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  1. Michele, Billy Storm here...
  2. Jammin with shorty? Have a nice vg+, make me an offer!
  3. Make me an offer for Pablo... no silly ones though... EX copy
  4. Hi Jukka, perfect copy here...
  5. honestly, I did not expect that it is that complicated... anyway, if some of you guys have a problem with this... edited
  6. Payment by Paypal Family & Friends or add fees. NO OFFERS! Most of the records are NM, i avoid to grade too optimistic so they are listed EX Pearl Dowell - Good Thing (SAADIA ORANGE!!) EX 750 EUR Honey & The Bees - Love Addict (ARCTIC) EX 1000 EUR Marilyn Barbarin - Reborn (BO-SOUND) EX 600 EUR Big Ella - The Queen (RUSH) EX 200 EUR Althea Spencer - Take Me Baby (AV INTERNATIONAL) EX 750 EUR Richi Corbin Trio - A Woman Was Made For A Man (RED LABEL) EX 750 EUR Delores Ealy - It's About Time I Made A Change (VELVET) EX 400 EUR Gloria Williams - Sister Funk (DOWNTOWN) EX 300 EUR Sheila Wilkerson - Baby You're A Jive Cat (RFT) EX 400 EUR Leon Mitchison - What Cha Need (MITCHITONE) EX 750 EUR Barbara Howard - I Don't Want Your Love (S. REECE) EX 400 EUR Shirlean Williams & The Tempos Band - This Is A Song (ELVITRUE) EX 1000 EUR Sundia - Stand Up An Be A Man (UNITED) EX 600
  7. Still need one? EX copy here
  8. NO OFFERS Payment by paypal Family & Friends or add the fees. Prices incl. reg. shipping Mickey & The Soul Generation – How Good Is Good/Get Down Brother (MR G) EX 1750 EUR Lil Buck & The Top Cats – Cat Scream/Monkey In A Sack (La Louisianne) EX 1000 EUR Arthur Monday – What Goes Around Comes Around/Pt. 2 (STAGE MUSIC) EX 1000 EUR Soul Drifter – Funcky Brother/Pt. 2 (SMOKE) EX 3500 EUR Soul Patrol – Don’t Knock The Cop/Peter Pan (ZUMA) EX 1000 EUR The Shades Of Black – Mystery Of Black/Pt. 2 (JULMAR) EX 750 EUR Jay Floyd – Push Push (HELPP) EX 750 EUR Fabulous Souls – Take Me (FABULOUS SOUL, Green) EX 500 EUR Earl English & The Apaches – Trying To Make Ends Meet (SIX TOE) EX 1500 EUR The Ebony Rhythm Band – Soul Heart Transplant/Drugs Ain’t Cool (LAMP) EX 3000 EUR Little Jimmy Edward – Slapping Some Soul Upon Me (KEY-LOC’) EX 750 EUR 6 Pak – There Was A Time (TRIP UNIVERSAL) EX WOL 900 EUR Joni Adams & The Fenderman 70 – Las Vegas (ZODIAC INTERNATIONAL) EX 500 EUR The 6 Degree South – Loving You Is Too Far Out/Pt. 2 (6 DEGREE SOUTH) EX 1750 EUR Carleen & The Groovers – Right On/The Thing (MUSIC WORLD) VG+, 1500 EUR Jimmy Bo Horne – Hey There Jim (DIG) EX 500 EUR The Chefs – Mr. Machine (PRO-GRESS) EX 1500 EUR Dayton Sidewinders – Funky in Here (CARLCO) EX 1000 EUR L.G. & The Incredible Soul Seekers – Big Head/Craw Finger Soul (STEPPIN STONE) EX 1500 EUR The Hustlers 1970 – You Can’t Hide The Truth (SOUL BEAT1) VG+ 1000 EUR Carleen & The Groovers – Can We Rap/Hot Pants (CJB) EX, a tiny scratch on one