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  • Birthday 02/12/1954

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    derek smiley
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    barton mills suffolk
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    Goin to a happening Tommy Neal first soul sound I heard when my brother got back form twisted wheel with all his mates
  1. Smileys


    Tim the man. These Blackpool DJs up there with there famous rock. These folks are really modest, but blimey love there soul. U budding Fen soul boys and girls love Tim and good company xxx
  2. Smileys


    The very very best of value, FANTASTIC X
  3. Smileys


    Just wonderful and its take that excuse away for the new budding dj/collector who makes excuses to play boots, or just never starts. Think im getting old as there is something not quite right about seeing a bar code on the label. silly I know, give me a slap next time you see me xxx
  4. Smileys

    first three records to start a set

    If you cant post yer beauties on here, without been trashed by envy of excellance, where can you post? love em my friend x
  5. Smileys

    Nine Soul events in a ten mile radius?

    ahhh Shufflin still trying to catch up lol, im like a mosquito in a nudist colony, my early toons were wheel, torch, many i found record hunting, sammy ambrose on stateside, which went on to become a 100 club anthem in the 90s i think, in 1970 rnb was for all old folks lol, just getting to dem thousands of imports wigan,mecca, then i heard this bloody rnb toon, at the 21st centruy wheel and i went back to 1960 lol then of course their are the modern jazz funk, after 73 the younsters mainly hit wigan and i hit brass construction fat back band etc. ....so to be real honest Shufflin I find ns sends chills down me spine, some makes me cry, rnb makes me smile with its great lyrics, some of the great classics you been away etc makes me think what did i miss, absolutely loving the new toons as well, my sets normally represent this, cos in the crowds are folks from all the soul micro generations. Of course having got back into the scene, in 2010 odd i aint fed up with the classics, maybe the vets wouldnt be if they aint been booted lol i was brought up then to if its on blue stax you dont feeki play it on the yellow rerelease...i carry on that tradition today. love n peace always open minded always the gwasshopper when djing...been asked back to the Mojo, a real honour such a high standard xxx
  6. Smileys

    Nine Soul events in a ten mile radius?

    o gosh lol just remembered why i dont come on here as much. REmember the cream always rises to the top, wasnt the same in the early 70s, hardly any events, so brill, but yes I personally support Northern soul events keeping it real, not fantasy northern soul events, its not rocket science, lol
  7. Smileys


    Glad you all had a fab day Pete Jock John and of course the legendary Yocky. Will see you all soon, lots love derek sue and all from the Fens xxx
  8. Smileys


    My no 1 all time soul toon, my big bro and his mates would travel north all over lol. On the sunday oft they would come to mine, well me mum and dads lol They would play toons mess around with their cars and scooters, and as a 14 year old kid, I was under strict instructions not to wind em up lol I was very good at ot, and still am. On the monday i cycled to town and got tommy neal, remarkably it hadnt been deleted 1970. To actually dj at the wheel in 2014 and open up with same record after all them years, was and will always be the best djing moment of my life Roll on to dec 30th, 2018 what an amazing turnout vibe. Folks came especially from all over the UK and yes! Italy and Houston Texas USA, they couldnt believed the magic atmosphere thanks Pete Roberts and gang, its so worth our trip up from Cambridge. I was thinking the TW had such an influence on the scene 60s early 70s and today it still has that magic, hats off to you all and looking forward to 2019, with you all. The best DJs, Pete, Jock, John, plus a great guest each session crowd, staff, promoter, what more could you ask for, love n peace Derek Smiley a big fan xxx Just a couple of pics, first one with me bros in 72 in our nicotine stained sitting room lol left to right me derek,Paul RIP Robert wheel goer, Phil, Martin RIP, other pics,the other cambridge and district twisted wheel goers who inspired this young bopper in 1970 x
  9. Smileys

    first three records to start a set

    Respects to you seasoned Northern soul DJs. And thanks to the DJs who have put up and impart their great knowledge, to me. I spend hours sorting a set and always do different on the night lol I djayed in 71/72 but slightly different in them great pioneering days, The Torch had just started and we didnt know the 30000 plus imports existed lol. I was asked to do a one off, around 5 years ago to do a TW set at the local pub in Cambridge, but to discerning soul folk. I cleaned me ol toons incredibles, sammy ambrose, and other british gems ovo I was always taught back then if its on blue stax ya dont play it on yellow stax lol ..... I had just heard its bad you know and got the lp so decided to open with it, maybe the signs of a DJ who was willing to play different, well the crowd just stared at me :} from, then on opened up with Tommy Neal Goin to a happening, Garnet Mimms looking for you, Gladys Knight just walk in my shoes my first motown demo in 1970. The crowd really enjoyed it, you cant beat family and good friends lol For me this was my first and last set, however I havnt stopped since. And what a learning curve, have ya any Wigan toons mate, 100 club, xover, RnB, proppa toons, Mecca toons, funky edge! and so it goes on lol However ive muddled through , to the standard of seasoned DJs, no way lol but maybe my enthusiasm to learn, helps me win over the wide range of great soul folks I encounter. My last 3 first uns....10 oclock spot.....Its alright Turley Richards, 2. The los santos adolemces one, I call it the Mexican wade in the water lol 3. Betty Lloyd Im catching on...............all ovo, I dont put that to boast, it was just ingrained in me in the early 70s and cant do anything else. So im special guest at the Right Track Peterborough friday night, my first 3 oh ug no real idea lol I shall arrive early, I shall watch the dancers and chat with the great resident DJs, they know I know little lol but always will to help Gwasshoper on his journey...great thread by the way xxx and yep a;ways got me precious TW toons with me x
  10. Smileys


    ahhh Pete, I would crawl to the Twisted Wheel for nowt lol absolutely in my element. The fab banter I have with you great people , the atmosphere! the music, makes it the top soul club in the world for me. A dream come true. The thought that I will be 65 next December 2019 with the Twisted Wheel stronger than ever, when i thought it had gone, until I got back into the scene in 2010, is just mind boggling! to DJ on Sunday was a mighty honour, massive thanks Pete, for all you do x
  11. Smileys


    Wow just cant wait until sunday, and yep the atmosphere hits you like a train and it grows every year, speaks for itself!. Massive honour and thanks for asking me to DJ, LOve it!!! cheers Derek n Sue xxx
  12. Smileys


    Owow the event was so bloody fantastic, yes i was djing lol but yer cant help lift ya game with the discerning crowd that go there, for me it was such an honour, proppa keep real DJs and the crowd feel it xxx
  13. Smileys


    proppa underground, we still use candles :}
  14. Smileys


    lol keep winning soul bro x


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