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  1. So its not Charles Johnson we know from the 70s biggie? Charles wasn't his fist name.
  2. working away all week, the first week I came home I struggled to get basics, milk, bread etc, two days of trawling the shops to get what I wanted for just one day and my food for the week away. I've tried to use click and collect and home delivery services but no slots available. This week I've got what I need and have a 2 litre bottle of craven dale spare for next week. I wouldn't mind but I've been delivering some of the stuff that has been stripped from the shops and I can't get any for myself
  3. if selling UK dealer to UK buyer most banks do "pay a contact" service using mobile number, well Lloyds do, security is as strong as normal banking. Can also use bank transfer. I used pay pal the other day and the difference in their exchange rate and the markets was about 9 euros so they are making a pretty penny out of the deals.
  4. The weather is turning cold so might keep the fools indoors
  5. I have no proof and haven't read Tim's comments before. I just compared the vocals of those on the credits to Charles. Robert Banks definitely a contender in my opinion.
  6. The traffic has been good all week, well no delays. BUT a lot of cars still on the road, during the hours you wouldn't be travelling to work as well. Lot of women with kids, OAPs, sometimes 4 in a car etc. Birmingham, a normal day, A1 very busy in places, Manchester the motorways very busy but the industrial estates such as Trafford park quiet. The jobs however is almost pleasurable again
  7. Charles O. Johnson, don't think it was the Charles we know from the 70s biggie?
  8. so much for the lockdown working, said when it was imposed it didn't go far enough. Millions abusing the exercise quota, some who never got off their couch before now fitness fanatics The roads full of cars, driving through Birmingham on the M6 was just like a normal day. Many other places the same. If I was a betting man I would bet in three weeks , well two now, that the lockdown has further, tougher restrictions for another three weeks.
  9. Looking forward to spinning a few on Saturday night, last week was a great 8 hours (give or take) of quality soul music. make sure you tune in!
  10. Might be wrong but it is Willie’s belief that it was never issued? But as Dave said you didn’t see the issuevat one point just the demo.
  11. It's actually Will Collins. A biog written by Dave Welding @Louise Will Collin’s A Man That Can Do Anything. Willie C. Collins was originally from North Carolina. He only chooses to use the initial of his middle name for the simple fact he’s doesn’t like it. Willie’s first recording came about as part of a New York based group, ‘The Combinations’. The Combinations were a male vocal group whose line up included Willie and three other guys all from British Honduras Hubert Usher, Lenny Bailey and a guy only remembered as Gerald. Under the auspices of David Braithwaite and Ernest Kelley they recorded a solitary 45 release “(Too Long) I’ve Been Waiting/Please Don’t Leave Me” (Soul “O” Sonic), this being the earlier New York based version of Ernest Kellley’s label. Ernest Kelly was very instrumental in Willie Collins early career, it was he who encouraged Willie to persue a solo career with Willie recording his first solo outing on Ernest’s Geneva label again the earlier New York variant, of Ernest’s label which he would later reactivate in Detroit during the 1970’s). The much covered Ernest Kelley penned song “I Want Some Satisfaction” (later recorded by Mike Jemison and Betty Bibbs) b/w with the Billy Nichols and Willie Bridges penned deep soul ballad “Two Lives” (Willie Bridges being a old Army bubby of Kelley’s). Willie would work on and off over many years with Billy Nichols during the 1070’s fronting Billy’s group B.W. & The Next Edition who recorded two 45’s for Carl Davis’s, Daker Label. Other 70’s recordings under the abbreviated name of Will Collins would follow for the Panic and Mercury labels before Will’s most revered solo release his 1977 Bareback Records recording the uplifting 70’s dance track “Anything I Can Do” which appears to have never been issued. Will when questioned remembers the song but could not shed any light as to what happened to the songs after he recorded them. Therefore you can imagine his surprise when he was informed of the release of “Anything You Can Do” on the Italian Derby label! Will was once again reunited with Billy Nichols as his producer on his 1986 project the “Where You Gonna Be Tonight” album which he cut for Capitol Records. Words By: David Welding With Acknowledgements to: Will Collins and the late Ernest Kelley.
  12. It might well be but Joe Boy have access to Blue Cat catalogue, think it was they who issued AdLibs on RSD.
  13. It got reissued, might have been for record store day? The scan of the issue above is the reissue.
  14. I assumed it was a Dave Raistrick find and sold to (or a spare) Gary Rushbrooke who played it as Bob Relf
  15. The Carolina scene has many dodgy releases, look at the body of work for Ripete, chess reissues all sorts. I’d have my doubts about quite a few of those releases being total legit and above board. Just like many other “dodgy” reissue labels that claim to be legit Its Chuck Cockerham as far as I am concerned, just another take, sounds just like him in most parts too.
  16. Its a boot, it is Chuck Cockerham, another mix/take
  17. There are still many taking no notice of the instructions from the PM it would seem. The number of families, couple, old and young on the roads today was a joke. The A1 was pretty busy. What will it take for them to get a grip, for one of them to die from this!
  18. Wait till Friday mate, you should be able to get the 80% of wages then
  19. Good luck on Radio City, extremely rare, only know of one.
  20. as the topic no longer involves venues etc do we really need it in the soul forum? Can it not be moved to freebasing or members section. I realise it is serious and we need to do whatever is asked of us to beat this but we are getting hammered from all sides with this, in particular the press and media and other social media. We need an escape and even a soul forum is no longer an escape.
  21. Don't the beeb realise they milking this for all its worth? people need some relief and to cancel all the specialist music shows just makes me turn them off.

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