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  1. Another great day at Filthy Soul - cheers Andy, Wayne & Nelly. My playlist: The Enchanted Five - Try A Little Love - CVS 45 Richard Parker - Got To Find A Way - CUR 45 James Gadson - Got To Find My Baby - Cream 45 The Exceptionals - Unlucky Girl - GRT 45 Martha Reeves - Taking My Love (Leaving Me) - Gordy 45 Patti Hamilton & The Lovelites - The Way That You Treat Me Baby - Lovelite 45 Fantastic Epics - Let's Get Together - Kelton 45 Sheryl Swope - One Moment - Duo 45 Tyrone Edwards - Can't Get Enough Of You - Invictus 45 Masters Of Soul - Do You Really Love Me - Ovide 45 The Composers - Let's Get To The Point - Complex 3 45 The Deirdre Wilson Tabac - Angel Baby - RCA 45 June Conquest - What's This I See - Curtom 45 The Pretenders - It's Everything About You - Carnival 45 Jerry Butler - Just Can't Forget About You - Mercury 45 Frank and James - How Long Is Forever - White Enterprises 45 Rick Thompson - What Do I Have To Do - Columbia 45 Danny Ray - Don't Stop - Bread 45 Gloria Shannon - Tears Are Gifts From Heaven - Real Side 45 Bobby Patterson - Recipe For Peace - Paula 45 Bobby Wilburn - I'm A Dreamer - Gamble 45 Yellow card for The Composers, sorry Wayne ;o) LOL xx
  2. On behalf of Mole, Gareth and Neil - we would just like to say a few words of THANKS to: All the wonderful friendly happy MonuMENTAL Soul people. This weekend simply could not happen without you all. All the DJs for believing in us and sticking by us. The fabulous Collectors for continuing to astound us with your musical selections. The morning sessions have taken on a life of their own, and blow us away every time. Spenny & Del for the best sound system in Essex. Our records just sound awesome on your system. We really appreciate the thought and care that goes into getting the sound just so. Terry & Jackie Madhatter Tees for some wicked t-shirts! (thanks for the teddies, the girls love them) The record sellers and crate diggers. Got to be done. Carl & Spot at Starpoint Radio for the broadcasts and enabling us to share a bit of our little soul weekend with the World. Zane Hunter for recording the broadcasts (again) so we can re-live the experience. Management and staff at The Comfort Hotel, Clacton. We have finally found our seaside home. Finally to Danny, Lee, Kevin, Sara, Everton, Coppo and anyone else who helped us out with 'those' drapes! We will be moving dates due to next years Olympic Games, we will be in touch once we have finalised arrangements. There are playlists and comments on our Facebook page at https://www.facebook...173276752716184 plus Soul Source - Lookbacks Forum and Essential Modern Soul - Whats Going On Forum There are four Facebook photo albums that we know of: https://www.facebook...89644.677300048 https://www.facebook...77358.526272184 https://www.facebook...91226.682548277 https://www.facebook...51847.606373418 Downloads of the Starpoint Radio broadcasts are available at: MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Niki Golding (Sat @ 8) http://www19.zippysh...89989/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Mole (Sat @ 9) http://www24.zippysh...67346/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Bully (Sat @ 10) http://www4.zippysha...89077/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Binsy & Mark Houghton (Sat @11) http://www38.zippysh...15008/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Tats (Sat @ 12) http://www28.zippysh...19734/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Terry Jones (Sat @ 1) http://www22.zippysh...71009/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Paul Thrower (Sat @ 2) http://www17.zippysh...58875/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Kevin Oxberry (Sunday @12) http://www30.zippysh...87115/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Brett Franklin (Sunday @ 12.30)http://www23.zippysh...70848/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Flanny (Sunday @ 1.30) http://www39.zippysh...14429/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Nelly & John Pearson (Sun @ 4) http://www34.zippysh...86142/file.html MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Niki, Girth & Mole (Sun @ 5) http://www18.zippysh...31568/file.html Thanks again. Look forward to doing it all again next year. Niki, Mole, Girth & Nelly xx
