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  1. 5 hours ago, Firecrest said:

    Point taken Chalky - You are a wise man.  I've recently sent a file of modern plus tunes to a mate in Germany who does a monthly music show . Here's what I sent him. A few left- field but I felt they fitted. Its now on in the background. Some are LP cuts.

    J.P Rogers - I ain't gonna give my love

    James Nelson - Mellow, Mellow Me

    Angelo Bond- He Gained The Whole World

    Sun - I had a choice

    Whispers- My, My, My

    Real Thing - Street Corner Boogie

    Hudson People - Trip to your mind

    Ralfi Pagan - Stay Out Of My Life

    Colors - S.O.S (Love on Sight

    Lisa Stansfield - So Natural

    Billy Rigsby - Sweet Funky Love

    Danny Johnson - Taking My Love For Granted

    Tom Dick & Harry - Pennies from Heaven

    Silk - I Can't Stop ( Turning You On)

    Lou Rawls - Back To You

    Temptations - That's Why (I Love You So)

    Ray Parker - Old Pro

    Mc Boulevard - Quiero hacerte el amor

    Phylis Hyman - Tonight You & Me

    Goldie Alexander - Go Back



    Excellent list with some great choices. Nowt wrong with Lps. Virtually all I buy now. 

  2. 4 minutes ago, Firecrest said:

    I agree but then the term 'modern' or at least 'modernism' is a term that refers to an art movement that started in the late Victorian period and probably finished about one hundred years ago!  

    Modern isn’t modernism though, modern as an adjective “relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.”

  3. 3 hours ago, Dave Pinch said:

    totally agree..this game isnt for lorry drivers, painters and decorators and warehouse workers these days and it doesnt help either as in my case as well when your listening and buying tastes have broadened so much to include 70s/80s modern, crossover,beat ballads ,deep and sweet also..i still find it fun tho to try and snag the odd big ticket item on the cheap and my life still evolves around records and music after 40 years.. i`m fortunate tho to never  have had to sell up and must still have 100 or so from the list and have only sold maybe 10 without checking... its a very thought provoking list tho the only glaring misses i can spot after a couple of glances are the teri de 45s unless i just missed em.. jimmy gresham, len jewell and even the soul shakers are worthy of a mention

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m extremely happy buying what I buy and what I listen to.  i’m buying more now than I have for a long time. I still love to hear people like Mark playing the rare soul 45s when I am out. 

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  4. 41 minutes ago, Baz Atkinson said:

    Would love to see a Modern/Xover compilation of the 500 as an awful lot of really hard stuff does not fit the northern category and a sweet soul list would be a real eye opener as the prices are reaching amounts you would not of dreamed off 10 yeas ago ? 

    I have a few from the list and would love a whole lot more but it was interesting too draw an analysis of stuff ive picked up the last 4 years or so. I think there are die hards always chasing 45s from the list but also a whole bunch of collectors that really like finding different stuff ,leftfield stuff etc. Deep down inside how many avid collectors can really afford them now I say this the same week that Lester Tipton reaches £10 K ? 

    I couldn't afford, well I couldn't justify spending the amount of money on the type of record in question here..  My "at home" listening choice or taste has also changed a lot, more 70s and 80s rather than 60s.  But it is like Carl said, it isn't as much fun chasing the 60s now as most are now out of reach of the average collector anyway.  I prefer to dig deeper and find the cheaper stuff and leave the expensive rarities for a night out.

    It is a mouth watering list though and many you could get for not too much once upon a time.  The mid 80s etc records were plentiful and relatively cheap with three figure sum records still relatively scarce.  I guess for many it was a case of being in the right place at the right time.  I certainly wish I was still on my first collection :D

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  5. Well at the moment there is a law that forbids gatherings of more than 30 and personally think there are more important things to worry about than a soul night.  Soul events and events of any kind notorious for spreading  whatever one person has and people cannot be trusted to stay away if they don't feel 100%.

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  6. 1 hour ago, Soulman58 said:

    Marcia Hines last sold on discogs in March 20, highest price paid £444, presume then.  However, you can still pick up the LP Marcia Shines, for much less £75 ish or much less if prepared to ship from US.  Whatever the price a quality track.

    Recently paid £20 for the Lp, that leaves £424 to spend on something else.  

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  7. 1 hour ago, Andykempster said:

    I will add though that I was hoping for suggestions which might be more within my grasp price wise. Can’t imagi the wife would be too on board with me lashing out thousands of pounds at a time 

    all the best Andy

    I recently did two sets for the Bury Virtual Nighter of 70s and 80s and most won't cost the earth.

    Mainly from Lps too.

