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  1. talcum soul party, seattle usa

    © &copy Kieran Archer

  2. Uptights "shy Guy" On Columbia

    Anybody have or know of a copy for sale? Thanks!
  3. Don't Pity Me

    Joanie Sommers "Don't Pity Me" WB demo, EX, very glossy, clean labels. perfect sound, $650 includes registered mail shipping to the UK Check my feedback on ebay under ID northwestvinyl or my previous sales on this site.
  4. Youngblood Smith On Verve

    Yep, that's it -- still available!
  5. Youngblood Smith On Verve

    Anyone interested? Youngblood Smith "You Can Split" on Verve demo, Ex+ SOLD
  6. Zerben Hicks & Dynamics

    I have a US copy for sale but it's a demo...
  7. Star Treks

    £300 ? Wow -- I was lucky enough to find a copy just last month, absolutely love this 45. Didn't realize it was going for that kind of money.
  8. The Charades

    Thanks ---I have a lovely demo for sale, asking $500--if anyone is interested, PM me.
  9. The Charades

    Can I ask what he has the demo listed at in the 4th edition? Thanks!
  10. It Must Be An Original Then

    Just had a look at my issue copy and it is the exact same as your demo, with the "II" rather than the "I@"
  11. First Arrivals Of 2007

    Off to a good start in '07! Adam's Apples "Don't Take It Out On This World" Brunswick demo Astors "In The Twilight Zone" Stax demo Bobby Hutton "Loving You, Needing You, Wanting You" ABC demo
  12. Breakaway

    Anybody have a clean copy of the Valentines "Breakaway" on SS7 for sale? Thanks! Gene
  13. Patrice Holloway Rip

    She was just 58 -- so sad. What a fabulous singer she was!
  14. Record Postage From Usa

    Er...how much cheaper was the record from the States compared to what you'd have paid from a UK dealer?
  15. Such Misery For The Buyer

    £150 for a demo -- are you sure? I bought my demo copy some years back for I think $20 -- never thought it was worth that much more than the issue?

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