  3. Just about recovered. Will get some words of gratitude up shortly, but in the meantime here is my playlist: 10pm Friday King Sporty - Dancing Mood (Miami 45) Toby Kang - We're In Love With Each Other (Chelsea LP) Imperial Wonders - You Live Only Once (Solid Foundation 45) Grover Mitchell - What Hurts (Vanguard 45) Archie Bell & The Drells - Girl You're Too Young (Atlantic 45) Bobby Hutton - More Today Than Yesterday (Philips 45) Del Davis - Baby Don't Wake Me (Bread 45) Candi Staton - One More Hurt (Kent 45 2011) Tony Hestor - What's Happening (Sonic Wax 45 2011) Lloyd Price - You Brought It On Yourself (LPG LP) The Entertainers - I'm In Love With You (HMC 45) Mac Davis - I'm Just In Love (Columbia 45) Sandra Wright - Midnight Affair (Demon LP) Jackie Wilson - Just Be Sincere (Brunswick 45) Bettye Scott - Good Feeling (Teako 45) Shirley Karol - My Baby's Gone Away (Dakar 45) Patterson Twins - I Need Your Love (Malaco 45) The Topics - Booking Up Baby (Mercury 45) Moses Smith - Keep On Strivin' (Cotillion 45) Mary Holmes - I Need Your Lovin' (Del-Valiant 45) Billy Scott & The Prophets - So Glad You Happened To Me (3-P 45) 8pm Saturday JJ Nicholls - Dancin' Lady (NAM 45) J.R. Bailey - Love Won't Wear Off (Calla 45) Al Wilson - I'm A Weak Man (Bell) Billy Stewart - Crazy Bout You Baby (Chess 45) The Naturals - Da Da Da Da Da (Quadran 45) The Marvelettes - Don't Make Hurting Me A Habit (Tamla 45) Jo Armstead - A Stone Good Lover (Giant 45) Jive Fyve - If I Had A Chance To Love You (Decca 45) Marjorie Ingram - Another Woman Involved (Hit & Run 2011) His Merry Men - Bobby Got (white demo 2011) Nina Simone - Touching and Caring (VPi LP) Johnny Bristol - I'm Waiting On Love (Atlantic LP) Chuck Cissel - Don't Tell Me You're Sorry (Arista LP) Pam Todd - Makin Love (Channel LP) Tony & Tandy - Bitter With The Sweet (Cotillion 45) Betty Everett - You're Falling In Love (Uni LP) Lost Generation - Pretty Little Angel Eyes (Brunswick 45) Black and Blue - Of All The Hearts To Break (Game 45) Jaqueline Jones - A Frown On My Face (Loadstone 45) Marcia Hines - You Gotta Let Go (Wizard LP) 5pm Sunday Finale Willie Bollinger - I Won't Have To Cry No More (Kent 45) General Johnson - Don't Walk Away (Arista 45) Dells - Make Sure (Cadet 45) Al Hudson - I'm About Loving You (Atco 45) Vivian Reed - Save Your Love For Me (Atco 45) King Sporty - Thinking Of You (Konduku 45) Bobby Hutton - Come See What's Left Of Me (Philips 45) The Enders... Sharon McMahon - Get Out Of My Life (Columbia 45) Almeta Lattimore - These Memories (Mainstream 45) C & The Shells - On Your Way Home (Cotillion 45) Anette Snell - It's All Over Now (Epic 45)
  4. Facebook Photo Album up at: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150344940160049.389644.677300048&l=d6dba0d6f9&type=1 Thanks very much to Zane Hunter for recording the live broadcasts for us. Here are the download links: MonuMENTAL SOUL On Sea 3 - Starpoint Radio Broadcasts Niki Golding (Sat @ 8) http://www19.zippyshare.com/v/17489989/file.html Mole (Sat @ 9) http://www24.zippyshare.com/v/2867346/file.html Bully (Sat @ 10) http://www4.zippyshare.com/v/35389077/file.html Binsy & Mark Houghton (Sat @11) http://www38.zippyshare.com/v/30715008/file.html Tats (Sat @ 12) http://www28.zippyshare.com/v/58319734/file.html Terry Jones (Sat @ 1) http://www22.zippyshare.com/v/88471009/file.html Paul Thrower (Sat @ 2) http://www17.zippyshare.com/v/8058875/file.html Kevin Oxberry (Sunday @12) http://www30.zippyshare.com/v/87115/file.html Brett Franklin (Sunday @ 12.30) http://www23.zippyshare.com/v/17570848/file.html Flanny (Sunday @ 1.30) http://www39.zippyshare.com/v/42714429/file.html Nelly & John Pearson (Sun @ 4) http://www34.zippyshare.com/v/70586142/file.html Niki, Girth & Mole (Sun @ 5) http://www18.zippyshare.com/v/18431568/file.html
