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    Have to say I really enjoyed last night with a bunch or Wrong Uns at Wong Crowd II in sunny Lancaster. Thank you to my fabulous hosts Dan and Debbie Ritchie. They put me up, fed and watered me and made sure I wanted for nothing, it really was a privilege to Dj for them and for their co promoter Sharron, thank you. 

    Thanks also to a great crowd all up for a good night and ears open to some great music. People were arriving before it even started, the sun obviously making everyone thirsty. The room was soon buzzing.

    All the Djs delivered a selection of refreshing music, not many classics but the dancefloor was full all night. DJing at times can be hard work but it was made extremely easy by everyone there, everyone seemed to enjoy what they were hearing. 

    Again thanks to Dan, Debbie and Sharron.

    I was a little bit tipsy so the memory is a bit selective but a few of what I did play.....

    Wilson Williams - I think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine. 
    Kathy McFarland - Memories - Jobete
    Wali Ali - Oh I Need Your Lovin - Jobete
    Lawrence Hilton Jacobs - Time Machine
    Freddy Butler - Gimme Lots Of Loving
    Anglos - Broke Down Piece of Man
    Benny Johnson - Baby I Love You
    Arthur Prysock cover up
    Another I’ve covered up but forgot who as? 😂
    Marvin Gaye - Bitter Pill To Swallow (request)
    Chuck Jackson - Ain’t No Sun (request)

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    You know you are in for a good night when you have to park way down the street. Ten past nine and the place was packed, so pleased for Phil (especially after the week or so he has had) and Joan.  The records were as usual top notch, rarities, cheapies, acetates and everything in between!! Lots of top folk in attendance, enjoyed chatting, catching up with some I don't see enough of and those I see more frequently, reminiscing and putting everything to rights.  

    Thanks to all who gave me cards (and Joan for the badge), the birthday wishes and the drinks, love you all.

    Roll on the next one!

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  1. I didn't make last year (Carla poorly) so was looking forward to this year.  Unfortunately I couldn't make it until Saturday.  Had a few hours Saturday afternoon catching up etc before heading off for a fish and chip tea as you do at the seaside.  Saturday night was a decent turnout,  not as many as previous years but still healthy, there did seem to be more record dealers than two years ago.  Not sure why numbers down as Geoff says, late arrangement and announcement of the weekender maybe, a host of other weekenders will also have an effect.

    The Djs did a great job of keeping the floor busy with a good mix of oldies and newies.

    The two acts this year were excellent giving us an hour of the material they have recorded that has made an impact over here over the years.

    I look forward to hopefully making it for the full weekend next year.

    Some photos of the acts, not the best I've taken still trying to sort out the settings on the new camera.....not sure why flickr doesn't embed either?








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    Missed the last two or three for various reasons so was very much looking forward to last night especially with the return of Andy Rix.

    With so much on, not just around the country but locally to Grumpy I was expecting numbers to be down.  But up on arrival we were greeted to a half full room and with more arriving at regular intervals the place was soon full.  

    Musically Grumpy is right up my street.  The residents complement each other and the guests and with the added bonus of Andy Rix making a welcome return to the decks I doubt you would hear a better nights music anywhere else.  Every record a dancer  and a very receptive up for it crowd.  Like Phil says I hope Andy doesn't leave it for another ten years as he still has plenty to offer this scene , two great sets and in these days of bland unimaginative sets it would be such a shame to lose someone of this calibre completely.  Andy played the Mello Souls, I said to Carl that I didn't know Andy had this?  Carl went to investigate and came back saying he doesn't have one.....he has three f****** :lol:  That was a good trip Andy said to me when I went and had a look at them side by side.....b*****d :lol:  As I said it was nice to see Andy back the ovation he received at the end of his second set showed that everyone thought the same.  Carl is another Dj criminally under used by today's scene and his box must be the envy of most....he has everything, from the classics to holy grails, oldies to newies and Carl knows just what is need to keep the floor busy.  Dave, Joan and Phil are no slouch's either with what they have in the boxes and all three can hold there own with most out there.  All in all a great nights music.

    The promoters Joan and Phil, ably assisted by Dave and Lousie with the added support of Carl and Andy can be well chuffed with last night.  Everyone looked happy, sound system fantastic which did the records played justice.  Great to see so many old faces and a few new ones as well.  Look forward to the next one :thumbup:

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