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  1. News/Article/Feature Highlight: You Learn Sumfing New Everyday Posted by Trifle, 24 November 2005 · One Saturday at Rugby Soul Club, I learned that Young Matt Smart (and I mean young ... especially amongst the old fogies of the Soul Scene) is one hell...
  2. Peterborough All-nighter 23rd

    Oh Gwon then. I'll be there if this novacaine ever wears off my face. In fact, he injected so much that, when I got home, I plucked my eyebrows and didn't feel a thing. Be good to see the Stortford Posse... long time no. And it does not no way ...
  3. Who's Your Best Mate On The Uk Soul Scene?

    Aw shucks... I'm not that regular at the moment... More what you might call .. discerning.. And I would return the compliment with regard to the scooter scene, me old mucka. Oi Miffy! What 'appened to you then? ^_^ No, wait, let me gu...
  4. How big is the dance floor?
  5. Going To A Go Go - On The Rare Side

    I travelled from Cleethorpesway down to Silks... and it was welll worth it. The music was unbelievable. So so nice to hear something refreshing. I am not a "rare" fan, but in my opinion, there are records that are rare because they are kin awful and reco...
  6. New Event In Sheffield?

    Unbelievable. It's a free country, but obviously not a free soul scene?? As a punter, I want choice. And I want quality, which I am more likely to get if there is healthy competition between events. I agree on the matter of date clashes as it a...
  7. Rugby Soul Club

    Agreed with all on all points about everything. I, I repeat, I was the one who originally suggested a dimmed ambience. I await my prize. I'll put a little summink in my blog about the event (event-ually) as I have some personal views on it and don'...
  8. Rugby Soul Club

    Up my own derriere mostly! See ya Saturday girlie.
  9. Ah, football banter... that's why I don't understand .... being a mere female.... Interesting tho, that I am not the only one that agrees with Steve's sentiment. Not worth arguing about though (never thought I'd see myself type that! )
  10. Wow! Two totally opposing succinct views, one after the other. Says it all I think. But... well said Steve z. IMHO, it does put people off if they think that their humble opinion is going to be shot down in a ball of flames by someone who thinks the...
  11. Question: What Is Boogaloo?

    Wow! Thanks PD! What speedy service. I hope for your sake, that was not off the top of your head..... Bobby Valentin eh. I searched hi and low on the information shooperhighway, so you'd think I would remember that, but I dont remember my own name most ...
  12. Rugby Soul Club

    Hey RugbySoulClubLady! Like the avatar. Hope to see you sometime Saturday as long as Ganche aint goin. She scares me....
  13. Question: What Is Boogaloo?

    Use it Before You Lose It .... one of the few records that has remained a gotta dance favourite of mine over the years. Heard regularly at Boogaloo in Greenwich and even at Desborough a coupla weeks back! So it may be doing the rounds again, and about fkn tim...
  14. Skeggy Weekender

    Dave! Me old Mucka. www.starsandstripesimports.com Dunno who's playing tho?? See ya there on the Friday? Oh by the way.... I never got to see that photo of me kissing Rob Thomas' sandals...
  15. Boogaloo - Greenwich

    Ended up here on Saturday gone. Unplannedly. Now I'm not a huge Motown fan (generalising roooools! ) but was surprised that certain records were on the label (or a subsidiary of...). Me not being a kagoule. Anyway, as ever Boogaloo had a real pa...