  5. Starpoint Radio LIVE from MonuMENTAL SOUL - On - Sea 3 in Clacton Friday 5th Aug: 7-8pm Neil Forbes 8-9pm John Pearson Saturday 6th Aug: 8-9pm Niki Golding 9-10pm Mole 10-11pm Bully 11-12 Binsy & Mark Houghton (Majestic Soul Session) 12-1am Tats 1-2am Terry Jones 2-3am Paul Thrower Sunday 7th Aug: Ender Finale 4-5pm Neil Forbes & John Pearson 5-6pm Niki, Girth & Mole www.starpointradio.com
  6. Starpoint Radio LIVE from MonuMENTAL SOUL - On - Sea 3 in Clacton Friday 5th Aug: 7-8pm Neil Forbes 8-9pm John Pearson ... Saturday 6th Aug: 8-9pm Niki Golding 9-10pm Mole 10-11pm Bully 11-12 Binsy & Mark Houghton (Majestic Soul Session) 12-1am Tats 1-2am Terry Jones 2-3am Paul Thrower Sunday 7th Aug: Ender Finale 4-5pm Neil Forbes & John Pearson 5-6pm Niki, Girth & Mole www.starpointradio.com
  7. Dear MonuMENTAL Soul people, The event we have all been waiting for is almost here. Just 48 hours to go until MonuMENTAL Soul-On-Sea THREE in sunny Clacton-On-Sea. If you haven't already booked your passes give us a call and get your name on 'the list'. We have had a lot of enquiries from the London & Essex people about coming down just for the Saturday night. We will have a limited number of evening passes available (after 8pm on Saturday night only) for £10 - first come first served. Don't miss out, come and join us - you will be very welcome. It ain't about the labels or the price tag... it's all about the music. We have a full programme of 36 hours of the most soulful music you could ever wish to hear, in the company of the friendliest crowd you could wish to meet. Come along and experience it for yourself. We will also be broadcasting live from the weekend on Starpoint Radio at various times over the weekend. Check out StarpointRadio.com for details. Don't forget the MonuMENTAL Clacton warm up session at Majestic Soul tomorrow night, Thursday 4th August at The Horse & Groom, 28 Curtain Road, Shoreditch EC2 from 6.30pm to midnight - with special guest Tats Taylor. Thanks everyone. See you on Friday! Niki, Girth & Mole xx MonuMENTAL Soul-On-Sea 3 Comfort Hotel - Clacton-on-Sea August 5th to 7th 2011 DJs: Terry Jones, Eddie Piller, Bully, Gareth Donovan, Neil Forbes, Niki Golding, Mark Houghton, Andy Jones, Mole, John Pearson, Andy "Tats" Taylor, Mark "Binsy" Taylor, Paul Thrower, plus guest collectors including Paul Collins, Ady Pountain, Taffy, Kev Rodgers, JP, Danny Conway and more.... Weekend Passes £40 A summer weekend by the sea of great soul music and great company! Website www.monumentalsoul.co.uk Join Our Facebook Group http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=5453183110
  8. We have just finalised our running order for the weekend. A magnificent line-up... if we do say so ourselves In a time where most events are down on numbers, our bookings are up by 20% on last year!! We thank everyone who has spread the MonuMENTAL word and all our regulars for their support. We hope MonuMENTAL Soul-On-Sea 3 will be even better than one and two... and they are hard acts to follow! There will be some broadcasting live from the weekend on Starpoint Radio. Keep looking at StarpointRadio.com for details. DJ Times Fri 5th August 4 Paul Thrower 5 Mark Houghton 6 Binsy 7 Neil Forbes 8 John Pearson 9 Mole 10 Niki 11 Andy Jones 12 Gareth Donovan 1 Eddie Pillar 2 Tats & Bully (Just Soul session) Sat 6th August The Collectors Sessions 10 Del 11 Blake Helliwell 11.45 Kev Rodgers 12.30 Danny Conway 1.15 Paul Collins 2.00 JP 2.45 Ady Pountain 3.30 Taffy 4.15 Russ Vickers 5 Andy Jones 6 Neil Forbes 7 John Pearson 8 Niki 9 Mole 10 Bully 11 Binsy & Mark Houghton (Majestic Soul Session) 12 Tats 1 Terry Jones 2 Paul Thrower Sun 7th August Collectors 10 Mark Piggott 11 Chris Bangs 11.45 Kev Oxberry 12.30 Brett Franklin 1.15 Flanny Finale 2 Del & Gareth 3 Del & Gareth 4 Neil Forbes & John Pearson (Starpoint Radio special) 5 Niki Girth & Mole
