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  1. Thanks, thats a great bunch if tunes. Most of them new to me.
  2. Hi Community, I'm looking for songs which have a relation to the topics sun/sunshine/california and in between. It's not just the title or the lyrics. Could be the sunny sound itself and has not to be just soul music. Thanks in advance and have nice and sunny weekend. Best Martin
  3. Hi, I know just 4 years late but Terry Callier still here. Sometimes you never know. Best, martin
  4. Hi, I know I'm a bit late but do you still have the Terry Callier on Cadet fir sale? Thanks Martin
  5. Hi looking for an og copy. Thanks M.
  6. All prices in EUR, plus shipping from germany.PayPal as gift/friends please.Thanks for looking! The Energettics* - You Make Me Nothing (7") Label:Cobra Records (13) Kat.-Nr.: 45-004 (VG+) original copy, ring wear, wol 165€ Betty Wright - Slip And Do It (7") Label:Alston Records Kat.-Nr.: 3718 (VG) 10€ Arlene Brown* And Lee "Shot" Williams* / Arlene Brown* - Impeach Me Baby / You're Gonna Miss Me (7") Label:Dynamite Records (5) Kat.-Nr.: 8664 (VG) cue burn few rotations at the begining on A side 10€ Oscar Brown Jr. - Brother Where Are You / Burning Fire (7"
  7. Plus shipping from germany, paypal as friends/family please. Thanks for looking! The Energettics* ‎– You Make Me Nothing Label: Cobra Records ‎– 45-004 1974 Original copy / VG+ / penmark on lable, some ringwear / $175 check the mix below at around 1h Fire 'N' Brimstone ‎– Into Yourself / Life's Lesson Label: LARJ ‎– 31390 Nice slice of Arizona sister-funk, VG++ actual copy of both sides attached below / $150 Hold Johnny Mae Mathews* ‎– My Momma Didn't Lie Label: Big Hit Records ‎– TZ 108 VG++ / actual copy of both sides attached below / $60
  8. Hi, looking for a copy in vg+ or better condition. Thanks!
  9. NM copy of the modern tune. Looking for $135 inclusiv registered shipping ww. paypal as friend/gift or add 4% on top. Thanks for looking. Best, Martin
  10. Small list across the board. All prices in GBP incl. regular shipping ww. paypal as gift please, otherwise add 4% on top. Pics or soundfiles on request. Serious offers are welcome.. Thanks for looking! John Washington - Daddy Teddybear / Burn In The Calendar (Sandwash) NM / 45GBP Janie Marden ‎– They Long To Be Close To You / This Empty Place (Decca) UK F 12101 / NM / 50GBP Unknown calypso steel drum funk tune for sale. Cold Sweat & Steel - Bad Luck / Second Chance (Westside Boys) NM / 150 GBP The Esquires - Listen To Me / Get On Up (Bunky) NM sol / 25GBP
  11. Hi, any help much appreciated. thanks for looking! Martin
  12. Looking for the Gene Page arrangement in vg+ or better condition. thanks! Martin
  13. ...looking for the yellow Forte issue in vg+ or better condition. Thanks!
  14. Hi there, looking for the og copy on Soulpotion. Thanks, Martin
  15. Superb double-sider. I´ve heard the song "Remember Me" is dedicated to a band member who died at a car accident. Really great record, love both sides.
  16. In demand latin-funk record for sale: La Tribu - Na Na Na / Por Perderte / No Te Quiero Mas (I Don´t Love You No More) This is the rarer three track EP which includes the instrumental version of "Na Na Na" and comes with OG factory sleeve. Record is VG, some ring wear, two visible scratches on the "No Te Quiero Mas" side which cause some clicks at the end of the track, nothing serious perfect DJ copy, soundfile/scans available. Sleeve is VG with some writings. Looking for $125 including registered shipping ww. PayPal as gift please. Thanks for looking! (file not from my copy)
  17. Hi, unfortunately I lost one of my stylus gurads for Grado DJ200i catridge (DJ100 are working aswell). If you have a spare (or two) please let me know, I absolutely need the guard to carry my catridge. I already contacted Grado support but they don´t offer the guards seperately. Well, any help would be much appreciated. Thanks for looking! Martin
  18. Petar my friend crazy fast, thanks!...pm me your details bro.!
  19. Hi there, looking for the name/artist of a tune. It´s a funky modern track with a catchy guitar. The beat is similiar to "Pamoja - Ooh Baby" but a bit faster. lyrics start with.. "...My name is Ray, listen what I got to say, this is the E, the A wanna say hey yah....(something I don´t understand) ... we´re the best band in the land ...get on the floor and dance some more...we´re are here yeah, to boogie down....electrics sounds... refrain: electric sounds, electric sounds, electric sounds ...get out." Well, that´s it Help much appreciated and thanks for looking!

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