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  1. Nick Stevenson has three copies at Lifeline.
  2. Terrible quality, sounds like its recorded in a toilet
  3. One of Sam’s cover ups, John sold three if memory serves in last few months via auction, maybe he has quantity, maybe they belong to others?
  4. Another Bee Vee and Honey, thats three now auctioned isn’t it?
  5. But if you look at the info it is UMG on behalf of Motown, if you are going to promote a label leave the UMG out of it and push the brand. like you say nice enough voice but it is nothing different to any other mainstream black artists out there. They need to look what companies like Timmion, Big Crown etc are doing with black music.
  6. Are any labels how we knew them? I would think most are owned by conglomerates with no identity anymore. Given the history I’m surprised though it has taken UMG so long to make use of the name in the world of black music.
  7. I’m sure the dentists can put some protocols in place. I had my eyes tested Saturday and the protocols they put in pLace and the gear they wire I thought iI was going into theatre for an operation. lets get back to normality, obviously some common sense is required and so e basic protection but we cannot continue to live like this. The paranoia and fear displayed by some is pathetic. Anyone would think this was the bubonic plague the way it is reported.
  8. Yeah just read that, alongside the US talent. Call me a cynic but is this exploiting the situation with BLM’s with black music being more in the spotlight recently? Not a bad thing by any means but why has it taken so long for the premier black music label to get its act together once again?
  9. Everywhere I have been this year most are working normally, from distribution centres, major factories to places that employ just a few or less, most have no social distancing, most don’t wear masks (think I’ve worn a mask on maybe 3 or 4 occasions) although most have hand sanitisers about the place. Many places did furlough staff but I think many just took advantage of the free wage payments. Many were managing, just but come holidays and time off it was/is clear they won’t manage. Most have brought staff back. Still don’t understand why the NHS and in particular Drs and dent
  10. Is this to milk more money from the same old same Motown or to explore its vast catalogue? Maybe they have seen what good the reissue labels like Kent etc have been doung?
  11. Great boxer despite his beating by Hagler and being prone to cuts. R.I.P.
  12. How do you get round the Dj and music when there isn’t supposed to be either? Music should be background and quiet, so quiet no one has to raise their voice or lean in to tne other to hear?
  13. That’s him mate, had some laughs with him.
  14. Yep as long as space allows as many as you can get in. But we all know all those in attendance know each other, are mixing and no social distancing. Enough phots on social media to prove this. as you say puzzling how they get away with it especially as they are running an event with more than 30 in attendance. 50 lots of 6 eating out or having a drink in their own bubble aren’t attending an event.
  15. You can have thirty in a pub, but in groups of 6 only and plenty of space between the tables. But I would imagine this is meant for eating out or just a group of 6 out for a drink, not 40 or 50 etc out for a soul night. That is how I read it
  16. It should be nothing more than background music, not a full set of decks and a DJ.
  17. You can only have spaced out tables as in a pub, no dancing and not supposed to be any music. It was only 30 at an event before
  18. I know one company who had three warehouses full of masks and ppe but couldn’t sell it, I delivered to them. probably because they weren’t owned by a tory.
  19. They have taken the advice of the medical scientists they employ. Many other scientists have given different advice and earlier, advice that makes or made more sense.
  20. Hi Knocker, yeah same Phil Deakin I think, bloody nutter. Remember him a lot from football with Holmewood.
  21. Cheers thought it was one of Richards. I thought Dave bought it along with Chessmen etc.
  22. Hi mate, hope you are well. Rat Deakin, was he from Holmewood?
  23. Dave Withers & Chris Plant at Stafford/Stafford era but could have been one of Richard’s first late Wigan. covered as both Earnest Mosley and Mel Wynn
  24. Again you are being a little naive if you ask me

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