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    Great night thanks, my first return trip since supporting Len last year...how fast time goes and how quick the 6 and a bit hours went after arriving just before 12.. A warm welcome (even the quick check of my pockets by doormen was no bother) and into an already busy room with plenty dancing to “round one” from all DJs. Mostly uptempo and mostly 60s, as I expected, but then gradually a few more 70s dancers through the early hours.. even a quite recent new release one of my faves from Val towards the end of his first spot (Broken Hearts Inc..Please don’t walk away). A good few people there from Northants and surrounding counties to support Val & Wayne and brilliant to catch up with Jens, Carl, Imke etc all over for the weekend and to support Henning, who was dancing well behind the decks!

    Dancefloor was busy right through, as I expected...I think I spent more time on it than off, some great younger dancers in and really was a wide range of soul to soak up, mostly rare but some records much less so, uptempo to some superb mid tempo sides to have a breather to later on (eg Bobby Womack..how could you break my heart / J P Robinson..Our day is here / Four Dynamics..Things that a lady ain’t supposed to do, etc)

    Wonderful spots all round, loads of records I didn’t know but great to hear some favourites I did know, even Lonnie Liston Smith..Expansions which went down well and I never expected!...and finally the 3 before 6 from Joel, ending with Four Tops - Ask the lonely.. still just wonderful.

    Aching feet walking back to my digs up the road, so I knew I’d had a good time (that floor in places though...brilliant!).

    Now come on Geoff..please write a proper review  :)

    Cheers, Steve

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  1. Only my second time to Bury, really like the venue and all three rooms, slightly different from last year & better for it I thought. Always a good sign walking up and seeing lots of people outside early on and once inside soon got busy in all rooms, more than I thought it would for the time of year but just right with nice ebb & flow on the dancefloors + not too loud, which some places can be to my ears.

    A fair few familiar faces from Northants and Beds etc also had a good night.. and a good hard dance judging by how many changes of shirt I clocked one or two people made! Apart from sneaking out for some chips I spent most of the night dancing and nattering in the Kenwood Suite, nicely that bit darker, great spots by everyone in there and also from all djs in the main room and modern room from what I could hear and see. That main room dance floor is just lovely and great bar in there too + upstairs.

    Thanks everyone and to Len again for sorting the hotel, very handy that, right next door. Cheers. Will be back next year for sure:thumbsup:

    Great write up there Geoff and not sure I can add much more other than to agree...cracking night!

    After reading so much about this nighter over many years, it certainly lived up to expectations and will be back again later this year for sure. The seven hours went real quick and personally loved the mix of 60's and 70's, different tempos and genres of soul, rare and not so, enough records I knew and plenty that I didn't. Good to hear Sam include a fairly recent release as always, this one being The El Count Executives and also an imminent new release which I can't remember the name of but will certainly be keeping an eye out for...both pretty well filled the floor, as most sounds did through the whole night.

    Enjoyed all the different spots and Len certainly looked at home in there, entertaining himself and the crowd in the final spot, up to and over the official finishing time, even getting the bouncers dancing at the end! :D:thumbsup:

    A good soul fix for sure, much dancing and banter. Was good to meet you Matt and a few more people who I'm sure I'll see again. Cheers, Steve. 


  2. Needed that thanks after several weeks of not really going anywhere! Great mix of soul as always and usual banter with relaxed ebb & flow of dance floor time. Hopefully see a few of you at the Stanwick weekender for more of the same, otherwise at the next round at The Cali. Cheers all, Steve:thumbsup:

  3. Really enjoyed ourselves at the Picturedrome last night. Ken Knox and all other singers + band were absolutely superb, incredible vocals, did more than justice to the classic tracks and the new material was top class too, looked like they really enjoyed playing together to what felt like a full house, but still room to dance in front of the stage. Brilliant to meet Ken and the other singers afterwards and get some photos etc. Anyone going to see this in Blackburn or Derby this weekend in for a real treat. Big thanks again to Jem for the ticket. :thumbsup:

  4. Late thanks for a good few hours last Friday night. Couldn't get over until just after 10 but well worth the drive over as always...nice & quiet in the car this time for a change:D, brilliant soul and dancing for a few hours right to the end, good banter and lots of Birthday celebrations as usual. Love to see lots of record boxes open at the same time, not knowing who or what's coming up next, plenty of that here alongside the better known things that always get people up. Made my night to soak up the amazing Just Brothers Go on and Laugh. Cheers, Steve :thumbsup:

