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  1. More stuff (not listed yet). Prices Inch. reg. shipping, PayPal f&f or fees Sir Guy Funky Virginia DPG EX 150 € SOLD George Campbell Party People NORTH CAROLINA SUPER STAR VG+ 150 € SOLD Dynamic Walter B Butter Toast PLAYGROUND EX 75 € George Campbell Double Bump SHANTEE FANIA VG 150 € Sunday Soul Soul BreakR-JAY EX 125 € Dennis Lee Funky Penguin/Pt. 2 (instr.) JENMARK VG+ slight RW 200 € The UFOs Too Hot To Hold RISING SOUL EX SOL 125 € Elmer Parker Going To New York BLUE JAY EX 175 € Little Ed It's a Dream FISED EX 150 € Sentimental Souls Getting In The Groove P&P EX 150 € Donnie Sanders Shing-A-Ling Baby AFTON EX 150 € JC Davis Coconut Brown NEW DAY EX 75 € Flame & The Sons Of Darkness Solid Funk P&P EX 200 € Steve Soul Popcorn With a Feeling KING VG+ LW 125 € Superiors Band The Lady BARVIS EX 125 € Ron Buford Deep Soul CAMELOT EX 150 € Al Trahan Can I Feel It SPINDLETOP EX 150 € Zapata Do your thing METRO-DOME EX 100 € Ron Anthony Just Funky NU SOUNDEX 100 € Donny Tee Funky Rooster ROGA VG+ 150 € Spotlights Gittin' It Down I R EX 400 € Beverly Crosby That Didn't Stop Me MPR EX WOL 175 € Souls Unlimited Tha Raving Vampire WIGWAM EX 100 € Piney Brown Everything But You DEEP GROOVE EX 100 € Ron Buford More Soul CAMELOT EX 100 € Mike Dorane & CimmaronsPenguin Funk AUKEE EX UK Label 150 € Dog Catchers Nasty Dog JATO EX fine WOL 150 € Idris Muhammad Express Yourself/Super Bad PRESTIGE EX 100 € New Jersey Queens & Friends Party And Don't Worry About It MAGNET EX 125 € Gene Willis & The Aggregation Shing-A-Ling's The Thing/We Got It CORONADO EX 150 € Frank Pen Goombay Bump PENN'S EX 125 € Lucky & The Family Jail SoulDEAN VG+ 400 € The Kats The New Bump & Twist CLE-AN-THAIR VG+ 250 € Jacky Harris Work your Flapper B&P EX 150 € High Voltage Unlimited Bad Luck D. DONALDSONS EX 300 € Jonny James I'm Addicted To Your Love/Ali Shuffle BLACK PAINT & CO. VG Plays fine 400 € Dayton Sidewinders Funky Chicken Stew CARLCO EX 150 € The Soul Stars Soul Strut BAJA EX 100 € Eugene Blacknell The Trip BOOLA-BOOLA EX 200 € Jacky Shane You Are My Sunshine/Stand Up Straight And Tall MODERN EX 150 € Gene Williams Don't Let Your Love Fade Away/Whatever You Do FORTE EX slight LW 175 € Eugene Blacknell We Know We Got To Live Together SEASIDE EX 150 € The Lumpen Free Bobby Now BLACK PANTHER PARTY PROD. EX 150 € James Polk & The Brothers Stick-To-It-Tive-NESS/The Robot SONOBEAT EX 200 € Jimmy Mayes Monkey Shine DE CABALLERO EX 100 € Sons Of Darkness Funyk Thing/How Much I Love You P&P EX 300 € Prince Brownell New Breed From A Soul Seed A BEM SOLE EX 150 € Enchanting Enchanters Boss Action/No One In This World BENMOKEITH EX 300 € Dayton Sidewinders Go Ahead On CARLCO EX 150 € Lee Fields She's A LoveMaker/We're Gonna Make Love LA SHAWN EX 350 € Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers Searching For Soul MUTT EX 175 € All The People Cramp Your Style/Watcha Gonna Do About It BLUE CANDLE EX DH 50 € Bobby King Fat Bag MOS-BEE EX 200 € Soul Sender's Soul Brothers Testify ANLA EX 125 €
  2. Pearly Queen - Quit Jive’ In (SOUND TRIANGLE) EX, 1500€ incl. Reg shipping. Paypal F&F or fees Copy for sale:
  3. Deep Funk banger with the sweetest Soul side: The Love Experience - "Are You Together For The New Day/Waiting For Your Love" (CHERRY RED) EX XOL, 1500 EUR, paypal f&f or fees, reg. shipping included! Here is the record for sale... Sweet Flip (only for reference...)