side which causes a few clicks at the intro, 2500 EUR Rickey Caloway – Tell Me/Pt. 2 (JAYVILLE) EX 1000 EUR Fire – Flight To Cuba (BAY TOWN) EX 1000 EUR New Life Band - New Life Is Out To Get You (FRAN) EX 1500 EUR Black Soul Express – Party Time (BLACK SOUL EXPRESS) VG+, slightly warped DNAP 1250 EUR The Great Deltas – Tra La La (EGLEWOOD) EX 3000 EUR Leon Gardner – Farm Song (IGLOO) EX 1750 EUR Gloria Taylor – Brother Less Than A Man (HOUSE GUEST) EX 1500 EUR Tickled Pink – Reach Out (KNIP) EX 1500 EUR Majestics – Funky Chick (MORSOUND) EX, dark black Label 1000 EUR Timothy McNealy – Funky Movement/Will You Be There (SHAWN) EX 500 Nadine Brown – Leave Me Alone (SOUND PERFECTION) EX 1250 EUR Fabulous Mark III – Psycho (TWINK) VG+ 1250 EUR Frankie & The Damons – Bad Woman (DAMONS) EX 750 EUR Corvettes – I Want To Know Do You Love Me (CORVETTES) EX 2000 EUR Apollos Show Band – Peace Still is With Us (-) EX 1000 EUR The Scorpion – Leo (SBP) EX, label peeled off on the flip side 1500 EUR Williams Bros. - Ghetto Boy (JENMAR) EX 500 EUR Auguste Ramirez – Let A Woman Be A Woman (EL ZARAPE) EX 500 EUR Big X & The Night Hawks – Do The Click Clack (METROLINA SOUL) 900 EUR Pearly Queen – Quit Jive’ In (SOUND TRIANGLE) EX 1500 EUR Paul Jackson – Quack Quack Quack (HOLLYWOOD) EX 600 EUR The New Establishment in Soul – Whip It (GRANTS) EX 1750 EUR Apple & the Three Oranges – Curse Upon The World (SAGITTARIUS) EX 1500 EUR The Williams Bros. – Rap On (TWAIN) EX 1750 EUR Wanda Davis – Save Me (PROJEKT SOUL) EX warped DNAP 1500 EUR Soul Motoivation – Hard Times (SOUL TOWN) VG+ to EX 1000 EUR BIOSIS NOW- Independent Bahamas (-) EX 800 EUR The Prince Of Soul – Funky Loving (GENT’s) EX 750 EUR Soul Hustlers – Super Party (LINCO) EX 1000 EUR Michael Liggins & The Super Soul – Loaded to The Grills (MIGHTY) EX 900 EUR Markus Kelly – Pushin’ to The Top (WHITE EAGLE) EX 750 EUR Soul Serenaders – Chicken & Rice (JOSEY) EX 600 EUR Soul Dynamics – Stay In The Groove (WAND PROMO!!!) VG+ 1000 EUR Reginals Milton – Clap Your Hands (MILTON) EX 1500 EUR Soul Vibrations – The Dump (VIBRANT) VG+ Label decoloured 1600 EUR J. Young With the Fab. Dobbs – The Mess (NA JMA) EX 1000 EUR The Violators – Hung Up (NEW CHICAGO SOUND) EX 500 EUR JGD & The New Breed – Ghetto/North Richmond Breakaway (OMPC) EX RL 1000 EUR Cold Fire – Cash Register (KRAM) EX 400 EUR Union – Strike (MESA) EX 500 EUR Allison and Calvin & The Soundmasters – Stinky Franky (CALCOMO) EX 1000 EUR Mr. Dynamite – Sh’mon (SOUL TIME) EX XOL 750 EUR Leon Gardner – You Don’t Care (IGLOO) EX 600 EUR Charles Simmons – Save The World (HITSOUND) EX 500 EUR The Soul Lifters – Brothers & Sisters/Hot, Funky & Sweaty (HOF) EX 1250 EUR The Universouls – New Generation (EXPRESSION) VG/VG-, plays OK 1000 EUR Soul Chargers – Charge It Up Baby (AMERICAN) EX 1000 EUR