    Bobby Thurston - The Very Last Drop
    Michael Wycoff - Looking Up To You
    Khemistry - I Surrender 
    Chapter 8 - It’s My Turn
    Peabo Bryson - Crazy Love
    Lifestyle – Trying To Make It Up To You
    Tony Owens - When You’re Wrong (You Got To Pay The Price)
    Marcia Hines - Gotta Let Go
    Gladys Knight & The Pips - Make Yours A Happy Home
    The Flakes - No One (Can Love You Like I Do)
    Bobby Womack - Something For My Head
    Atlantic Starr – Circles
    Sam Dees - Come Back Strong
    Keni Burke - Let Somebody Love You
    Frankie Saunders – Take Another Look

    Ralph Graham – What Do I Have To – Sussex
    Luther – Don’t Wanna Be A Fool – Cotillion
    Richard Popcorn Wylie – How Did I Lose Your Love – ABC
    Rikki Aaron – Say What’s On Your Mind (Alt Take) – Cordial
    Laura Lee – I Can’t make It Alone – Invictus
    Margo Michaels – Take My Everything – Jobete 
    Phyllis Hyman – Ain’t You Had Enough Love – PIR
    Family Affair – You Can’t Stop My Loving – Jobete
    Kathy McFarland – Memories (They Dance With Me) – Jobete
    Khemistry – Can You Feel My Love – Columbia
    John Edwards – You’re Messing Up A Good Thing – Aware
    Soul Stirrers – Trying To be Your Friend – Jewel
    Barrett Strong – Surrender – Capitol
    Wilson Williams – I Think It’s Gonna Work Out Fine – ABC
    Benny Johnson – Baby I Love You – Today
    Willie Hutch – You Can’t Miss Something That You Never Had – RCA
    John Edwards – Stop This Merry Go Round – Aware
    Wali Ali – (Oh I) Need Your Lovin’ - Jobete

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  8. 1 hour ago, Dobber said:

    What is this defenders tune chalky? Sound file anywhere?

    Saus has the only copy that I know of (in this country), one in the states I think that I was aware of.  Not to say there are not others mind.  It's the same as the Arter Set if memory serves but the two don't compare tbh.  It's far too fast for us old timers too.  

    The Defenders - Sermon (When I'm Down) - Sama.mp3


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  9. Excellent article, very good brief history of collecting and the appeal.  Some list too and hard to argue with any of those on the list.

    It would make some nighter hearing that lot over 8 hours

    A few off top that could be considered for inclusion, mainly on the rare side of the scene...

    Defenders - Sermon (When I’m Down) (Possibly too obscure and not had any exposure really for some years?)

    Helen Smith - The Pot Can’t Talk About The Kettle

    Helen Smith - You Got To Do Your Share

    Royal (Texas Slim) Bell - Sweet Little Girl

    Sir Joe - Everyday

    Sir Joe  - Nobody Beats My Love

    Ravins - Your Love Is What I Want

    Johnny Praye  - Can't Get Too Much 

    King Cobras - Thank You Baby


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  10. 9 minutes ago, Phonostage said:

    HI - I have just had it on reliable authority that the one of mine is a boot.. albeit a nice one! I will upload the images to here now that I can..  for reference


    It is a boot, real one Archer is larger and straight, there is a scan early in the topic

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  11. 2 hours ago, davidwapples said:

    Yes the full run on rictic I have i think was done from a tape collection many years ago , the golden world stuff is not too bad but I don't think there will be a full reissue of the label as the rights are complicated I read before

    I presume the rights now belong to Universal who own Motown?

  12. 5 hours ago, Mickey Finn said:

    Yes, I've read that Luther himself blocked reissue of these. According to someone online, he was holding out for big bucks (see comment at bottom of link):


    Some years back Aretha was reported to have licensed those Atlantic albums for reissue on her own Aretha Records via Universal, but nothing seems to have come of that since. The story was she was holding out for money. Perhaps her estate will get things moving - hopefully also Luther's.

    There are various O.C. Smith albums I'd love to see reissued, including especially "Love changes". That one would probably require the cooperation of Universal, which acquired Motown which originally bought the rights from South Bay in a deal that went sour and saw Motown burying the album soon after reissuing it as a Motown release.

    There is no mention in his biography of any talk for a deal, he did purchase the rights and masters though.  Luther said the two Lps sold a combined total of 14 copies.  You should be able to pick the Lps up for a reasonable price.

  13. 12 hours ago, Frankie Crocker said:

    Bottom line is we should be encouraging indestructible packaging at all times. The very mention of Jiffy bags makes me cringe. High end items should go in a box then in another box - that way, you avoid the Manship Don Gardner scenario... USA sellers generally use special 7 inch mailers of varying thicknesses, which when combined with multiple cardboard stiffeners, offer ideal protection, especially when taped together so the disc(s) can not move in transit. UK sellers prefer thin cardboard envelopes with thin card stiffeners which do the job satisfactorily more often than not, but this method seems to be popular because the lighter weight keeps postal costs lower.

    Ultimately, the seller has a moral (and financial) obligation to ensure that goods posted come to no harm, so if a record breaks in the post, the seller should assume responsibility. USA dealers sometimes hide behind the ‘not responsible for postal mishandling clause’ then use inferior packaging - the trick is to spot this  in advance, then request adequate packaging.

    The thinner the packet, the more likely it is to snap. If selling, we should always use thick packaging as this is what we would expect if we were buying.

    Mine go in a normal mailer with card inserts and then inside jiffy bag, as per postal requirements.  Not taking any chances for the sake of 15/20p. Jiffy also offers better protection especially with styrene. 

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