  4. One of my all time favourites... 6 Degree South - Loving You is Too Far Out (6 DEGREE SOUTH) EX 1750 EUR, paypal f&f or fees, reg. shipping incl. Record for sale... booom:
  5. Soul Monster with a pretty nice Funk flip: Georgia Soul Twisters - Look Out I'm Going To Blow Your Mind/Mother Duck (WAXWING) EX 1250 EUR, PayPal f&f or fees, reg. shipping incl. Listen (clip only for reference) And the Funk flip… It's the copy for sale:
  6. Here, EX condition as far as i remember. Feel free to PM
  7. Tyree Davis - I‘m Leaving You In Jody‘s Hands (METROLINA SOUL) VG+ 750€ paypal f&f or fees, reg. Shipping included
  8. Anyone in nice playing condition?
  9. Franky Seay, Little Beaver, Mighty Dogcatchers, Billy Storm SOLD!
  10. Hi mike, sure... clean labels, have a look at the YT clip on my chanel: heawyweightfunk45s you also can give me you email adress in pm and i will send you fresh pics
  11. Fasten your seedbelts, some serious heavyweight champions here... I will listen to serious offers, no silly ones, please! Prices including reg. shipping, payment by paypal family & friends or fees. Questions? Feel free to ask! 1984 There Is A Twinkle In Your Time ROUND VG+ 1.000 € - Make Love A Hurting Thing/Take It Get It HIT BOUND VG- to VG plays OK 600 € 2nd Armendment Band Backtalk MONET EX Sticker removement on Label 500 € 400 Years Of What Get Down People COUNTERPART EX 400 € 6 Degree South Loving You Is Too Far Out 6 DEGREE SOUTH EX 1.750 € 6 Pak There Was A Time TRIP UNIVERSAL EX WOL 900 € Albert Washinton You're Messing Up My Mind PRESTON VG+ to EX 500 € Allen Matthews Allen's Party BUBBLES VG+ 500 € Allison and Calvin & The Soundmasters Stinky Franky CALCOMO EX 1.000 € Althea Spencer Take Me Baby AV INTERNATIONAL EX 750 € Andrew Brown You Made Me Suffer BRAVE VG plays nice 2.000 € Anthony Burns Doing Wht You Need To Do CASTLEWAY EX 400 € Apollis What It Is SOUL SET EX 250 € Apollos Show Band Peace Still Is With Us - EX 1.000 € Apple & The 3 Oranges Free And Easy STAGE MUSIC VG plays fine 200 € Apple & The Three Oranges Free And Easy STANSON EX 200 € Arthur Monday What Goes Aroungs Comes Around STAGE MUSIC EX 1.000 € Auguste Ramirez Let A Woman Be A Woman EL ZAPARE EX 500 € Bad Medicine Trespasser ENYX EX 250 € Barbara Howard I Don'T Want Your Love S. REECE EX 400 € Benny Perkins Funky Feet B&M EX 300 € Big Al & The Star Treks Funky Funk DOUBLE M EX 500 € Big Ella The Queen RUSH EX 200 € Big X & The Night Hawks Do The Click Cklack METROLINA SOUL EX 900 € Billy Garner You'r Waisting My Time NEW DAY EX 200 € Billy Reed Let Your Hair Down Baby MEN-DEL EX 900 € Billy Storm & The Tempests Apologize LE MANS EX 650 € Billy Thomas Southers Fried Chicken SAVOY EX 400 € Billy Young Suffering With A Hangover JOYJA EX 500 € Bily John & The Continentals Slap It To Me JIN EX 350 € Black Lites Pterodactyl/BL Movement SALT CITY EX 700 € Black Sunshine The Electric Skunk KYLES VG+ 600 € Blenders Nothing But Party