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  1. Pete Bennett

    Sydney Australia

    I am coming out to Sydney tonight. Anyone know of any soul dos on between 30th Dec and 8th Jan please?
  2. Ooops forgot to say. No we aren't staying now. Got to get back on Sat night. xx
  3. Hi Chrissie, I will try out the Bedford Arms first and let you know. Is there an outside area at the venue? xx
  4. Both sound OK. I will check them out; Bedford Arms first and text you. xxx
  5. Does the sun shine on that garden? I have only been there with a smoke haze rising above it!!
  6. It is getting sooooo exciting that I don't know where to look on SS anymore. I am getting quite giddy!! And the weather forecast is for 23 degrees and sunny. So Chrissie, which beer garden for pre-drinks?
  7. Now then missus Of-Fools, Liz and I will definitely be there. Am I correct in thinking you will be putting our tickets on the door or will you need to send them to me? We haven't been out to a do for ages. Really looking forward to catching up with everyone and in particular the West Midlands gang with their supreme commander Mrs Soul. Where are most folks staying?
  8. Pete Bennett

    Cancelled Fleet Street Soul Club

    Just to add some info that we were being asked about at SHS on Friday - the nearest station to the venue is Blackfriars and it is is less than a ten minute walk from St.Pauls, Farringdon and Chancery Lane. For those coming straight from work, there is a pub on either corner of Bride lane and Fleet Street and both do food. The Sugar Loaf, which is the one on Bride Lane seems to have te best write ups. For those coming later the venue will put food on if we think there will be enough demand.
  9. Hi Dave, sorry we missed last time. I guess it simply means we are looking forward to this one even more. See you next Friday.
  10. Hi Chrissie. looking forward to it already. xxxx
  11. Pete Bennett

    Solid Hit Soul London With Rob Smith 18Th February

    Dave and co. I am so sorry but there has been a cock up in my arrangements which has only just come to light. It is my birthday on Saturday and the future Mrs B. has arranged something special for the weekend. In doing so she hadn't realised SHS was on. Consequently we won't be able to do this one. Hope you can forgive her Will be there next time. Pete
  12. Pete Bennett

    Solid Hit Soul London With Rob Smith 18Th February

    Hi Dave, we will be there. can't wait. Thanks for posting all the future dates, makes planning much easier. Binty - are you coming? Meal first? Pete
  13. Pete Bennett

    2 Top Class Biggys

    If Twinkle is still available I will take it plae
  14. Pete Bennett

    Solid Hit Soul Club London 3Rd December 2010

    Hi Dave, another goodie in store and, of course, as it is the Cristmas bash Mrs Christmas will be in attendance A reminder from last year - Not sure who the interlopers are
  15. Pete Bennett

    Solid Hit Soul 8-10-2010

    What a brilliant night. Thanks guys. I even picked up a girl for the night. Woohooo!!!!


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