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  1. muckyherbert

    [SOLD] prestatyn wristband

    I have one wristband for sale £25.00 we arrive Thursday please pm me if interested thanks Gary
  2. Absolutely top drawer book, this is a must buy for anyone remotely interested in soul music and especially from Philly. I expected it to be good having subscribed to the magazine and knowing the time and effort that was put into it but this surpasses all expectations I had. Dave and Jason should feel very proud with what they have achieved in getting this labour of love published.
  3. muckyherbert

    Curtis lee is she in your town

    Yocky pm me please cheers muckyherbert
  4. muckyherbert


    pm sent
  5. muckyherbert

    Big List, great titles, have a look

    pm sent
  6. muckyherbert


  7. muckyherbert

    Remembering Joe Dutton - SOLD OUT

    This is one that I definitely wouldn't miss, I certainly miss Joe though
  8. muckyherbert


    popping down to listen to the yockmeister, not heard him play for a while now so really looking forward to his spot
  9. muckyherbert

    2 Prestatyn wristbands

    Hi all, 2 wristbands available, we arrive late Friday afternoon ( 3 pm to 4 pm ) no accommodation £25.00 each or £40.00 the pair either pm me or call 07717793333 thanks for looking Gary Wade Both sold, thanks for looking
  10. muckyherbert

    TMGs Required

    p.m. sent
  11. muckyherbert


    Coming over to support my old Mucker Yocky,YES PLEASE If Yocky is playing I think I might just come down for a listen
  12. muckyherbert

    Rip Clive

    I can honestly say that Clive was probably the most sincere, unassuming and all together nicest bloke I have met on the circuit. He had a style of his own, a lovely nature and a great sense of humour. It's going to seem strange not seeing him doing his own little thing on the dance floor anymore A true gent in every way who will be sorely missed R.I.P. and God bless you Gary & Denise xx
  13. muckyherbert

    Happy Birthday Skegsoul

    Happy Birthday Mick, not seen you around for a while, hopefully that will soon change love Gary & Denise (Sheffield) xx
  14. muckyherbert

    Happy Birthday Kev Moore

    Happy Birthday Kev enjoy your day love Gary & Denise xx
  15. muckyherbert

    Help/advice On Cleaning Records Please?

    Try asking Boba, I'm sure he'll sort you out with this sticky question


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