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  1. TailorMade Gaz B

    when does a ''wanna be'' DJ become a DJ?

    I think its about perception, both for the DJ/collector and also the music/sound. I think Callum Simpson and I did fairly well in our late 20s to introduce Boco - Running the Mardis Grais to the scene (i'm sure others did too, before anyone nails me to the cross) but I can say with confidence we were one of the first. To give him his dues, Callum before me. James Pogson is another great character to give a nod too, an before any of them, Liam Quinn was pulling out all sorts of gems before he moved away from the scene - Felix Harris, Underground Express, Nina Dunn... he was on fire for a while.
  2. TailorMade Gaz B

    Montreal record spots and dealers

    Hi all, I'm off to Montreal, Canada for a week, starting this saturday 17th. Can anyone recommend any good spots to have a root around - shops, dealers, or even a place to go listen to some tunes and have a beer. Soul, funk, disco... I worship at a broad church. GB
  3. TailorMade Gaz B

    Flying with 45s ?

    I've got a Zomo bag, works a treat. Use it 2 or 3 times a year - its desecrate, comfortable due to the strap and you can get a few pair's of socks and boxers in there too, job's a good'un http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Zomo-Ragga-Bag-45-Record-Bag-7Inch-vinyl-DJ-150-Capacity-Black-/182489266056
  4. TailorMade Gaz B

    Antonio Castro - W.E.L.F.A.R.E

    Hi all, after a copy of Antonio Castro - W.E.L.F.A.R.E. Best Gaz
  5. TailorMade Gaz B

    Roosevelt Roberts ..Hooked on your Love

    I still have one from you, Mace and I sold my spare for £80. last year.
  6. M- copy of this beautiful 1980s modern tune. Picking up plays again across Europe. £350 or maybe some trades. Gaz
  7. TailorMade Gaz B

    Backyard Construction "i Want Your Lovin" B.Y.C

    Hello, i've got a copy for sale Please get in touch if you're still interested. Gaz
  8. TailorMade Gaz B

    Young Ladies & Karen Small

    Hi all, i'm after a nice copy of the 'Young Ladies - I'm tired of Running around' & 'Karen Small - To get you Back Again'. PM with offers/condition. Thanks, Gary
  9. Nice two-sider that seems to be picking up interest. Side A: My Lord and I - nice mid tempo gospel tune with big chorus Side B: There's a leak in this old building - A dark R'n'B sounding groover. Similar to Garden State Choir 'Come on People' from the LP In Time. Mint condition. Company sleeve £50.00 (Clip for reference only)
  10. Moon People - Hippy, Skippy Moon Strutt. Roulette White Demo. £70.00 M- condition. Perfectly clean vinyl. Has a sticker on the label, otherwise fine. Refund if not happy :):)::) Image in the link below. https://www.facebook.com/groups/347276541975044/permalink/1062065287162829/
  11. TailorMade Gaz B

    Dennis Lee on JENMARK

    One finished on eBay last night!
  12. TailorMade Gaz B

    3 nice tracks

    I'll take Lattimore Brown - So says my heart, please
  13. TailorMade Gaz B

    TailorMade Gaz B

  14. TailorMade Gaz B

    The Exits - You Got To Have Money - Gemini

  15. TailorMade Gaz B

    The Exits - You Got To Have Money - Gemini

    ahhh, well i never knew any of that!


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