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  1. becky c

    The Darlings

    Hi! I paid £30 for my Kay-Ko copy. It's not white demo though and was a few years back. Beautiful record. Becky
  2. becky c

    Record Cleaning Cloths

    I use 'Record Cleaning Fluid'. Bought it from HMV, comes with a cloth! Works a treat
  3. becky c

    The Attic - 3rd January

    First time to the Attic, but been itching to go there for ages. Well what can I say, apart from why on earth haven't I been sooner?! Too many top records to mention. Not been out that much recently, but boys you have given me the bug again! Thankyou for such good music Becky
  4. becky c

    Attic -saturday, Jan 3rd

    Hurrah! I can finally come to the Attic!! Been wanting to come here for aaaaages! Am coming up with Sue and mum and we all just can't wait!! See you all Sat Becky xxx
  5. becky c

    Friday 2nd January 2009 8 - 1am

    First time for me here, looking forward to it. Am coming along with mum and scooby sue see ya there folks xxx
  6. becky c

    The Brit

    Hi, It was mine, my mums and our good friend Sue's first visit to 'the Brit' on Saturday and just wanted to say what a great time we had. Thought the place, people and the music were all great. Thankyou, we'll definitely be along again Becky
  7. becky c

    Dkof Sat 22/12/07

    Thanks boys for yet another great night. You guys have got it spot on Great to see some folk who don't normally venture down in these here parts. We all had a fantastic time, thankyou. See you all in the new year Becky and Gill
  8. becky c

    Different Kettle Of Fish - Peterborough

    Well thankyou again boys! Last night was absolutely fantastic, i am really pleased i went. All of the DJs did a great job. Thanks to Mick for playing Anna King - love it! Lovely to hear Monique "If you love me (show me)", one of my absolute favourite records. Nice to catch up with a few people I've not seen for a while, and all in all another superb night at the Dog in a Doublet. Good stuff. Becky
  9. becky c

    Middleton Civic Niter Sat Sept 15th

    Mothers! I will be 22. Looking forward to going, seems like I've not been out for absolutley ages! See you Saturday
  10. becky c

    Next P'boro Dkof Soul Night Is

    Me and mum will be there celebrating her birthday. Looks set to be great See ya soon Becky
  11. becky c

    Union Soul Nights.nottm

    Me and mum both really enjoyed this night again. Fantastic music and lovely to see some folk we've not seen in a while. Thankyou for a great night. Becky
  12. becky c

    Different Kettle Of Fish

    Thankyou ever so much for that. I'm glad you liked it I really did have a great time DJing, after I finally got over my nerves anyway! It was fantastic to be asked to be a part of something like this and I will definately be coming down to the next one. It really was a great night. Thanks guys Becky
  13. becky c

    Dkof Soul Nights In P'boro 2007 Dates And Dj's

    I just wanted to say what a fantastic night this was. The boys did a brilliant job organising this. I'd never been to this venue before and I thought it was just right. Lovely and cosy with enough room for a dance or to sit and listen to the great sounds which were played throughout the night. For me this was spot on. A brilliant first night, thankyou. Becky
  14. becky c

    Lifeline Rare Soul All-nighter

    Gutted to be missing this, not been to a Lifeline do for ages. The Lifeline nighters are one of my favourites and I will definately be at one again soon. Hope everyone has a good one Becky
  15. becky c

    Gambian Soul Project 2

    I would like to wish everyone the best of luck for today, I hope you all manage to raise lots of pennies. Sorry I can't make it, I'm sure both myself and mum will make the next one. Anyway good luck and have a good one! Becky


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