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  1. Hi mate can I have the Garland Green ta...
  2. Gogz

    Bobby Taylor

    no message here mate?
  3. Oh I've been blessed nice issue please,cheers Gogz
  4. move12" here ex condition whats it worth? cheers GOGZ
  5. Gogz

    Barbara Lewis

    All sorted many thanks cheers Gogz
  6. Hi looking for Ex condition copy of 'The many grooves of' Thank you cheers Gogz.
  7. Hi mate just sold mine at the start of the year?
  8. Gogz


  9. 89 demon issue vinyl/sleeve ex £90
  10. Good too see Mr herb ward getting a spin,awesome doublesider Eddie ???
  11. Ta mate,too pricey tho.
  12. don't you ever give up on me. Mercury Ex or better, thanks.gogz?

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