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  1. Hello Flanny, how are things in your world?,Well to answer your question Ronnie and i in his life time, were like brothers, matter of fact ,before his untimely death we were getting ready to go into the studio to do new material. of which in the very near future i will be releasing some of my new offerings..So i will keep every one posted... ps my friend Ronnie Shannon was the owner and producer of Black Gold records.... O yes, If in the future if you like to contact me, here is my e mail because i very seldom go on Soul Source....lajaythemansayso@gmail.com....
  2. O yes if you would like to contact me personally I look forward to hearing from you.. Your truly LaJay Alexander...
  3. Yes Buey hello are you. if u have'nt purchase the reccord from Mr Steve Plumb,well I have a few copys from back in the day... matter of fact,from 1973 you see when the record company would give myself and the Dynamics oromotion copies... Well if you are wondering who i might be
  4. Hello Chalky,how are you my friend? I haven't contacted you in awhile,but to inform you my friend,that i will be releasing some new song here shortly...You'll hear form me real soon... Yours truly LaJay Alexander....
  5. Hi There

    What a track "Say So" is. I paid£60 for it and it seems to be selling for£100 now. Hard to find.

    Take care


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