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    scooters and northern soul and motown also 60s mod and my job steel and concrete erector (i love the danger the higher up the better) o and i like a pint or 3
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    tamworth staffs
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    jades im were its at ...ben aitkin satisfied

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  1. thanks for that I will keep a eye out for them
  2. can satisfied. And prepared. To love me be bought. On pressings as I'm wanting both cheers
  3. is Thelma Lyndsey. Prepared. To love. Me and ben Aitkin satisfied available. On pressing cause is cant afford. Originals lol
  4. Thanks for that mate gonna order it now
  5. I'll take the islets tell me it's a rumour baby ..Please mate
  6. Obviously can't afford the real one just want a cheap pressing cheers
    It was fantastic realy good well done mark
  7. Do you still have these mate if you do i will pay for them on friday
  8. if any body whos goin as mr floods party de lites lover on bootleg bring them and ill buy them
  9. cant wait
  10. just leaving now cant wait casper set always top notch
  11. ill second that and tony galla in love

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