    Great to see so many make the effort to give Jem a good send off after his announcement last week and certainly everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I know I did, not driving for a change. Flashbacks of Brian Potter as Jem left the building after everyone had gone. Damn I miss Phoenix Nights! :D Well done mate and enjoy your break from promoting Northern Soul events after all these years...you sure need it! :thumbsup:

    It does hopefully look like the event will carry on in one form or another, with the next night early in October, so I look forward to more news on that and in the meantime there's the Rock reunion night at this same venue on 6th August...I've heard so many stories over recent years as to how good those nights were here in Rushden back in the 70's, the characters, records, shenanigans that went on etc. Should be good. :thumbsup: Cheers, Steve.


  5. Really enjoyed the weekender and big thanks to the hotel owners, staff and everyone who made the effort to attend and make it one to remember for all the right reasons I think...of course to Jem for organising and promoting what was without doubt a very time consuming event to put on, also his long-suffering missus and Son for all their hard work on the door & putting up with him at home :D+ usual other helpers on that side, to Louise Austin on the "Groove On" side of things and for the surprise guest PA, finally to the other boss Len and ALL the DJs for their great choices and banter...such a great range of SOUL to soak up over the 20+ hours in both rooms.:thumbsup: I certainly got a kick out of playing a whole bunch of different things in that great conservatory room over the three nights and having a good ole dance on the Saturday. Cheers all, until next time! Steve

    Really enjoyed that thanks! We are lucky in Northants to have so many people with amazing record collections and great range of soul nights to hear them out and soak them up on the dance floors. Talking of which, looking forward to the weekender at Stanwick Hotel next week...still some tickets available if anyone still needs any then please let me know. Cheers, Steve.

  6. Thanks for another great night, all agreed on the way home one of the best there so far that we've been to for atmosphere, people and music.... Great soul and banter, just love the fact never know what's coming next through the speakers and brilliant to see some younger new attendees really getting into it clearly appreciating the music. Sadly can't make the next one as we'll be in not so sunny Yarmouth, but look forward to all your other nights this year.

    Muchas gracias from the three amigos..and maybe see some of you mid-March at the Soul Junction weekender, Courtyard Hotel if you can make it.:thumbsup:

  7. Thanks for another great night and to Brian for driving so I could carry on drinking from the afternoon:D:thumbsup:

    New wooden floor has settled down nicely and good that it wasn't plastered with talc...doesn't need it.

    Good banter and all sounded brilliant I thought..especially that bit right in the middle of the room when dancin. I'd personally like it a bit darker in there but then again I do quite like that green rope light thing, but not in a weird way, like Carl maybe does.

    Have a great Christmas everyone and we look forward to more of the same gain next year.:)



    Thanks so much again everyone who came along and got stuck in, dancing from the off to great choices from guests Andy Horne and Brian Bates, witnessed Len "out-Jemming Jem":D (you need to double book yourself more often Jem!) and always enjoy hearing what Dave Vanner plays....loads of popular classic oldies through the night and a few other things for good measure to see what happens.

    Overall I'd have rated the night five stars for what it is but I'm dropping one on account of WAY too much talc down..no need for it up there and bloody stuff gets everywhere :glare: Not like me to moan I know but otherwise brilliant night cheers and I actually like the 12 finish..less is more and all that. :thumbsup: 

  8. Bit foggy driving home but nothing foggy about the music at the Caliente. Love the new floor too, though I did miss tripping up that previously unlevel bit! :D:thumbsup:Great that Tank could make it at short notice (you have a seat in the car anytime you want mate) and superb stories and CDs in the car as always....if only more venues would allow CDs so more people could hear all those previously unreleased tracks and the thousands of modern soul dancers that never made it to shiny black discs, hint hint:wink: See you on the 4th December anyway.

    Enjoyed that thanks! Some real soulful treats and a good laugh. Keep it going guys, it's great to be able to hear & dance to different soul like this locally every few months...and a while since I managed to convince a bar-maid to jump over the bar to join in the groove!:D:thumbsup:

    Chees, Steve

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