steph and I are good Regards Duncan
  2. What is the Chuck Jackson Whats with this loneliness worth? Duncan Down Under!
  3. Good Ska And Rocksteady Dealers

    Cheers Tony Many thanks Duncan
  4. Anybody know any good dealers in Ska and rocksteady in UK I guess. name and contact details please Thanks Duncan
  5. 100 Club Threads

    For us it was always mod corner by the LHS of the stage. Always made a bee line for this smart situation. in the 17 years was in London and been going I have only once gone to the righthand side near the bar, and that was just odd so I went back over to the L...
  6. Otis Lee Hard Row To Hoe

    Whats the story? Old Roger Banks spin, value, availability, the usual info please Cheers Downunder Duncan
  7. I should know this but cant for the life of me remember it so here goes "Its easy 123..... ....like taking candy from a baby... Any ideas??
  8. How rare? how much ? who other than Dave Flynn plays it? Cheers Duncan
  9. Soul Bowl

  10. Soul Bowl

    Is John Anderson Soul Bowl still selling records? anybody got a contact, used to get good tunes ages ago, saw the name again in the Keb Darge article. Cheers Ozy Duncan
  11. Vavavoom New Year Eve Allnighter 2006 London

    First night out for us for a while,should be a bigun!! Looking forward to it. Duncan and Stephanie Disorderly
  12. Christmas Soul Tunes

    Thats it many thanks Duncan
  13. Christmas Soul Tunes

    Any body got any clue as to who may have done a mid tempo tune called Christmas Shopping, or shopping again? I dont have an mp3 of it sorry, but it is a little cheesy but still quite good. Cheers Duncan
  14. Your First

    The Topics - Hey Girl but it was a present Ozy Dunc
  15. Give Us Some Tunes

    Very impressive Mr BB, I like it a lot, good call See you Saturday for some more nonsense Duncan Disorderly and Steph