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  1. Its a toss up between Tielemans and Casper for MOM! Anyway Leicester, now go and do it again on Tuesday!
  2. Too many Chelsea players not quite on it on the day but a goal from Tielemans, a goal fit to win any final, two superb saves from Casper and VAR to the rescue. Well done Leicester.
  3. I did wonder if the Premier League would be a bit too tough for the young Fofana but he has settled in brilliantly
  4. Evans going off, not good for you Foxes
  5. I'd like Leicester to win but I think Tuchel has done a great job since taking over at Chelsea, especially in defence. 2-1 Chelsea I think.
  6. Suspenders? Braces you mean? It is Bub as said and it is my photo, nice of him not to ask permission
  7. Ir is extremely rare and for something like Huriah Boynton to fetch nearly as much just shows how fcuked up the collecting scene is. It is. As said it is a west Coast record too not Detroit. You only have to look at they other releases which bear the same credits or similar & even have an address. PS Just seen the follow up posts with the label scans
  8. The FA and the football league never really got on for years and when The PL was mooted they (The FA) didn’t need much persuading the agree to the formation of the new League. But football was in a mess, stadiums were in a mess, something had to be done and the football league were not really up to the modernisation. Again it was the big clubs at the root of the new league.
  9. The Premier League was formed partly by the Football Association n the first place. It was known as the Football Association Premier League or summat like until they stepped back a few years later.
  10. They’ve been ignorant of the fans for 16 years mate, they won’t change. They need that ESL money. Was a rumour reported they would be willing to sell for 4 billion
  11. But every Sky subscription, every Now TV day pass, every replica shirt, every mug bought by a mug in the club shop....it is all contributing to the game we have today and whilst every fans continue to do this then the owners, TV executives, FA and PL committees will do nothing, the status quo will remain. Protest only takes you so far. The protest over ESL had a result because the clubs went about it the wrong way. There is a discussion to be had and you can bet the clubs are having that discussion. They want the money they claim to be making for others because debt is rife in the game.
  12. That link simply backs up my argument with Man U in the top three. Neither did I say all clubs, I said other clubs. Chelsea were the most vocal to begin with and it matters not really where the owners are from, the ESL started in Spain. This hasn’t gone away, not for good. It will gone again in a different guise with Man U in the mix. Seriously though, who is going to take Man United on, pay off that debt, rebuild the crumbling stadium and invest on the same scale the Glazers have?
  13. And that is how every club should be forced to live. United have spent £717 million on players since 2013. Second highest spend by any club in Europe. Not like the owners haven't supported managers is it. Other clubs have protested and done it correctly and made their voice heard.
  14. They were unable to fulfil the fixture due to the actions of their fans. Any other league right down to grass roots, the failure to fulfil is usually points to the opposition and fines. At the end of the day the fans are supporting the Galzers by beyond match tickets, sky passes, replica shirts and other merchandise. Stop doing this and you will then you will see some action.
  15. Irrespective of the reasons, they should be forfeit the match, three points to the opposition, that is what happens in any other competition/league. Imagine the outrage from United fans if this was Liverpool fans!
  16. They have all been pretty good what I have attended in Chesterfield, people respectful of others etc.
  17. They are held outside, usually markets. Suppose you have to use some common and socially distance best you can, wear a mask it you wish and sanitise…..if it bothers someone, stop in
  18. Its no longer about the music for many, its trophy collecting and ego massaging I don’t think a blue issue is worth £3k but them again I’m no fool who is easily parted from his money.
  19. I was gob smacked when it reached 1500 not so long ago. These prices are just sheer lunacy and no amount of worldwide market bollox can convince me otherwise.
  20. I’ve been using Duck Duck Go rather than google and that has ad tracking blocking
  21. I love apple system, far superior to windows and a mac will long outlast a windows based machine. Privacy is far superior too as apple aren’t interested as they make their money from the hardware. I always keep my OS up to date. I don’t take much notice of launch day though. The life span of an imac for instance is some years and there is no need to update every new launch for something that operates pretty much the same.
  22. I cannot remember Mike, it may be under a different title but was about the closure of the scenes venues late 70s early 80s

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