COBRA EX 500 € Blue Rhythmn Combo Take The Funky Feeling MERRY DISC EX 400 € Bobby Allen & The Exceptions Soul Chicken SOUL SOUND EX 500 € Bobby King & His Silver Foxx Band Fat Bag MOS-BEE EX 250 € Bobby Williams All The Time TROPICAL VG to VG+ plays fine 700 € Bobby Williams Let's Work A While NOR-MAR VG to VG+ SOL 150 € Bobby Williams Group Dance Of The Sophisticated Sissy SEVEN B EX 500 € Brothers Seven Evil Ways GOOD LUCK EX 500 € Carleen & The Groovers Can We Rap/Hot Pants CJB EX few clicks at the intro 2.500 € Carleen & The Groovers Right On/The Thing MUSIC WORLD VG+ 1.500 € Carlton Basco Don't Chain My Soul FREEDOM EX 250 € Charles Simmons Save The World HITSOUND EX 500 € Chocolate Snow A Day In The Life SOLO EX 350 € Chuck Carbo Can I Be Your Squeeze FIRE BALL EX 300 € Chuck Colbert & Viewpoint Stay CAILLIER EX 300 € Clarence Curvan Feeling Nice CHARLIE'S EX 350 € Cold Fire Cash Register KRAM EX 400 € Communicators & Black Experience Band The Road TRI OAK EX 750 € Concepts Got To Be A Chance KUSTOM EX 400 € Corvettes I Want To Know Do You Love Me - EX 2.000 € Creations Unlimited Crystal Illusion SOUL KITCHEN EX 1.000 € David Robinson I'm A Carpenter ORBITONE EX 700 € Dayton Sidewinders Go Head On CARLCO EX 200 € Detroit Sex Machines The Stretch SOUL TRACK VG- to VG Plays OK 750 € Devils Workshop Satan's Soul - EX 400 € Donald Ray Strut Your Stuff ASLON EX 350 € Down Beats Say The World DAWN VG+ 500 € Duralcha Ghet-To Funk MIRCOTRONICS EX warped DNAP 450 € Dynamic Corvettes Funky Chicken DYNAMIC SOUND EX 500 € Earl Carter & The Fantastic 6 Shake Yopur Poo Poo PRINCESS EX 900 € Earl English & The Apaches Trying To Make Ends Meet SIX TOE EX 1.500 € Educators Band Everybody Doing Their Thing DY-RICH EX MOL 200 € Elmer Parker Going To Lousiana RARE BIRD EX 200 € Emanons The Penbuin SPEIDEL EX 900 € Enchanting Enchanters Boss Action/No One In This World BENMOKEITH EX 350 € Ernie & The Top Notes Dap Walk FORDOM VG Plays nice 400 € ET White Funky Soul Shake/Psycho GREAT POTENTIAL EX 300 € Eugene Blacknell The Trip BOOLA-BOOLA EX 200 € Exciters Express Yourself LOYOLA EX 750 € Fabulous Caprices Groovy World CAMARO EX 500 € Fabulous Originals It Ain't Fair But It's Fun JEWEL EX 500 € Fabulous Soul Masters I Can‘t See Nobody/Funky Thing TENER VG+ small scratch on Funky Thing 1.750 € Fabulous Souls Take Me FABULOUS SOUL, Green EX 500 € Fire Flight To Cuba BAY TOWN EX 1.000 € Flack & Company Disco TNT SUN DANCE EX 400 € Fun Company Zambezi FUNCO EX 1.500 € Funky Fize Because You're Funky ROYCE EX 750 € Funky Nassau Bahama Soul Stew DRIVE VG+ 500 € Gamith Darkness/Don't Change Me JSJ VG to VG+ Plays very nice 750 € Gaturs Gator Bait GATUR EX 300 € Gene Anderson The Gigolo ROYAL-TONE EX 350 € Georgia Soul Twisters Look Out! I‘m Going To Blow Your Mind/Mother Duck WAXWING EX 1.250 € Gloria Taylor Brother Less Than A Man HOUSE GUEST EX 1.500 € Gloria Williams Sister Funk DOWNTOWN EX 300 € Grandby St. Redevelopement