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  1. Hi all, I have put together a new list of records for sale, most of them are white demos ARA, Brunswick, Atlantic,Tamla,Gordy, Motown,London,Soul and loads more. I need a quick sale as I have sat on these for far too long I will sell if they don't go soon to a dealer so make up your minds quick and make me an offer on any Thanks Terry Goldie Mobile 0788 4061406 please email me for new list E mail terry_goldie@hotmail.com Thank you for looking
  2. Will one of thos Laser printers be able to copy it? Tez
  3. Hi, I have a few hundreds of Motown Tamla VIP Gordy Soul demo (plus some Northern) labels for sale. As a collection who would you sell a collection to. Not been in the scene for 2 years Thanks Tez
  4. Hi all, whats the rarest Motown/Tamla 7 inch record available today, as I have a few in my boxes and not sure which one as my Manship guide is 8 years out of date. Thanks Tez
  5. Hi heres a few, 1 Dalton Boys Ive been Cheating VIP 25025 white demo £150 2 Debbie Dean I been loving you/Stay my love VIP white demo £200 3 Bobby Sheen Something new to do WB 7662 issue £80 4 Barbara Randolph I Got a feeling Soul 35038 white demo £80 5 The Classic Sullivans Sham,Shame,Shame Master Key 03A issue £150 6 The Miracles Mickeys monkey Oriole 1863 Demo £150 7 Marvelettes I'll Keep holding on Tamla 54116 issue £30 8 Travis Wammack Scratchy ARA 204 white demo £20 9 Delights Orchestra Pauls Midnight Ride ATCO 6601 white demo £20 10 Mick
  6. I have a collection of VIP Demos for sale nearly the whole lot, only a few missing. I live near Nottingham if anyone wants to view and make me an offer I have other stuff as well Soul demos, Motown demos, Northern etc etc call me on 0788 4061406 email terry_goldie@hotmail.com ps I'll try and put a list together but it's best to view this many thanks Terry
  7. Tezrez

    Grosvenor Rooms ( GET THE BUZZ BACK )

    Hi, who do I talk to if I want to sell some records at this venue, forgot his name. Thanks Terry
  8. Hi all, still have a few Motown /Northern etc for sale. Mostly Demos! Please email me for list, not sure my mac converts this file. If anyone is interested in any , going to Grosvenor Rooms tonight or will travel to a gig near Notts or Derby area to Inspect Thanks Terry Mobile 0788 4061406 email terry_goldie@hotmail.com demo records1502.doc
  9. Hi Dave, its got different b side and in mint-. its surplus as I collect only white demos. Thanks Tez
  10. Hi I'm in a quandary, got an issue of VIP Debbie Dean Why amI Loving You with Promotional not for sale. Is it an issue or a demo and how much can I sell it for. Thanks Tez
  11. Hi, all ready done that none went. Sent out lists as well. Tez
  12. Wow nearly £5000 worth there. good luck can't afford any. Tez
  13. Tezrez

    Grosvenor Rooms ( Get the BUZZ back )

    Hi, Can you sell at this event, got a few to get rid of. Lots of Demos. Thanks Terry mob 07884061406
  14. Hi all, wheres the best place to sell some Northern and Motown at these days. Got a couple of hundred to sell some demos, like VIP, Tamla, Hickory, Motown, Tamla Motown, Soul, Mirwood, Atlantic etc. etc. Never sold at a venue before. I'm not a dealer. Thanks Tez terry_goldie@hotmail.com mob 0788 4061406
  15. Hi All, these are not Demos above. Thanks Tez

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