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  1. We are still coming,it's disappointing but we will still have a great night.Edd and myself don't do a bad version of (I'm gonna miss you) if you get stuck.
  2. Looking forward,should be a cracking night Dave.c some old faces
  3. Hello Jimmy Long time no see,How yer doing? I had a drink with your keith,Coll Bradley and Toc just before Xmas.Did you get to the Torch reunion?Still see Edd, although he has been ill recently.Might see you at one of Boxy's venues. Happy New Year Jimmy to you and the family. Bob Synnott
  4. Hi Dave/Val, Remember the Crystal Bowl.and Normy days as if they were yesterday,40 years onnnnnnnnnn,[great nights] Just started going to a few venues,Drax on Boxing day,but i am working away for the Wilton night. Will try to get to the next one.or the Canal Tavern Merry Xmas Bob [lead singer]

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