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  1. What an amazing electric night, Kings Hall one of 3 places that has brought the shivers and tears to my eyes. Soul and all that follows it can be very emotional, especially as we grow older. I was excited after djing at Nottingam FED club, one of thoses great clubs that are spread across the country. Dedicated promoters, doing it for the love, seasoned DJs, with some young uns been mentored. One young lass Willow did a great set, knowledge amazing top dancer and yes asked me for some toons I had never even heard off, we are never to old to learn. Onward to Kings hall I was not missing Richard Searlings last all nighter spot, as it was the first for me as well lol A week on still buzzing such a special night and Ginger Taylors edification of Richard and the crowds appreciation said it all. Im starting a Richard Searling BEM must stay campaign, just showed our love and appreciation for the great man. The event also showed how strong the scene is, how wonderful Kings Hall is, Fab soul folk working together, no nonsense or egos, just out for a great soulful, and Nottingham the vital grass roots and Kings Hall delivered big time, love n peace Derek Smiley Gwasshopper to my Gurus lol xxx
  2. always a fab night, xxx
  3. O eck, well actually cant wait. Ive been to the club before and had a great time. Great lounge area top dance floor, and a discerning soul crowd, now 1hour and a quarter should be 27/28 records, if I keep me gob shut and dont play dem grammar school 5 minute ones, thanks Mick and Kenny, total RESPECT to you all xxx
  4. Smileys

    Birch Coppice (A5) All-Niter

    Cant wait Jimmy n Mark, I normally get there at the start but due to other already booked family djing commitments wont be there until around midnight. Full apologies, mate. Will be playing one or two for Winston and Simon friendship was short with Winston, even Shorter with Simon, and im gutted, condolences to you folks who go back so far. Both funerals were a celebration, remarkably the Armed forces scooter Vicar at Simons, was a great friend of me dads, and the family through their navy and sea cadet association, and he came from Wales, especially to do dads service, its a small world. So sat the show goes on, their spirit and aura will live on, through the allnighter great people xxx
  5. Smileys

    Birch Coppice (A5) All-Niter

    I did a mod spot here on a saturday afternoon, said at the time it would make a fab allnighter, its one of dem gritty iconic clubs full of history ....mod set? well ok got distracted lol we had fun, Fab line up Gwasshopper in awe xxxxxx
  6. looking forward to a fab night, it wasnt that long ago i came as a punter, well 5 years odd lol fab night, thank you xxx
  7. I’m certain it was well-intentioned, if a little too fast, so Im sorry for my slight harsh response earlier. Dont want any bad blood, you dont deserve that. we are all at different levels of grief, and do/say things, thats surrounds this emotion. I was just shocked to see a memorial do announced before we had said our goodbyes at the funeral. thats all mate, Hope ya do goes well, Love ya Smiley xxx
  8. His close friends are in Corfu and besides it should, be done through his family and close friends anyway. This all sounds political. Not sure comrade is what his family would want to see, Winston was a private principled man, when out and listened to all types. of opinions, with interest. Winston was a soulman through and through. This is not bolitics from me, its all about doing the right thing, does his family know all profits are going to F C United? is this a charity event, Surely all profits going to refugees, or a charity like Windrush would be more fitting, Winston always wanted a fairer socity, and I believe he would be embarrased by this, RESPECTS to you all xxx
  9. I paid 5 pound for a fiat 500 in 1970 and saw one sell for 10k....sorry im just trying to get me head around, the question. One becomes defensive in a world where damned if you do and damned if you dont. One thing for sure is do we want to lose the real hard to find, to the Japanese etc. or to wealthy non soul collectors, I admire the big NS investors, they get stick but keep our scene at the top of the world. just wonderful to see their master classes I know loads of folks who flash their scooters, holidays, new kitchen, smoke 40 a day, and its wonderful, flash a toon, and well it can be very depressing....i had five of them, and so it goes on. Going back to me fiat, fiver now 10k, they dont get all that bravado my dad can beat your dad up ego stuff....they edify and our great folks, should do, they deserve it as well. We are the world leaders, and the joy you get playing say Mel Britt to a crowd who know what they know, is a joy beyond any price imho....power to all, no need to knock and collector/ dont happen in antiques, art, etc....believe it or not classical music sells for far higher prices xxxx
  10. I gather one of Winstons mega large family posted it, it got buried very quickly under the messages on facebook. Please dont stop posting on here, im sure it was not what mecca74 meant. The outpouring for Winston speaks for itself xxx
  11. Gutted, been so looking forward, to another great Sunday. The force 9 vertigo hit me like a ton of bricks, maybe the wind in Prestatyn :}. 80 per cent of my set were twisted wheel toons. Always a top top Guest DJ list.. None finer Than Ginger Taylor. Andy Scoffin, yep he was 60 and I think his partying has gone on for over a week lol. The positive word is spreading Fast. The naysayers now drowned out. Many came back to Prestatyn, full of the great time they had. On the facebook group, the first times all said why havnt we gone before! Massive thanks to Phillip Fred Adedje and his partner, Ali en, both love the Wheel They insisted I stay in their caravan, they packed all me stuff. Fed and watered me at their house and then Fred drove my car to Barton Mills suffolk. He is staying at ours tonight. Kevin wood, sorted the train ticket for him. so grateful, the good ol days are here and now, yes one foot respectively in the past, but the other one in the future. Pete Roberts, Jock and John once again you smashed, Bravo it xxx
  12. Ahhhhhhhhh Paul you had me running to me scrap of paper, that I couldnt find anyway lol Twas a fab breakfast Paul, cant wait to see you my friend. Pete Jackie and the team always look after me as Ginger does at Brighouse lol Its an amazing espir de corp just as the scene should be, seeing blackpool soul brighouse folks, Sheffield, the wheel folks and many other is true soul family to me, speaking well of each other is the example on how not to kill a club atmosphere lol see ya on the 10th, xxx
  13. Will be Suffolk, Prestatyn Wales and then My spiritual home Twisted Wheel for Andy Scoffin birthday. I travel the world djing, but the wheel is the magnet. Folks who go love it, just the minority dont get it, I blame the ballrooms lol but thats no probs, it the folks who really think they know the music, do not! lol I oft wack a toon on at other venues, Twisted Wheel I say, they come up in amazement, wow! never knew that. Its the most fantastic welcome, honest if ya dont like it, i will refund ya fiver xxx
  14. Tim the man. These Blackpool DJs up there with there famous rock. These folks are really modest, but blimey love there soul. U budding Fen soul boys and girls love Tim and good company xxx
  15. The very very best of value, FANTASTIC X

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