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  1. BadSamba

    The Arcades (TRIAD)

    Hi Franc, would be great! Thanks!
  2. BadSamba

    Isley Brothers (UA)

    Isley Brothers - Who‘s That Lady (UNITED ARTISTS) very nice playing og needed
  3. BadSamba

    3 Wants

    3 WANTS: Sonny Knight Quartett - The Groove Is On Wandel Western - Nag On Me Johnny Cool - Love Bounce HELP, Please!!
  4. BadSamba

    The Arcades (TRIAD)

    The Arcades - There‘s Got To Be A Loser (TRIAD) Very good player needed. Anyone?
  5. worth a try... anyone?
  6. BadSamba

    Shorty Long (RCA)

    Shorty Long - Burnt Toast & Black Coffee (RCA) Nice copy needed. please PM with condition and price... no silly ones, please
  7. Missed a copy this morning... anyone can help me out wirh a nice copy? thanks
  8. BadSamba

    Barbara Dane RE

    Perfect, thanks!
  9. BadSamba

    Barbara Dane RE

    Noone?? just need the DWM of the repro/boot OR the OG WLP would very appreciate your help! thanks
  10. BadSamba

    Amos Milburn (ALADDIN)

    Amons Milburn & His Aladdin Chickencrackers - "One Scotch, One Bourbon, One Beer" (ALADDIN) US OG only! Anyone can help out with a good playing copy?
  11. BadSamba

    Barbara Dane RE

    Hi, someone offered me the WLP of Barbara Dane on Trey Records... i know there is a lookalike RE so hopefully you can help me out with the DWM of the OG and the Repro! Anything else to see the difference? Thanks!!
  12. BadSamba

    Jimmy Rogers - What Have I Done (CHESS)

    uuups, yes!!! THANKS!
  13. BadSamba

    Bob Collins & The Fab 5 (MAINLINE)



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