Jelly Roll LEGRAND EX 300 € Great Deltas Tra La La ENGLEWOOD EX 3.000 € Guitar Ray Funky Pete HOT-LINE EX 300 € Hard Drivers feat. Vivin Lee Since I Was A Little Firl HAWES EX slightly warped 500 € Harmonica Paul Motherless Child JUDE EX 300 € Harvey & The Phenomenals Soul & Sunshine DA-WOOD EX 600 € Henry Peters Master Groove SOUL BAG VG+ 700 € Herb Johnson Settlement Damph F'Aint TOXAN VG+ 450 € Herman Hitson Ain't No Other Way SWEET ROSE EX 1.000 € High Voltage Unlimited Bad Luck D. DONALDSONS EX 300 € Highlighters Band Funky 16 Corners 3 DIAMONDS EX 1.000 € Honey & The Bees Love Addict ARCTIC EX 1.000 € House Guest My Mind Setz Me Free HOUSE GUEST EX 400 € Human Race Grey Boy/Human Race GEM EX 300 € Hunter & His Games How you Get Higher STACEY EX 800 € Hustlers 1970 You Can'T Hide The Truth SOUL BEAT 1 VG+ 1.000 € J. Young with The Fab. Dobbs The Mess NA JMA EX 1.000 € Jacky Harris Work Your Flapper B&P EX 200 € Jake Wade & The Soul Searchers Searching for Soul MUTT EX 300 € James Bell & The Highlighters Poppin' Popcorn/Amazing Love ROJAM VG- to VG plays OK 200 € James Hanns & The Soul Entertainers It's A Fine Thing RAYNARD VG+ to EX 350 € James Polk & The Brothers Just Pain Funk TWINK EX 700 € James Polk & The Brothers Power Struggle TWINK VG+ to EX 750 € Jay Floyd Push Push HELPP EX 750 € Jimmy Bo Horne Hey There Jim DIG EX 500 € Jimmy James Thomas I Can't Dance CINN SOUND EX 700 € Jimmy Lane & The Incredible 5 Deal With It/What Kind Of Man LITTLE EX 1.000 € John Bradley & The Swinging Soul Seekers Four In The Floor MELODIC EX 700 € Johnny K Screwdriver DRIVE EX 400 € Johnny Morisette I'm Hungry J&J EX 500 € Joni Adams & The Fenderman 70 Las Vegas ZODAC INTERNATIONAL EX 500 € Kenny & The Loveliters Go For Yourself FLO-ROE EX 400 € L. G. & The Incredible Soul Seekers Big Head/Craw Finger Soul STEPPIN STONE EX 1.500 € LA Bare Faxx Super Cool Brothers WATTS USA VG to VG+ plays very nice 750 € La-Mars Rockstead/Col Is Back BECKMAN EX 800 € Latin Breed I Turn You On GC EX 600 € Latin Breed Hard To Handle GC EX 400 € Lee Austin Screwdriver INTERNATIONAL BROTHERS EX 200 € Lee Fields She's a Love Maker/We're Gonna Make Love LASHAWN EX 500 € Lee Harris I'm Gonna Get You/Don't Let Your Love Fade Away FORTE VG+ 400 € Leon Gardner Farm Song IGLOO EX 1.750 € Leon Gardner You Don't Care IGLOO EX 600 € Leon Mitchison Street Scene MITCHITONE EX 750 € Leroy & The Drivers The Sad Chicken DUO EX 500 € Leroy & The Fabulous Rocking Soul Band Just Jiving Around MR G EX 600 € Leroy Price Exotic's Thing IMAGE VG Label Damage 900 € Lil Buck & The Top Cats Monkey In A Sack/Cat Scream LA LOUISIANNE EX 1.000 € Lil Ray Soul Power UPSTREAM EX 300 € Littel Curtis & The Blues Soul Desire/Please Keep Me VANCO EX 1.000 € Little Ceasar I Can't Stand It/Love Is A Beautiful Thing SPOT EX 500 € Little Jimmy Edward Slapping Some Soul Upon Me KEY-LOC EX 750 € Love Experience Are You Togheter For The New Day CHERRY EX XOL 