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    The Northern Soul scene - music, danceing, cat.... nuff said
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    2000 light years from olympia
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  1. sessan


    Hi! If anyone are selling any of these in vg or better please PM condition and your price:-) Barbara Jean and the lyrics - Any two can play/Why werent you there on Big Hit George Hobson - Let it be real/A Place in your heart on Sound City / SORTED Willie Mason and all the kings men - Why/Knock on Wood on Ka-La-Ma Les Mack and the Impacts - So blue/Farwell my love on Jokers Three Thanks, Sebbo
  2. Sent a Pm 4 hours ago pls reply:-)
  3. Hi! Looking for a nice n clean copy of Dick Leslie Harlem Train on the GL records. Pls PM for Condition n Price Thanks Sebbo
  4. Hi! Looking for Tobias - don`t look back - Toby productions and Liza Mae - Good women - Concept in at least vg+ Please pm price and condition Thanks Sebastian
  5. Looking for a copy in vg++ or better! Please PM condition and Price. Thanks Sebbo.
  6. Hi! Looking for these cheapies on original label! Please send pm for price and condition.....will not give offers only intreseted in set sale!!! Marvin Holmes and Justice - You better keep her - Brown Door (Perfer Vinyl copys to styrene ones).....SORTED Seventh Wonder - Captain of my ship - W.G.....SORTED The Channels - YO YO - MAS-TER David and the Giants - Ten miles high - Crazy Horse(Mul.col) (Not really soul but played on the soul scen so i give it a try here) and one for my mate: Justin - Right now - Down East Thanks Sebbo
  7. Hi all! Looking for: The Cliffhangers - Since you´ve gone away/Showtime - K-CEA PRODUCTION 45-6700 Please pm price and condition if you like to sell it Thanks Sebbo
  8. Hi! Lookin for these in vg++ or better! Little Harold and the Fabulous Nomads - Baby baby just a little more soul/ Whats wrong with me baby- 114-R6 Damon Donald Ray with the Solid Sound - Think about love/Big Town USA - 45-68005 Bee and Tee The Playthings - A whole lotta nothing - CR. 1313 Kobra Please PM price and condition Thanks for looking / Sebastian
  9. Hi! i´m looking for Tradewinds - Price of love/Depend on me - A Tradewinds production # 6800 Please Pm me for price and cond. Thanks Sebastian N
  10. Payday next week so i would like to spend it on these......if available Donald Ray with solid sound - I think about love - Bee and Tee 68005 Red Coats Revue INC. - Keep on trying - Salem 501 Please PM Condition and Price Thanks Sebbo
  11. Thanks for your thoughts Dave i guess you right that the Conway is first release:-) Nice to hear it get´s spins....Top tune indeed:-)
  12. Hi everybody! I have this record by Van Jones and the Jays - I want to groove you/Time has made a new man out of me - Silver Sound VPC 1145. But found out that there is a release on the Conway 50138 as well. So i wonder which was released first and is it the same flip?. Could it be that mine on the Silver Sound label is a re-issue? Maybe not the most expensive record but nice to know the facts since i really love this record. Thanks in advance:-D Kindly Sebbo
  14. Thanks for all who helped out both on this thread and by private PMs. And a very special thank you to Andy R for some most appreciated information....My question was if that Cover-up at as Ringleaders is in fact Soul Sensation on Audiofonics and via scan and sound i now know it is.

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