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  1. This week's show have 'Four Gents' who want want to show us their response to the fab four ladies from 2 weeks ago. John Durant, Barry Baker, Keith Whitson and Ian Dewhirst have been kind enough to provide the soundtrack to this week's show! Also tonight some wonderful releases from Diggin Deep Records www.diggin-deep.com Sean Hampsey and Kev Briscoe brilliant label!
  2. I'm not saying for one minute John isn't transparent, I know he is, neither am I saying his auction isn't the fairest or the best. But you both seem to be missing the point, when in demand records are auctioned the one with the most money will win on any platform, John, Tim'se bay, sotherby's.
  3. What, and price inflation isn’t rampant on John’s? Take another look at this weeks winning bids his sales by auction seem to be fetching more money than the others so that argument falls a little flat, thats not John’s fault nor a dig at anyone auctioning records, totally down to the buyer.
  4. That may be the case but the one with the most money will keep paying the incremental bid. The method matters little, the outcome is the same, the one with more money wins. These days the winner should only pay a quid more than the next best bid no matter who is auctioning the record.
  5. The end result of John’s is the same as any other auction, the one with the most money wins.
  6. Some of the other tracks on the Lp are different and better takes than the 45s too
  7. Glenn Miller, £1600 plus, Esther £650, Silhouettes over 2k, lunatics have certainly been let out of the asylum tonight.
  8. If the other spares are still available Chas, I can provide a home for them? I lost a lot of mine during various moves
  9. It's not the weekender, just a free (to weekender ticket holders) Northern & Motown soul night as I understand
  10. Two labels who have put some fantastic stuff out in recent years Super Disco Edits and Cannonball Records. Here a re two mixes I recently did highlighting some tracks from their output. Rudy Dardy - On Our Own Twinn connexion - Sunshine Of My Day Ebony Diamonds - I’m So Lucky The McClintons - Star Gazer Bell Telephunk - Love Vibrations The New Jersey Connection featuring Cynthia Wilson - Red Light Green Light Willie Tee - Run Around Heem (The Music Monsters) - Keep God On Your Side Buddy Hank & The Shine Band - Try Your Love J.J. Barnes - Candy Bill Brown &am
  11. They are a large influence, they are behind some of the high prices too of the classics, particularly auction items. For some money is no object, in particular mint items. They do seem to go for the more soulful, deep stuff though although there is a thriving rare soul community
  12. The trouble is many still look at the scene for the UK perspective. It is worldwide now, not the scene although there are world wide elements that seek out not just the northern as we call it but the sweet, deep, lowrider etc. But the collecting side of it is massive. The high prices for the classics is probably UK driven by the Djs with a massive lack of imagination eager to impress. But speak to the dealers, they have never been so busy. Unlike the nighter scene, there are no signs of the collecting side dying off.

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