Rickey Andrews – Chances Are the Dance Is Mine (MARSLATOUR) VG to VG+, play nice 800 EUR The Outlaw Gang – Funky Fast Bump/Weed hopper (RUDI) EX 1500 EUR Road Runners – Every Man For himself (CUSTOM SOUNDS) EX 1000 EUR The Fun Company – Zambezi (FUNCO) EX 1500 EUR Franky Seay & The Soul Riders – Soul Food (TROPICAL) EX 1000 EUR The Emanons – The Penbuin (SPEIDEL) EX 900 EUR Leon Mitchison – Street Scene (MITCHITONE) EX 750 EUR The Natural Band/ASWARDS – There Was/I’m So Proud (NATURAL ORGANIZATION) EX 800 Billy Storm & The Tempests – Apologize (LE MANS) EX 650 EUR The Mel Prod. Band – Do The Airplane (MEL PRODUCTION) VG+ to EX 600 Down Beats – Say The Word (DAWN) VG+ 500 EUR The Exciters – Express Yourself (LOYOLA) EX 750 EUR Bobby Williams Group – Dance Of The Sophisticated Sissy/Deatsie (SEVEN B) EX 500 House Guest – My Mind Set Me Free (HOUSE GUEST) EX 400 EUR Billy Young – Suffering With A Hangover (JOYJA) EX 500 Walter Washington - Pony Express (SCRAM) EX 400 Russell Gordon & The Versatile Souls – Double Booty Bump (JAY-CEE) EX 750 EUR Tee ‘N’ Cee LTD – Tighten Up With Soul (RISING SOUL) VG+ 600 EUR
  9. EX copy at 300€ incl. reg. Shipping here!
  10. Record is VG+ to EX condition. 3000 EUR Reg. shipping included, paypal Family & Friends or Fees Not the copy for sale... You Tube....
  11. Prices in EUR, plus 8 EUR Shipping, payment via paypal as gift or 4% fees Bobby Hamilton – How Come (APT) VG+ 100€ Irma Thomas – I Did My Part (MINIT) NM 75€ Milton Grayson – It Ain’t Necessarily So (KEEN) NM 75€ Victoria Williams & JB Ledbetter – Show Some Sign (VERVE) EX 250€ Ray Barretto – Pasttime Paradise (CTI Promo) EX 275€ Jimmy Gilford – Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby (THELMA) EX SOL 300€ Frank Minion – How Much Land (VIK) EX 220€ Joe Johnson – Rattlesnake, Baby (GALAXY) EX warped DNAP, 175€ Mary Johnson – These Tears (QUEEN) WLP EX 150€ Kenny Rankin – In The Name Of Love (COLUMBIA) EX WLP 175€ Billy Gales – I’m Hurting (SHOCK) EX 100€
  12. Paypal FF, reg. Shipping included. Insurance at cost... Buddy Cantell - You Ain’t No Good/why Did You Leave Me (TUSKA) EX SOL, OFFERS Love Experience - Are you Together For The New Day/Waiting For Your Love (CHERRY) NM XOL 1500€ The Georgia Soul Twisters - Look Out! I‘m Going To Blow Your Mind/Mother Duck (WAXWING) EX 1250€ The Soul Authority Unlimited - Get Up Off It Baby/You Are My Darling (BET) EX, fine WOL 2000€ Tommy Hansley Tell‘Um About It (C&E) EX 1000€ The Fabulous Soul Masters - I Can‘t See Nobody/Funky Thing (TENER) VG+ 1750€ The Soul Machine - Funky Nassau/Can You Remember (SOUND HOUSE) EX 1000€ Andrew Brown - You Made Me Suffer/Blue Monday (BRAVE) VG, plays nice 2000€
  13. The T.M.G.'s - "What Can I Do/The Hatch (SOUL SHAKE) Nice condition needed - ANYONE?

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