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  1. The Quotations - I Don't Have To Worry (DIVENUS) Anyone?
  2. BadSamba

    The Black On White Affair

    The Black On White Affair ‎– Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother / A Bunch Of Changes (TOPAZ)
  3. BadSamba

    Sam Baker (ATHENS)

    Sam Baker „The Bump“ (ATHENS) Anyone?
  4. Jimmy Ricks - Daddy Rolling Stone (ATCO) Vg to vg+ 150€ Very conservative grading, plays really nice!! White label promo
  5. BadSamba

    Mack Rice (LUPINE)

    Mack Rice - Baby, I‘m Coming Home (LUPINE) EX 125€ plus shipping, paypal ff or fees
  6. A Few for Sale: Ann Sexton – You’ve Been Gone Too Long (77 yellow) WOL, VG to VG+, plays very nice 100 EUR Jimmy Ricks – Daddy Rolling Stone (ATCO) WLP, VG to VG+, plays very nice 150 EUR Tommy Hunt – The Work Song (SCEPTER) WOL, EX, 100 EUR HOLD Honey & The Bees – Baby, Do That Thing (ARCTIC) WLP, EX 150 EUR Paypal FF or Fees, plus 5 EUR for reg. shipping.
  7. BadSamba

    Johnny Cool (CUSTOM)

    Haha, thanks for this... just corrected the label name
  8. BadSamba

    Johnny Cool (CUSTOM)

    Johnny Cool - The Love Bounce (CUSTOM)
  9. BadSamba

    Winfield Parker (ARCTIC)

    Winfield Parker - Shake That Thing (ARCTIC) Good nick! Anyone?
  10. Maybe worth a try...!?
  11. BadSamba

    Nolan Porter

    Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure (ABC) Anyone for a fair price?
  12. BadSamba

    Roger Washington -You're Too Much (JOE DAVIS)

    thats a bit too much for me... i‘m willing to pay between 150 and 200 for a top copy!