  9. Carms, have PMd you.
  10. Biz

    just wondering if there are any cancellations at the comfort hotel, would be interested if there is thanks biz

  11. Dear all, We have just had a cancellation of one double room at The Comfort Hotel (venue hotel). It is available at £100 per person (including breakfast & weekend pass) - If anyone is interested in this room let us know by email or call Niki 07960 953008. Also, a reminder that any balances for rooms or weekend passes are due by the end of this month please. For any newbies, we will give you another confirmation of your booking once full payment is received, followed by weekend details (address, directions info). All weekend wristbands can be collected from us at the venue on arrival. Thanks everyone. Not long now.... Niki, Girth & Mole xx
  12. Dear MonuMENTAL Soul people, There is only a little under two months to go until the third MonuMENTAL Soul weekend. We are all winding ourselves up like coiled springs in excitement and anticipation!! A couple of snippets of news for you: We are pleased to announce that fellow soulboy and Acid Jazz Supremo, EDDIE PILLER, will be making a special guest DJ appearance - adding to our impressive MonuMENTAL DJ line up. We would also like to thank everyone who expressed an interest in our Collectors DJ sessions. This year the fabulous Collectors making their MSoS debut will be: PAUL COLLINS, ADY POUNTAIN, TAFFY, KEV RODGERS, JP and DANNY CONWAY (plus as many of our previous collectors as time slots remaining when we finalise times). As ever we truly are honoured that you wish to share your SOUL with us! Just a gentle reminder to all those who haven't yet reserved any hotel accommodation in Clacton. Remember that the MonuMENTAL Soul weekend takes place in the UK high summer season and it may be difficult to find hotels close to the venue if you leave it too late. Weekend and day passes should be available right up until the last minute, but you might be in for a long trek around Clacton looking for a room if you don't book in advance! Thanks everyone. Not long now.... Niki, Girth & Mole xx MonuMENTAL Soul-On-Sea 3 Comfort Hotel - Clacton-on-Sea August 5th to 7th 2011 DJs: Terry Jones, Eddie Piller, Bully, Gareth Donovan, Neil Forbes, Niki Golding, Mark Houghton, Andy Jones, Mole, John Pearson, Andy "Tats" Taylor, Mark "Binsy" Taylor, Paul Thrower, plus guest collectors including Paul Collins, Ady Pountain, Taffy, Kev Rodgers, JP, Danny Conway and more.... Weekend Passes £40 A summer weekend by the sea of great soul music and great company! Website www.monumentalsoul.co.uk Join Our Facebook Group http://www.facebook....?gid=5453183110
  13. Event Title: MonuMENTAL Soul-On-Sea 3 Event Author: Niki Calendar: Allnighter/Weekenders Event Date: Fri 05 August 2011 ------------------------------------------------- We are pleased to announce the third MonuMENTAL Soul-On-Sea on the weekend of August 5th 6th and 7th 2011 The big news is WE ARE MOVING along the seafront to The Comfort Hotel where we will have a bigger room and better facilities. The hotel is part of the Comfort Hotel chain and is situated on Clacton sea-front. It has 50 guest rooms of a good standard, two bar areas, large patio area, car park and restaurant. The function room has parquet wooden floor throughout and opens out onto a private patio area - perfect for an August summer weekend of SOUL. The hotel has a 24 hour bar license and 3am music license. See www.comforthotelclacton.co.uk The weekend will start at 4pm on Friday 5th August through to 6pm on Sunday 7th August, with 3am finish on Friday and Saturday nights. We are also pleased to announce that our special guest DJ this year will be the one and only TERRY JONES, joining your regular MonuMENTAL DJs: Bully, Gareth Donovan, Neil "Nelly" Forbes, Niki Golding, Mark Houghton, Andy Jones (TBC), Mole, John Pearson, Andy "Tats" Taylor, Mark "Binsy" Taylor, Paul Thrower, plus guest collectors** Once again we will operate a priority booking period. Those who came last year will have priority to book accommodation until Sunday 6th February, then bookings will be open to all after Monday 7th. We have a very limited number of single rooms, first come first served. Weekend and day passes are available, but there will be absolutely no 'walk in' admittance for the entire weekend. £100 weekend pass with two nights