1.500 € Little Jr. Jesse Funky Stuff METRO-DOME EX 500 € M.B.'s Honky Rabbit B-JET EX 500 € Makus Kelly Pushin' To The Top WHITE EAGLE EX 750 € Marily Barbarin Reborn BO-SOUND EX 600 € Masters Party Time MASTERS EX 750 € Mayor & The Lieutenenats Communicating H VG+ 400 € Michael Liggins & The Super Souls Loaded To The Grills MIGHTY EX 900 € Mickey & The Soul Genereation Iron Leg/Chocolate GC EX 300 € Mighty Steps Of Thythm Funky Variation ROYAL VG to VG+ plays very nice 1.000 € Monica Freedom/Sunny TOXAN EX 200 € Montereys Get Down NGC EX 500 € Morgan Gettin' Into Business OUTSIDER FRANCE EX with Picture Cover 800 € Mr. Dynamite Sh'mon SOUL TIME EX XOL 750 € Mr. Gee & The Fifth Generation We Got A Funky feeling CAM VG RW, fine WOL 900 € Nadine Brown Leave Me Alone SOUND PERFECTION EX 1.250 € New Establishment In Soul Whip It GRANTS EX 1.750 € New Life Band New Life Is Out To Get You FRAN EX 1.500 € Nola & The Soul Rockers Reach Down And Get It GOLDLEAF EX 900 € Notables Funky Frog SOUND CITY EX 200 € Oceanliners Funky Pants BLUE CANDLE EX 400 € Oladepo Ogomodede It's Your thing ACTION EX 500 € Original Soul Patrol Soul Patrol/Please Accept My Love MAR-KEE VG plays ok 500 € Originals Orch. Who Dun It SOK-IT EX 300 € Outlaw Gang Funky Fast Bump/Weed Hopper RUDI EX 1.500 € Paul Jackson Quack, Quack, Quack HOLLYWOOD EX 600 € Peacemakers Don't Push Your Luck STAR EX 800 € Pearly Queen Whit Jive' In SOUND TRIANGLE EX 1.500 € Perk Badger Do Your Stuff HIT SOUND EX 400 € Phillips Bros I Got Hurt NOW EX 500 € Prepositions Funky Desposition/Something Different MOVEMENT VG ringwear, Plays fine 500 € Preston Love Cissy Popcorn/Funky Chicken LEM EX French, Picture Sleeve EX 400 € Preston Love Cissy Popcorn/Funky Chicken HUDSON EX 400 € Price Of Soul Funky Loving GENTS EX 750 € Primitive Creation Of Music/She Plyed Me For A Fool PRIMITIVE EX 200 € Prophet Soul Kick The 'habit SAXTON VG+ to EX 500 € Ray & His Court Cookie Crumbs SOUND TRIANGLE EX 750 € Ray Dawson & The Ohio Soulsters Hell Of A Thing - VG- plays ok 700 € Realations Blow Your Mind A BAM SOLE EX 1.000 € Reginald Milton Clap Your Hands MILTON EX 1.500 € Rhythm Machine The Kick LULU VG+ 350 € Richi Corbin Trio A Woman Was Made For A Man RED LABEL EX 750 € Rickey Calloway Get It Right CAMARO EX 1.000 € Robbie Hill's Family Affair All In The Family - EX 300 € Robert Jay Alcohol Jo Ann EX 500 € Robert Moore Can't Help Myself/Everything's Gonna Be All Right SAADIA EX 600 € Rocky Gil Oily TEAR DROP EX 400 € Russell Gordon & The Versatile Souls Double Booty Bump JAY-CEE EX 750 € Rusty & The Upsetters Ball Of Confusion PARADISE VG+ to EX 900 € Scacy & The Sound Service Sunshine SCACY EX 200 € Shades Of Black Mystery Of Black JULMAR EX 750 € Sheila Wilkerson Baby You're A Jive Cat RFT EX 400 € Shelley Fisher I'll Leave You Girl/Saint James Infirmary APRIL EX 1st Label! 