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  1. Smileys

    Blackpool Soul Weekender


    We have got to believe! or its a very dark road ahead,, you folks, total winners in my book. Blackpool a British institution, you are all in our thoughts and prayers, be assured we will not desert you, in October 1976, Our honeymoon, Sue and I sat in the ballroom, old folk already, having a cosy cuppa, lol watching the ballroom dancing, saying we will be doing that when we are 60. The last 10 years odd, blimey we have danced in that famous ballroom, but not ballroom dancing lol Todays Northern soul scene , it has blown our minds, I wont say in our day it was called soul lol, The music c
  2. Smileys


    You folks rock, once again an honour, Pete French, Shaun Parker, Moldie, John Stackhouse, still pinchimg myself, see yers in 2021 winners. Thank you Pete French for verifying my Danny wots his name, wake up to the sunshine, I was sweating when you asked to look at it lol One of the great soul clubs imho, love it xxx
  3. Twas a mighty memory, Joseph Ludwig, absolutely rocked, and only his first here, the future is bright, abeit held up a bit with the evil Covid, the whole night absolutely relaxing, floors packed and great laugh with Trickster, twass good to be stretched, and watch Trickster interpretation to something different, first class, promoters and Djs who simply love what they are doing. Ya can feel it, just what the scene is about for me. love yas xxxxxxxx
  4. Ahhhhhh mates! so missing you all. I was gonna wear me badges love yas xxx
  5. until

    Def ovo from me, yer get germs from illegal plastic, the genres have been well advertised since last year, right in front of our noses lols so don't understand the question of groups, modern room etc, as btbktf67 says he will be playing a mix, so many great soul clubs and their djs participating,.... the flyer is what is happening...plus a bit of seasoning from seasoned DJs.so embrace! its gonna be fun, ..TEAM work will make this fantastic, we aint getting younger, and at the rate we are going this may be the last mass group weekender for some time, (really hope its not) so lets make the most
  6. Amazing day! Jock and John You 2 totally rock absolute pros, always a masterclass, and with Ginger and Pete, well pow! have a fantastic Christmas and New Year . Pete 1 Big massive thanks, Ive put a bigger massive thanks and pics on here, below:} somewhere, Im still glowing from the wonderful way you folks spoilt me, on my 65th and to play on the TW decs again, well! Bless you all!!!!!!
    So cant thank my wonderful friends at the Twisted Wheel enough. Sunday 8th December 2019, will stay with me forever. Happy birthday fellow celebraters. Shaun and company. Pete Jackie Roberts thanks you for the special Twisted Wheel tee shirt and for allowing me to play some tunes in both rooms. And lol Lending me a box of toons. As ever loved it! Ginger Taylor what can I say your presentation to me, your edification and oh my goodness putting on Hoagy Lands signed on Stateside demo, can it get any better, you serve the soul scene beyond the call of duty, always the Ambassador, even when
  7. Such a special event miss Winston like many he became a wonderful friend mentor and could read me like a book lol well done mates xxx
  8. What an amazing electric night, Kings Hall one of 3 places that has brought the shivers and tears to my eyes. Soul and all that follows it can be very emotional, especially as we grow older. I was excited after djing at Nottingam FED club, one of thoses great clubs that are spread across the country. Dedicated promoters, doing it for the love, seasoned DJs, with some young uns been mentored. One young lass Willow did a great set, knowledge amazing top dancer and yes asked me for some toons I had never even heard off, we are never to old to learn. Onward to Kings hall I was not missin
  9. always a fab night, xxx
  10. O eck, well actually cant wait. Ive been to the club before and had a great time. Great lounge area top dance floor, and a discerning soul crowd, now 1hour and a quarter should be 27/28 records, if I keep me gob shut and dont play dem grammar school 5 minute ones, thanks Mick and Kenny, total RESPECT to you all xxx
  11. Cant wait Jimmy n Mark, I normally get there at the start but due to other already booked family djing commitments wont be there until around midnight. Full apologies, mate. Will be playing one or two for Winston and Simon RIP....my friendship was short with Winston, even Shorter with Simon, and im gutted, condolences to you folks who go back so far. Both funerals were a celebration, remarkably the Armed forces scooter Vicar at Simons, was a great friend of me dads, and the family through their navy and sea cadet association, and he came from Wales, especially to do dads service, its a small w
  12. I did a mod spot here on a saturday afternoon, said at the time it would make a fab allnighter, its one of dem gritty iconic clubs full of history ....mod set? well ok got distracted lol we had fun, Fab line up Gwasshopper in awe xxxxxx
  13. looking forward to a fab night, it wasnt that long ago i came as a punter, well 5 years odd lol fab night, thank you xxx
  14. I’m certain it was well-intentioned, if a little too fast, so Im sorry for my slight harsh response earlier. Dont want any bad blood, you dont deserve that. we are all at different levels of grief, and do/say things, thats surrounds this emotion. I was just shocked to see a memorial do announced before we had said our goodbyes at the funeral. thats all mate, Hope ya do goes well, Love ya Smiley xxx

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