accommodation at The Comfort Hotel including full english breakfast £40 weekend pass no accommodation £20 day pass £20 deposit per person secures place (balance payable by 30th June 2011). E-mail, phone or text me (Niki: 0207 538 5503 or 07960 953008) and let me know the cheque is in the post and I'll reserve your room/s. Cheques preferred this year, we will accept PayPal but unfortunately there will have to be a small booking fee for this - sorry. Cheques - payable to "Monumental Soul". Post to Monumental Soul, c/o 8 Agnes Street, London E14 7DG Paypal - see www.monumentalsoul.co.uk/booking.htm Bank Transfer - email info@monumentalsoul.co.uk for BACS details **If you would like a collectors spot please send Niki a separate email to register your interest. We will draw names from a hat if there are more requests than spots available. We would like to see a few new faces doing guest spots this year - but you must have been to a MonuMENTAL event before to qualify! Record sellers welcome at no additional charge, please reserve a space. We have a lovely big room adjacent to venue perfect for that anoraky Saturday afternoon thing! We hope all our MonuMENTAL friends can join us for what promises to be another memorable summer weekend of great soul music and great company at a great venue.... Niki, Girth & Mole xx Website www.monumentalsoul.co.uk Join Our Facebook Group http://www.facebook....?gid=5453183110 Visit this Event in Soul Source Events Guide for venue maps, street views,road and rail directions and more
  14. Well I have almost recovered from a truly memorable, and completely stress free (from an organisers pont of view), weekend. I must say my thank yous: First and foremost to everyone that attended. Thank you for your company. What a wonderful atmosphere, and what happy friendly soul people. Up dancing before 11am and calling for one more at the end of every session. We even got some tears at the end. You did us proud. We really could not wish for better people. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all the fun and laughs all weekend. Must say an honourable mention to the Wakey crew - legends all. Happy 50th to Chris and thanks for all the laughs. Also, to John & Linda you were missed, sending you all our love and support at this sad time. Thanks to ALL the DJs. Kept me smiling, dancing and singing my head off from start to finish. Fantastic. All those guest collectors who truly honoured us with their music. Honourable mentions to Tracy Mulholand and Debbie Flanders for their brilliant Saturday afternoon - their first ever DJ set in front of discerning crowd and they were fantastic. No stopping them now! Also to Chris Bangs for sorting out the sound in the Alternative Room on Friday and playing a couple of perfect "alternative" sets for us in there. Superb. Thanks to Terry Madhatter and Alan Cottee for the great T-shirts and to all the record sellers and collectors for a memorable "Open Decks" session in the other room. Gotta say thanks to Taffy and his £3 records (somehow acquired an old record shop stock of 65,000 mint 45s!). Gareth played The Dells "Closer" during the last hour and suddenly Taffy got a run on Dells sevens. Hilarious. Thanks to Del & Spenny for the crisp sound system, which could be heard a few streets away. The sound really is awesome and does justice to our music - drunken DJs notwithstanding. LOL. And thanks to Carl & Spot at Starpointradio for broadcasting our little weekend to the World, and to Zane Hunter for taking the time and trouble to record those Starpoint broadcasts so we can all relive the experience. And lastly the apologies.... sorry the sun didn't shine as much as last year.... sorry about the Seagulls waking us up at 6am every morning.... :oS.... will do better next time! ;o) Seriously, I can't think of anything else but if you have any suggestions we will take all your comments on board and strive for an even better experience NEXT YEAR. Yes.... MonuMENTAL Soul-On-Sea 3 - August 5th to 7th 2011. Save the date, but we won't be collecting money until next year. This year's attendees will have priority booking again of course. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=6645151&l=19a5bcb3bf&id=677300048 Look out on Facebook and You Tube for photos and videos. See you next year! Niki xx

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