500 € Sheppard Brothers Night Flight WORLD WIDE EX 800 € Shirlean Williams & The Tempos Band This Is A Song ELVITRUE EX 1.000 € Skin Williams Skins Funk MIL-SMI EX 200 € Smokin Shades Of Black Grease Wheels STEM EX 750 € Solicitors Music For The Brothers/Get With It METRO EX 600 € Soul Agents She's Blowing My Mind HOECUTT EX 350 € Soul Authority Unlimited Get Up Off It Baby BET EX fine WOL 2.000 € Soul Combination Soul Combination INVOLVED EX 500 € Soul Controllers Right On, Brother/I Ain't Lyin CAT EX 350 € Soul Dukes Jelly Fish/Soul 69 HI-WAY EX 450 € Soul Dynamics Stay In The Groove WAND VG+ PROMO!!! 1.000 € Soul Excitement Stay Together PINK DOLPHIN EX 750 € Soul Explosives Ain't No Sunshine/Trying To Get Down BORMEH EX 600 € Soul Fantastics Funky Puggin DISCOS SONO RADIO EX 500 € Soul Hustlers Super Party LINCO EX 1.000 € Soul Machine Funky Nassau/Can You Remember Me SOUND HOUSE EX 1.000 € Soul Motivation Hard Times SOUL TWON VG+ to EX 1.000 € Soul Patrol Don't Knock The Cop/Peter Pan ZUMA EX 1.000 € Soul President Get It Right BIG MACK EX 500 € Soul Relation Mongo Strut BEETLE EX 400 € Soul Serenaders Chicken & Rice JOSEY EX 600 € Soul Seven Mr. Chicken…/The Cissy's Thang SOULTEX EX 650 € Soul Tornados Slippery Soul/The Hawk HEAD EX 350 € Soul Vibrations The Dump VIBRANT VG+ Label decoloured 1.600 € Soulfadelics The Bi Chase/I Am Willing To Change MIL-SMI VG+ to EX 400 € Spitting Image JB's Latin MASAI EX 600 € Sundia Stand Up And Be A Man UNITED EX 600 € Sunny & The Sunliners Get Down KEY-LOC EX 300 € Sunrise Ease It To Me WHIT VG+ 300 € Suspicious Can Openers Fever In Your Hot Pants MO-SOUL EX 800 € Tabby Thomas One Day SOUL INTERNATIONAL EX 900 € Technics Disco Jungle TECHNIQUES EX 350 € Tee 'N' Cee LTD Tighten Up With Soul RISING SOUL VG+ 600 € The Believers Across The Track BROWNSTONE EX DH 500 € The Marlboro Men Iron Horse NITE BEAT EX Red Label! 250 € The Organics Foot Stumping COMPOSE EX 350 € The PCs LTD Fast Man FRAN EX RL 1.000 € The Soul Lovers Gonna have Fun Tonight PACEMAKER VG+ to EX 1.000 € The US Let's Do It Today JABER EX 600 € Third Guitar Baby Don't Cry ROJAC EX 500 € Tickled Pink Reach Out KNIP EX 1.500 € TMG's Agravation/Takes A Little Time TMG VG plays fine 400 € Tommy Bass This Is My Thing SOULFUL VG+ to EX A few marks on the flip 350 € Tommy Hansley Tell'Um About It C&E EX 1.000 € Tony Avlon & The Belairs Sexy Coffee Pot ATLANTIC EX 300 € Union Strike MESA EX 500 € Vern Bair Debate Ooh Ah Ee/Super Funk TELEPHONE EX 1.250 € Violators Hung Up NEW CHICAGO SOULD EX 500 € Wallace Brothers What-Cha Feel Is What-Cha Get WALBRO EX 600 € Walter Washington Pony Express SCRAM EX 400 € Wayne Carter Mad Mouth Woman/Wahoo Wahoo Wahoo MOOTREY'S STUDIO EX 600 € Wayne Carter Peter In Or Out MOOTREY'S STUDIO EX 600 € Weston Prim Spider Web/Simmerin MEMPHIS EX RL 700 € Williams Bros Ghetto Boy JENMAR EX 500 € Winston Flook Richards Eatin' Corn STAR CROWN VG to VG+ Plays very nice 800 € Zebra Simple Song ZEBRA EX 750 €

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