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  1. Hi all, I have put together a new list of records for sale, most of them are white demos ARA, Brunswick, Atlantic,Tamla,Gordy, Motown,London,Soul and loads more. I need a quick sale as I have sat on these for far too long I will sell if they don't go soon to a dealer so make up your minds quick and make me an offer on any Thanks Terry Goldie Mobile 0788 4061406 please email me for new list E mail terry_goldie@hotmail.com Thank you for looking
  2. Will one of thos Laser printers be able to copy it? Tez
  3. Hi, I have a few hundreds of Motown Tamla VIP Gordy Soul demo (plus some Northern) labels for sale. As a collection who would you sell a collection to. Not been in the scene for 2 years Thanks Tez
  4. Hi all, whats the rarest Motown/Tamla 7 inch record available today, as I have a few in my boxes and not sure which one as my Manship guide is 8 years out of date. Thanks Tez
  5. Hi heres a few, 1 Dalton Boys Ive been Cheating VIP 25025 white demo £150 2 Debbie Dean I been loving you/Stay my love VIP white demo £200 3 Bobby Sheen Something new to do WB 7662 issue £80 4 Barbara Randolph I Got a feeling Soul 35038 white demo £80 5 The Classic Sullivans Sham,Shame,Shame Master Key 03A issue £150 6 The Miracles Mickeys monkey Oriole 1863 Demo £150 7 Marvelettes I'll Keep holding on Tamla 54116 issue £30 8 Travis Wammack Scratchy ARA 204 white demo £20 9 Delights Orchestra Pauls Midnight Ride ATCO 6601 white demo £20 10 Mick Jackson Blame it on the Boogie ATCO 7091 white demo £10 11 Otis Redding Love Man ATCO 6677 white demo £20 12 Gary lewis and the playboys SP 110 white demo £30 13 Tony Clarke The Entertainer Chess 1924 white demo £20 14 Bill Blacks Combo But its alright Columbia 44867 white demo £20 15 Isley brothers Harvest for the world EPIC 4369 demo £10 16 Hilliard Jones Wish I were the Wind ERMINE e52 Demo £40 17 The Glories I stand accused DATE 1553 white demo £30 18 Loretta Williams Baby Cakes/ Im missing you Jotis 471 white demo £80 19 Reflections (just like) Romeo and Juliet Lana 140 white demo £20 20 Drifters Ill take you home London 9785 Yellow demo £20 21 Drifters Under the boardwalk London 4001 Yellow demo £30 I have many more fore Sale Call for wants or miss out, while im putting a list together Offers considered on anything must sell all asap Thanks Terry call 07884061406 email terry_goldie@hotmail.com
  6. I have a collection of VIP Demos for sale nearly the whole lot, only a few missing. I live near Nottingham if anyone wants to view and make me an offer I have other stuff as well Soul demos, Motown demos, Northern etc etc call me on 0788 4061406 email terry_goldie@hotmail.com ps I'll try and put a list together but it's best to view this many thanks Terry
  7. Tezrez

    Grosvenor Rooms ( GET THE BUZZ BACK )

    Hi, who do I talk to if I want to sell some records at this venue, forgot his name. Thanks Terry
  8. Hi all, still have a few Motown /Northern etc for sale. Mostly Demos! Please email me for list, not sure my mac converts this file. If anyone is interested in any , going to Grosvenor Rooms tonight or will travel to a gig near Notts or Derby area to Inspect Thanks Terry Mobile 0788 4061406 email terry_goldie@hotmail.com demo records1502.doc
  9. Hi all, is the Butlins weekender at Skegness,next weekend have the norther soul at the Crazy Horse as last year. It was brill. Thanks Terry
  10. Hi all, just to let people know of my great friend Trevor Woolley from Chilwell Notts who died in hospital last Thursday from Cancer. We had many years of going to soul gigs from the Torch ,Winsford, Bretby ,Notts Palais, Britt club, Plessey and many many more. A great friend over the years as we used buy a lot of records together and he got me back into the soul scene ten years ago. My condolences to his wife,family and friends. To Trev from Terry, hope they play them sounds up there.
  11. Hi Dave, its got different b side and in mint-. its surplus as I collect only white demos. Thanks Tez
  12. Hi I'm in a quandary, got an issue of VIP Debbie Dean Why amI Loving You with Promotional not for sale. Is it an issue or a demo and how much can I sell it for. Thanks Tez
  13. Hi, all ready done that none went. Sent out lists as well. Tez
  14. Wow nearly £5000 worth there. good luck can't afford any. Tez
  15. Tezrez

    Grosvenor Rooms ( Get the BUZZ back )

    Hi, Can you sell at this event, got a few to get rid of. Lots of Demos. Thanks Terry mob 07884061406

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