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    what got me started "Real Humdinger"
  1. lolmil

    Collection For Sale

    Sorry for not contacting anyone who has sent me a message but I have been away and not had access to a computer. I am still compiling a complete list of records and will reply as soon as I have done this in the order that I have received the messages. Loll (thanks Jim for sorting the list)
  2. lolmil

    Collection For Sale

    Good evening all, I have decided that as I am now unemployed I can no longer afford to hold on to my record collection, I have started to put together a list of what is up for grabs as a job lot. I have completed one box and ther are two to follow but what I am after is, does this look like a fair price so far. As you will see there are some prices still missing and I also have another two boxes to list. Artist Titl..
  3. lolmil

    Bobby Thurston

    Help please. Just sorting out some cheap tunes to sell on and have come across the following Bobby Thurston - Is Something Wrong With You / I Really Didn't Mean It (Prelude 8027). Have tried the usual places on the web for a approx value but cannot see it listed anywhere, anyone help? Cheers Loll
  4. lolmil

    Hm Revenue & Customs

    I have just had something delivered and wasn't happy with the amount so found a website which will calculate the cost of import duty and it was less that what was on the label to pay but then if the item was handled by Royal Mail there is an £8 handling charge on top of the custom charge which is probably why it for you it seems high for such a small amount. Loll
  5. Hi, Do you still have the Gospel Classics available? Loll
  6. lolmil

    Not Had A Natter About Watches For A While

    Anyone else got anything new?
  7. PayPal, Cheque or PO, postage to UK included in price. Kim Weston - You're Just The Kind Of Guy - MGM, VG+, few clicks at start, plays through ok £10 Albert Jones - I'm Still In Love With You - TRI-CITY vg+, plays through ok £15 Thanks for looking Loll
  8. FERGUSON DAVIS & JONES good tune , Worth a fiver of anyones money. Loll.
  9. Title: kim weston - you're just the kind of guy - m-g-m Artist: kim weston Track: you're just the kind of guy Label: mgm k-13881 usa Record information: her best non-motown tune loll 87488
  10. Good evening all, I was given a record this evening Benny Troy / Prince Phillip M on Silver Top record label, not come across this one before, any info? (I know it is a boot) Loll
  11. Title: bertha tillman - lovin' time - brent Artist: bertha tillman Track: lovin' time Label: brent Record information: thought i would post this up as i can't see it in refosoul. loll 86329
  12. Title: he's got nerve - truetones - soulville records Artist: true tones Track: hes got nerve Label: soulville Record information:
  13. Heard this and just had to get one1 Loll
  14. lolmil

    5 For Sale

    5 for sale Jesse Gee - She's A Woman (Barry, white DJ, Writing on flip, vinyl -m) £25.00 Gloria Bouschell - Find Youself Another Man (Mercury ,white DJ, date written on flip, vinyl -m) £30 Herman Grimes - Thought I Had It Made (Red Bird, NR stamped on label??, drill hole, vinyl vg+) £20 Bernadette Castro - Get Rid Of Him (Colpix, white DJ, stamp on label, vinyl vg++) £10 Bobby Williams - It's All Over (Sure-Shot Promo, ..