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    Soul [of course] Impressions, The Impressions. Running Fells, Road Xcountry Most Mountain Ranges[Picos de Europa my favourite] Real Ale, Red Wine The Impressions!Real Soulies. The Impressions! And loads more!Dusty Springfield Etta James Mary Wells et al !!!
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    100 in my top 10!
  1. Just thought of Dean Parrish--Skate Thought id hit the jackpot when i picked that up on Stateside in Sixties---Must be his worst tune i reckon. Anyone agree?
  2. Nice one Mickey Lee Lane played a lot but i wasnt too keen personally but i hate to admit i didnt mind the Fife Piper bet that hasnt been played for years!
  3. Hey Spike i didnt understand the comment about Spencsr Davies either.They were white so does that mean theyr'e not a soul band but the question originally was about white sounds pre '73 Erm, i am confused1
  4. Just thought of another , Instrumental though--popular at the clubs in the sixties -George Stone --Hole in the wall on Stateside very atmospheric i used to think! [i think hes white but am ready for a correction] Ktf
  5. Some of the more clued up have already said them eg Ronie Milsap Aint no soul but what about the best blue eyed dancer played all over in the Sixties---Wheel, plebian club Haliax --Bird Trap Brierfield Burnley ----Wait for it---THE CHEATER ---BOB KUBAN AND THE IN MEN or are you so young you dont know!!!!
  6. Thanks for the reply, i reckon a visit is definitely on the cards although cant make this Saturday. Is it a monthly venue? If you can give me some future dates i can make arrangements. Thanks for the info.
  7. Hi, interested to see that the Birdtrap at Brierfield is running again. Ilive in Halifax and went to my first nighters there in '67. Thought the place had burnt down years ago as i've passed many times over the years and taken a nostalgic glance from the car at a plot of spare ground where i thought it stood. Remember going in the Greyhound pub hiding in the tap room as i was only 15. As im 59 next month most of the originals must be 60+ Am i right? Went over with my school mate and his sister who was 2 or 3 years older than us. Seem to remember she knew a bloke called Colin Bartlett and some of his mates, does the name ring a bell? Good times and nice views of Pendle Hill as i walked up the road helped the come down!

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